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Benefits of Fostering Your Young Daughters Dream at the Brown Modelling Agency

While no one can predict the success of any young woman becoming a full-fledged press or magazine fashion model, there are many benefits to be gained in exploring the possibility and in following the journey, to wherever it may lead. With the proper guidance and frame of reference, young women experience a unique and fun-filled learning process, that will continue to guide them into adulthood.

The Brown Agency (formally a part of the Wilhelmina Models network) has been discovering and promoting new talent and fresh faces that span a variety of modeling sectors; from child models to commercial advertising models, plus size to glamour. The brand is known as a premiere agency dedicated to maintaining quality standards and satisfying client expectations; clients like L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, and thousands of other famous or quality brands.
practice self-promotion by taking simple photographs or head shots and sending them to an agency.
learn authenticity by focusing on natural beauty, and not overly made-up faces or unnatural and stiff poses.
increased confidence as they strike out on adventures by attending open castings
character building by accepting disappointments and in handling successes.
professionalism when presenting themselves which includes pleasantness and attention to detail.

From the fresh, girl-next-door face of Amanda Hill, to the timeless elegance of Allison Foust, or the exotic beauty of Anna Bilic, just three of the hundreds of success stories fostered at The Brown Agency, every photogenic young girl has an opportunity to flourish in the fashion modeling industry.

The safety of the aspiring model is given the highest priority at The Brown Agency, and they suggest the following general tips to help guide prospective clients through their journey:

they only accept model submissions through their website submissions page
if you are contacted by a representative, always call one of the three offices to verify authenticity
they take scouting imposters seriously and ask that anyone contact the FBI or BBB if they receive false communications

The submission of contact information and photographs is simple and gives every prospective client an opportunity for consideration with this prestigious firm that has been in business for over 40 years.