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FreedomPop Makes Big Inroads in the U.K.

A bold “freemium service” is coming to the United Kingdom. As Digital Trends reports, FreedomPop is bring the bold free talk, text, and data service to the United Kingdom. The U.K. is not the only region in which FreedomPop is expanding. The company hopes to establish itself in a number of different new territories. Surely, the offer of free mobile minutes and data is going to be extremely appealing to would-be customers. The costs associated with using a mobile phone can be a bit pricey. By accessing FreedomPop’s free service, cost really ceases to be much of a concern.

Right now, FreedomPop on itunes has started its long-awaited alpha test in the UK and is providing a great deal. Users are able to access 200 minutes, 200 SMS, and 200MB of data just by purchasing the phone. A fee is charged upon going over the maximum limit of minutes provided. Simply logging online through the company’s website or calling up customer service should reveal all that is needed to know about how many minutes remain. As long as U.K. users stay on top of their minutes, then they should not have any trouble keeping their budget in check.

For those who do anticipate using more data and minutes, FreedomPop is offering another option. The Premium 1GB plan is £9/$13 and it greatly expands the amount of minutes and data available. Free voicemail is even included in the mix. And there is the best news for alpha testers: they can access this plan for free for the first month. Even a more expansive Premium 2GB option is available and this indicates the company is looking to capture the attention of as many potential customers as possible.

Anyone interested in signing up for the alpha test has to do little more than pay a £2/$3 fee to cover shipping costs. Users are going to end up saving a lot more than £2/$3 thanks to the generous minutes/data FreedomPop delivers.

An even greater expansion is planned for the U.K. FreedomPop is starting a partnership with the Three network for additional services. What these new services and features are going to entail will be revealed some time in the future. Currently, plans are being worked and ironed out.

Plans also include for massive expansions all over the globe. The United Kingdom is but one stop in the FreedomPop journey.