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Jimmy Fallon and Mike Myers Dance It Up

Perhaps it was inevitable that these two Saturday Night Live alums would one day get together and participate in a hilarious dance-off. After all, Jimmy Fallon dances on his show frequently—and Mike Myers is known for playing Austin Powers, a character who was never afraid to bust a move. Luckily for loyal fans, this fateful day finally came. And the two funny guys decided to make a game out of it.


Called Dice Dance Off, the game demanded that each man wear a dancing outfit that represented his country. Myers was outfitted in a red jogging suit to represent Canada, while Fallon sported a bodacious blue for the United States. Both wore hilarious headbands and were forced to roll huge dice that would tell them the name of a dance that they would have to create on the spot. Rolling first, Mike received a challenge called Perpetual Motion, then burst into a routine that seemed to combine dances from the sixties and eighties.


When Jimmy rolled, his request was a bit more challenging. Called Which Pocket Did I Put My Keys In, this dance definitely made Fallon step it up. Fallon’s frenetic response dance was very funny and almost made him look as though he had fleas. The dances that followed included Hot Poutine, Windy Plastic Bag and The Slip N Slide. In the end, it was a dance duet between the two men that brought the audience to their feet for a rousing standing ovation.