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Megadeth Perform on Late Night With Seth Meyers

A look at the album charts might lead you to believe that heavy metal music is officially dead. However, Megadeth proved that the heavy metal genre is still very much alive and well by delivering a blistering performance on the stage of “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” The legendary metal band brought down the house by playing two songs that were great examples of their old and new sound. They started out by playing “Dystopia.” This song has been nominated for a Grammy and comes from Megadeth’s latest release of the same name. Dave Mustaine and company then turned back the clock to 1990 for a rendition of their classic tune “Tornado of Souls.”


This was the first time that Megadeth had ever appeared on the Seth Meyers program. The band was formed in 1985 by lead singer and guitarist Dave Mustaine. He was one of the founding members of Metallica. However, he was fired from the band for drug and alcohol abuse before Metallica signed a recording contract. Mustaine still made an impact on his former band because they went on to record six songs that he co-wrote.


It turned out that getting fired from Metallica allowed Mustaine to shine and demonstrate his skills in a way that he never would have if he stayed in the band. He was able to become the lead singer and primary songwriter in Megadeth. These things would obviously have never happened if he was in Metallica. Overall, Megadeth has one double platinum and four platinum albums in their career.