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Mandy Moore Is In A Stranger’s Shower

Considering she’s made a career out of singing and acting, Mandy Moore is probably no stranger to seeing her face used to sell plenty of merchandise. The latest place her likeness has popped up isn’t on a piece of her own sanctioned “merch,” but on the wall of someone’s new home.


The This Is Us actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show to discuss her role in the new thriller 47 Meters Down, which sees her spending a lot of time underwater with costar Claire Holt as they take on sharks in a failed cage diving trip. Her likeness has also been spotted in a place that sees plenty of water, and Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t wait to ask her about it.


He brought up something the New York Post had featured in the past – a social media post from someone whose friends had recently bought an apartment in Queens that featured a mosaic of Mandy Moore on the shower’s wall. When Kimmel jokingly asked her if it was a new piece of merchandise she was selling, Moore told him that it wasn’t her doing.


Kimmel pressed, wondering if the image (which is a startlingly good likeness to the actress at 16 when she was participating in concert tours and singing “Candy”) was a compliment or if it was terrifying. Moore seemed to lean toward the latter as she asked, “is it?” in response to it being a compliment. She explained that given the image is one of her as a teenager in someone’s shower, it’s “a little disconcerting” to see. She admitted that she didn’t “know how to feel” about the artwork.


Seeing your favorite celebrity in your shower everyday does seem a little weird. To be fair, die-hard fans will go the extra mile to have a piece of their favorite celebrities in their lives, so perhaps, the image wasn’t initially meant to be creepy.