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Casey Affleck Talks Late-Night Jitters with Jimmy

There’s no doubt that Casey Affleck has been generating a lot of buzz lately. With his performance in Manchester by the Sea, the actor has been picked as an early Oscar favorite. Already nominated for a Golden Globe and now hosting Saturday Night Live, it seems as though big brother Ben may have to get used to living in his little brother’s shadow. With the way things are going, audiences simply won’t stop talking about Casey.


The bearded actor recently joined Jimmy Fallon to talk about his upcoming stint on SNL—on which Fallon used to be a regular cast member—and it definitely seemed as if he had some stage fright as he contemplated the thought of taking on the big gig. After all, for a dramatic film actor such as Casey Affleck, the thought of doing live television must be at least somewhat intimidating. Affleck wasn’t afraid to delve into his jitters with Fallon, letting him know that he had performed in live theater before—when he was in elementary school


Affleck then went on to detail a hilarious story about the time his school put on a play for civil rights heroine Rosa Parks, and he was tasked with playing a lion in the show. Unfortunately, things did not go the way that the young Affleck had planned—and he lost his mane! Here’s hoping that his appearance on Saturday Night Live won’t have any wardrobe malfunctions.