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A Cure for Malaria

Malaria has been a concern for many years, especially for those traveling to or living in developing countries. However, scientists may have discovered an anti-malarial compound that, for only 1 dollar, can eliminate the mosquito-borne disease.

This drug will not reach the market for some time as testing is still needed to be done to ensure that this is a safe drug. This drug has shown promises as it was recently tested on human blood. This compound drug will by produced and markets by German drugmaker, Merck KgAA.

This new wonder drug will start clinical trials by Zeca Oliveira and his research team within the next year so that the safety can be assessed. By advancing this drug to clinical drugs, it will also be a test to see how well the drug kills the malaria disease inside the human body.

Although there are existing treatments, resistance of the other drugs has become a problem. Currently places such as India and Myanmar are having malaria outbreaks as a result of the resistance that the Malaria drug puts up against any cure.

The disease kills 600,000 people per year, although this number is smaller than what is was a few years ago. The poorest parts of the world are where the epidemic is at which is why it is the developed world’s job to eliminate the disease. By eliminating the disease, less people will be dying a slow and painful death.