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Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki Stop By The Tonight Show to Perform “Just Hold On

Louis Tomlinson from boy band One Direction superstardom along with DJ Steve Aoki took the stage at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on January 24th to perform their very popular new song “Just Hold On” for an enthusiastic crowd. This was the live debut of the song in the United States.


Top-Notch Performance


The duo made a definite impression with their polished performance of the pop-dance tune. As Tomlinson sang in his typical passionate style, he bopped back and forth on stage. Meanwhile Aoki danced toward the back of the stage while intently playing a drum pad and keyboard. A couple backup musicians added just the right mix of added sounds. After the performance, Tomlinson and Aoki greeted and hugged Fallon. Then the late-night television show host spent a short time encouraging viewers and studio guests to purchase and listen to the song. The tune is so catchy and uplifting that no music fan needs to be convinced.


An Instant Hit


Tomlinson and Aoki just released “Just Hold On” in December, and it immediately began topping the charts around the world on iTunes and others. The release came when they performed the song live for the first time anywhere on the British television show The X Factor. That emotional performance happened just days after Tomlinson’s mother tragically passed away from cancer.


Time will tell whether Tomlinson and Aoki plan to collaborate on more songs or maybe even an album. One Direction has been on a hiatus for months, so there’s also the possibility that the group will get together for more hit songs and sold-out concerts in the near future.