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Jimmy Kimmel Live! Going Bananas Over President Trump And The Hatchimals

You could say, that late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel is knocking his shows out of the ballpark this week. He’s on fire, and this time zeroing in on the hot Christmas toy, the Hatchimal and of course, the country’s new President Donald Trump.


There is actually a class action-lawsuit against the Hatchimals maker, because some parents claim these toys are not hatching as advertised. The $80 Hatchimal is the fuzzy interactive toy that hatches out of an egg. Apparently, angry moms and dads believe an unhatched Hatchimal is terrible for a young child, causing frustration, tears and disappointment.


Parents claim their kids followed the instructions included in the packaging in attempts to hatch the toy but to no avail. The creatures remain in their eggs, unhatched.


Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the toy, creating a spoof, The Disappointamals. Watch the hilarious sketch here on YouTube.


Jimmy Kimmel also nailed President Trump in this too funny spoof trailer, as seen here on YouTube. The trailer has fun with the number one movie in America, The Split. The flick is about a kidnapper with multiple personalities. Except in Jimmy Kimmel’s Split 2, a sequel to the movie, he features President Trump in the lead role.


In the real movie thriller, The Split, actor James McAvoy plays the role of a man with 23 personalities. In Jimmy Kimmel’s trailer, Trump also has 23 personalities. The funny bit is less than 2 minutes long but knee-slapping and a must-see.




President Trump Ribbed for First Weekend Plans by Stephen Colbert

Newly sworn-in President Donald Trump probably will not lose too much sleep worrying what comedians say about his first few days in office. As it turns out, though, late-night comedians have plenty to say. Stephen Colbert took some time to poke fun at the President last week.

President Donald Trump commented that he would get serious about executive orders after the weekend inauguration celebrations, to avoid mixing the celebration with the signing of the orders. The Huffington Post reports that Colbert joked with the Times of London about the President’s statement. Wondering how celebration and signing can be confused, the comic quipped, “‘I’m sorry, I thought I was giving out an autograph; instead I accidentally gave back the Louisiana Purchase.’”

Stephen Colbert has a long history of mocking Republican politicians and Donald Trump specifically, so this will surely be the first of many Colbert jokes about President Trump. For late-night hosts, a new President represents a new target for humor, and Trump’s outspoken nature will undoubtedly create many opportunities for humor.

President Barack Obama appeared on various late-night shows during his Presidency, and one has to wonder whether President Donald Trump will do the same. A meeting between Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump could lead to hilarity. We can only hope that Colbert will manage to land Trump as a guest sometime in the future.


Stephen Colbert Following Trend By Hosting Emmys

Following in the same vein as every recent awards show of note, the CBS-produced 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards announced that Stephen Colbert will be hosting the festivities. When CBS had the Tony Awards, it named late-night talk show host James Corden as the emcee. NBC uses Jimmy Fallon when it has an awards show to produce, like the Golden Globes earlier this month. And ABC leans on its late-night Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel.


The trend is obvious and rather intelligent. Each network wants to have a good show with an able host leading the way. Who better to pop in and out of a conversation to keep the show moving like a talk show host? Each network knows its man (or men, in CBS’ case) is capable of such a job because it sees him night after night.


The bonus of this technique is getting “free” publicity for each channel’s late-night man. Surely CBS will make it known that Colbert, the upcoming Emmys host, happens to have his own show that viewers can check out weeknights on CBS!


One more factor plays to Colbert’s favor in this instance. Colbert is more politically charged in his comedy and nature than any of his main competitors on network television. As Rolling Stone points out, CBS may be hoping to gather a slightly bigger audience with those tuning in to see where Colbert goes with his opportunity. As surprising as it may sound, this will be the first time Colbert has ever hosted the Emmys.


Kimmel’s Fred And Barney Cartoon of Trump/Bush Locker Room Convo Still Funny

If you’re too young to even remember the beloved American cartoon “The Flintstones,” that’s really alright. The history is not important; all you have to do is watch the new version.


Late night television host Jimmy Kimmel put together one of his hilarious, classic Kimmel Kartoons, featuring Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and entertainment personality Billy Bush. The spot is extremely funny and more so every time you re-watch it.


The Washington Post had recently released a behind-the-scenes video of the two men having a lewd conversation off-mic on the Access Hollywood bus in 2005. Trump had told Bush on tape that he had tried to have sex with the show’s married host Nancy O’Dell. He took her furniture shopping and tried to unsuccessfully make the moves on O’Dell. Trump also told Bush that when you’re famous and Donald Trump, you can grab women by their ladies’ parts. Billy Bush couldn’t control his laughter.


Jimmy Kimmel created his own version, taking the audio from what Trump told Bush on the Access Hollywood bus. Kimmel and crew then cleverly paired it with video from the Flintstones. It’s priceless, with Trump as Fred Flintstone and Billy Bush as Barney Rubble in the town of Bedrock.


The 30-second bit keeps growing in popularity. It’s now on YouTube, where almost 129,000 viewers have tuned in and can’t stop laughing.


Donald Trump has not made a comment about the Kimmel Kartoon and Billy Bush just lost his job at the Today Show.




Jimmy Fallon Loses Round Of “Would You Rather” To Kevin Hart And Really Eats A Cricket

We suppose if he were on an episode of “Survivor,” he might just have to do that, considering the food choices might not be plentiful.


However, Jimmy Fallon took one for the team, and he wasn’t marooned on some island far, far away. “The Tonight Show” host was at the famous NBC Studio 6-B in the Comcast Building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. It was there, that the charming late night TV host cringed and threw a live cricket into his mouth and ate it.


Fallon’s hilarious guest was the very funny Kevin Hart, and they decided to play a game of “Would You Rather.” A game show host suggests to the players random scenarios. Then, Fallon and Hart would guess which ones the audience would rather chose. They have been polled ahead of time.


For example, Would you rather have a clone of yourself or a dog that could talk?


Kevin Hart answered the question correctly, saying that the audience would rather have a dog that could talk.


Jimmy Fallon lost the game, so he had to go the the loser’s table. He could choose his punishment, and both were nasty things. Fallon could select to hold a large handful of worms for 10 seconds or eat a cricket. He chose the latter.


The audience went wild, but Hart wouldn’t join him for the insect snack. Jimmy Fallon really chewed it, winced and then swallowed the cricket, showing his tongue afterward to the howling audience.


Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki Stop By The Tonight Show to Perform “Just Hold On

Louis Tomlinson from boy band One Direction superstardom along with DJ Steve Aoki took the stage at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on January 24th to perform their very popular new song “Just Hold On” for an enthusiastic crowd. This was the live debut of the song in the United States.


Top-Notch Performance


The duo made a definite impression with their polished performance of the pop-dance tune. As Tomlinson sang in his typical passionate style, he bopped back and forth on stage. Meanwhile Aoki danced toward the back of the stage while intently playing a drum pad and keyboard. A couple backup musicians added just the right mix of added sounds. After the performance, Tomlinson and Aoki greeted and hugged Fallon. Then the late-night television show host spent a short time encouraging viewers and studio guests to purchase and listen to the song. The tune is so catchy and uplifting that no music fan needs to be convinced.


An Instant Hit


Tomlinson and Aoki just released “Just Hold On” in December, and it immediately began topping the charts around the world on iTunes and others. The release came when they performed the song live for the first time anywhere on the British television show The X Factor. That emotional performance happened just days after Tomlinson’s mother tragically passed away from cancer.


Time will tell whether Tomlinson and Aoki plan to collaborate on more songs or maybe even an album. One Direction has been on a hiatus for months, so there’s also the possibility that the group will get together for more hit songs and sold-out concerts in the near future.


Michelle Obama Says Goodbye to Jimmy Fallon

As the Obama presidency is coming to an end, celebrities and regular people alike are lining up to say goodbye to the first family. President Obama threw a going away party at the White House on January 6, 2017. Many famous friends of the outgoing president showed up for the festivities, including Jerry Seinfeld, John Legend, Solange Knowles, Nick Jonas, Meryl Streep, and George Clooney.


Another emotional farewell took place on the Jimmy Fallon show on Wednesday, January 11. First Lady Michelle Obama dropped by the studio for her final appearance during her husband’s tenure as president. The send off was full of tears and laughter, as she said goodbye to some of her fans and talked about her plans for life after the White House.


During one emotional segment, Obama surprised people recording thank you messages to her. The fans were touched by her sudden appearance and happy for a chance to say thanks in person. Many noted that she was an inspiration to them, giving them the confidence to chase their dreams.


In the interview portion of the segment, Michelle Obama talked about a wide range of subjects. She joined Jimmy in penning a few thank you notes to her husband’s administration. Fallon thanked the first lady for putting a new twist on the phrase “the right to bear arms,” while she thanked her husband for his tenure in office.


She also discussed what she plans to do as a private citizen. Michelle Obama has been a staunch supporter of children’s education efforts throughout the presidency, and she told Jimmy that she intends to continue to support such initiatives. She specifically mentioned the Let’s Move and Reach Higher program. As a final point, Obama stressed the importance of decency in politics, and said she wishes the incoming administration well.



Stephen Colbert and Andrew Garfield Lock Lips on The Late Show

Comedian turned late night television host Stephen Colbert recently hosted Golden Globe nominee and most recent Spiderman Andrew Garfield on CBS’s The Late Show. The interview began with Garfield, who is British, flattering Colbert’s political reporting. Then Colbert recapped Garfield’s two big roles of the year in Silence and Hacksaw Ridge.


Colbert then brought up a funny moment from the Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday, January 8. Garfield and fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, who were seated next to each other, shared a comical kiss when Ryan Gosling took the stage to accept his award for his role in La La Land. Garfield explained that he “wanted Ryan [Reynolds] to know he loved him whether he won or lost,” a nod to the fact that Reynolds, who was nominated for playing the title role in Deadpool, lost out to Gosling in the Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical category. Garfield was not in competition with the two Ryans because he was nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama for his role in Hacksaw Ridge.


Colbert then noted that Garfield must not mind kissing other men and joked that he is not bothered by it either. The duo then leaned in for two soft smooches to laughter and cheers from the audience. The two men were clearly trying not to burst out laughing. After some giggles they settled down and finished their interview about Garfield’s most recent film roles and who inspired him as a child.


Conan O’Brien Might Do a Weekly Show

Conan O’Brien has been making people laugh since he was surprising chosen to replace David Letterman after he left NBC and took his show to CBS. That was way back in 1993. Conan is still around today and funnier than ever. Remaining relevant comedically for 24 years is quite a difficult thing to do. Conan has been able to do it be constantly staying one step ahead of his competition. For example, making a quick trip to Cuba and becoming the first American show to film there in decades. However, much has changed since Conan first hit the airwaves in 1993. He is no longer on NBC. His show resides on TBS where it has been since his very messy departure from “The Tonight Show.” There is also much more competition than there was 24 years ago.


The issue of competition is a big one for the numerous late night hosts that populate the airwaves these days. Since Conan’s debut, many late night shows have come and gone. It is hard for a show to gain an audience when there are so many other shows to compete with. A recent report suggests that Conan is considering a weekly show that would replace his current show that he does four night each week. The idea is that less could be more. Perhaps a smaller supply of Conan on a weekly basis would create a greater demand for the show. John Oliver and Bill Maher have had great success with a weekly format on HBO.


It should be noted that neither Conan or TBS has confirmed the accuracy of the report. There might be nothing to it. However, it would be an interesting decision for Conan to make such a drastic change to his format. It remains to be seen if he will actually do it.

Late Night Shows Focused on Politics in 2016

It is no secret that late night host get plenty of mileage out of political jokes. Presidents and other top politicians have had jokes made about them in late night monologues for many decades. Johnny Carson built an empire from roasting the likes of Nixon, Ford and Carter on a nightly basis. That tradition has continued into the modern era. Late night hosts seemingly have no shortage of comedy material derived from politicians these days. However, 2016 was certainly a banner year where that is concerned.


The 2016 presidential election in the United States divided the nation in a way that no prior election has done in recent memory. The late night shows capitalized on the massive interest in the election by writing entire monologues that made fun of the various candidates. Videos of the candidates giving speeches were often shown and mocked on a regular basis. The ratings for some of the late night shows were higher than they had been in recent years. This is believed to be the result of added interest in these shows caused by the election. Also, many people became tired of watching straight news coverage and wanted to laugh. Whatever the case may be, there can be no question that 2016 was the year that politics reigned supreme in the world of late night TV.


Stephen Colbert was so charged up about the election that he hosted a live special on Showtime that aired on election night. Colbert is a huge democratic supporter. Needless to say, his enthusiasm waned as the night went on and the election results continued to roll in. However, the fact that Colbert decided to host such a show proves that late night’s roll in the 2016 presidential election was very significant. The election of Trump means that more political jokes are on the horizon.