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Sienna and Jimmy Go for the Ramen Gold

When celebrities go on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show, they know not to expect the normal boring questions. Fallon has demonstrated time and time again that he’s all about pushing boundaries—and putting his movie star guests on the hot seat. In this case, the hot seat happened to be tasty in addition to being hot. Jimmy challenged actress Sienna Miller to a ramen-eating competition for the ages.


Although Sienna’s delicate dress and ravishing red lipstick did not seem to be appropriate for such a crazy contest, she proved to be surprisingly game. After each noodle, the entertainers would take a quite shot of sake and then continue eating. Miller stated that it was the most “inelegant” thing she’d ever done, but the British-born movie star sure appeared to be having an excellent time. On the other hand, Fallon struggled at times, using his hands to jam the noodles into his mouth.


Although Jimmy Fallon triumphed in the end, he probably wasn’t expecting to receive so much competition from Miller. The two laughed about the game and then both stated that they’d gotten soup in their eyes during the contest. Incredibly, the interview became even more wild after this point. Jimmy brought up Miller’s unfulfilled dream of becoming a Rockette—and then the unbelievable happened. A group of Rockettes emerged from behind the curtain, and then Miller and Fallon closed out the interview by doing the sharp can-can kicks for which the Rockettes are so well-known.


Megadeth Perform on Late Night With Seth Meyers

A look at the album charts might lead you to believe that heavy metal music is officially dead. However, Megadeth proved that the heavy metal genre is still very much alive and well by delivering a blistering performance on the stage of “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” The legendary metal band brought down the house by playing two songs that were great examples of their old and new sound. They started out by playing “Dystopia.” This song has been nominated for a Grammy and comes from Megadeth’s latest release of the same name. Dave Mustaine and company then turned back the clock to 1990 for a rendition of their classic tune “Tornado of Souls.”


This was the first time that Megadeth had ever appeared on the Seth Meyers program. The band was formed in 1985 by lead singer and guitarist Dave Mustaine. He was one of the founding members of Metallica. However, he was fired from the band for drug and alcohol abuse before Metallica signed a recording contract. Mustaine still made an impact on his former band because they went on to record six songs that he co-wrote.


It turned out that getting fired from Metallica allowed Mustaine to shine and demonstrate his skills in a way that he never would have if he stayed in the band. He was able to become the lead singer and primary songwriter in Megadeth. These things would obviously have never happened if he was in Metallica. Overall, Megadeth has one double platinum and four platinum albums in their career.


Bryan Cranston and Jimmy Fallon Discuss Holiday Trends

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston got together to discuss which holiday trends should be upheld—and which need to fall by the wayside as 2017 rapidly approaches. Fallon referred to the game as “Cranst In or Cranst Out” and the objective of the game was for Bryan Cranston to rapidly identify the traditions he felt were best. During rapid-fire questioning by the perky Fallon, Cranston revealed that he is not a fan of plastic Christmas trees, but that he does enjoy Christmas carols.


As the audience egged them on, Fallon and Cranston then discussed the possible merits of eggnog itself. While Cranston was unenthusiastic, Fallon surveyed the audience to see what they thought. Cranston seemed genuinely surprised by the number of people rooting for eggnog, and then Fallon went on to describe a Cuban Christmas drink that he believed Cranston would have found more suitable.


For many viewers, it is always interesting to see Cranston on stage—and not in his Walter White mode. This appearance on Fallon’s show was no exception, highlighting Cranston’s unbelievable versatility and calm, cool demeanor. With a shiny new nomination for a Golden Globe and a hilarious appearance on Saturday Night Live, it would appear that Cranston is showing no signs of slowing down after Breaking Bad.


Jimmy Fallon Is No Longer the King of YouTube

Jimmy Fallon has dominated the late night ratings since he took over the “Tonight Show” from Jay Leno. It has not even been a fair contest. The other late night shows have not come close to threatening Fallon’s title as the current king of late night. However, there is a place where Fallon’s reign has officially come to an end, at least for the time being. One of the places where Fallon has attracted a loyal legion of followers is on YouTube. The current crop of late night hosts have used YouTube to their advantage in a way that old schoolers Leno and Letterman never did. In fact, an enormous amount of people never watch the late night shows when they are broadcast on TV. These people watch the clips that are posted on YouTube when they are at work the next day. Fallon was the first late night host to see the value of posting clips on YouTube.


Fallon has been the most watched late night host on YouTube since he became the “Tonight Show” host. However, the 2016 election knocked Fallon from this lofty position. The unlikely pair of Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah were both watched more on YouTube in 2016. Obviously, the 2016 election was the primary reason for this development. Fallon tends to stay far away from anything that is even the slightest bit controversial. On the other hand, Colbert and Noah covered the election very closely. This gave their videos a large spike in viewing during the election season.

Jimmy Fallon Tries Out New Nintendo Games On “Late Night”

Late night star Jimmy Fallon just got the opportunity to try out two of Nintendo’s hottest games on a recent airing of the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. In addition to playing a few games, Fallon also got the chance to meet Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of some of the greatest games in Nintendo’s long history.


Reggie Fils-Aime, the head of Nintendo’s American branch, first told Fallon that “Super Mario Run” will be the first time the famous Italian plumber makes an appearance on mobile devices. Fils-Aime went on to say there are three modes to this game, including “World’s Tour,” “Kingdom Builder,” and “Toad Rally.”


Before Fallon started playing, Fils-Aime pointed out Miyamoto in the audience. Fallon, who is a huge video game fan, immediately started bowing towards Miyamoto and said he is Miyamoto’s “biggest fan.”


Fallon was able to get quite a few special coins and the invincibility star while playing one level of “World’s Tour.” After he made it successfully to the end of the level, Miyamoto gave Fallon a big thumb’s up.


After playing “Super Mario Run,” Fils-Aime said he had one more surprise for Fallon. Fils-Aime told Fallon he could play “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” on the yet to be released Nintendo Switch device.


After showing off a bit of the game on the big screen, Fils-Aime took a mobile unit out of the Nintendo Switch and allowed Fallon to play for a bit. Gamers, Fils-Aime said, will be able to play both at home or on the mobile Switch device.


The Nintendo Switch will be released in March of 2017.

David Letterman Enjoys His Beard and Trips to CVS

People across American are familiar with David Letterman. For decades, this late night television host visited the living rooms of Americans to bring celebrity guests, silly stunts, and Top 10 lists to adults after the kids went to bed. However, Letterman recently ended his hosting gig. During his tenure on the air, he shared 4,600 Top 10 lists, interviewed 20,000 guests, and sat behind his television desk for 6,000 evenings. Now retired, Letterman sports a beard and is happy to enjoy life at a slower pace.


Many fans of David Letterman are curious about the recent beard. Mr. Letterman claims his beard began simply out of laziness. He says it was nice to stop shaving. However, he admits that the beard eventually evolved into meaning something more. Speculating on this thought, Mr. Letterman said recently, “The beard is a good reminder to me that [hosting] was a different life. I’m hopeful that I will either find something else, or something else will be presented to me.” Meanwhile, Letterman says his family has given up on trying to get him to ditch the beard. Letterman even admits, “My son thinks it’s creepy.”


Beard and all, Letterman is enjoying his retirement. He reports that he is able to take casual trips to CVS and Walgreens. He admits he hasn’t been able to do this since the 1980s. So keep your eyes open for a famous man sporting a beard the next time you pick up some medicine. You just might see David Letterman!


North Carolina TV Station Censors SNL Skit

WRAL-TV, a North Carolina based television broadcast station censored audio segments during comedian Dave Chappelle’s performance on the most recently aired episode of “Saturday Night Live.” The station remarked that this decision was made to maintain its own policy for decency and profanity.


The station posted a remark on social media that its had decided to air the show with a 10-second delay in order to work around broadcasting 10 particular words that it refuses to broadcast. WRAL-TV claims Chappelle used two of these words a total of 9 times, with one of these words being taken from a crude remark for the female anatomy and the other word being a racial slur for African-American people. WRAL-TV’s statement indicates that it goes by its own policy for standards and practices and that they wished for viewers to understand that it was their decision and not one made by NBC.


Dave Chappelle appeared on the sixth episode of the 42nd season of Saturday Night Live, the first episode to air since Donald J. Trump was declared president-elect. Chappelle began with a monologue that covered his disbelief with the election; joking about “Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault as a future presidential candidate; comparing the fear of Trump’s election among Caucasians to the reaction of the OJ Simpson trial’s verdict; reminding people about all of the shootings going on; the antics of ISIS; the shooting of Harambe the gorilla at a Cincinnati zoo; the Black Lives Matter movement and the gentrification of black neighborhoods.


President Obama Used Late Night TV to His Advantage

President Barack Obama was the first president to realize the power that TV has when it comes to getting people to pay attention to a particular political message. No president before him made any appearances on the late night talk shows. Obama made history when he agreed to appear on Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show” as a guest. It was the first time that a sitting president had ever been interviewed in this manner on a late night talk show. This groundbreaking moment showed that Obama understood what other presidents before him did not. He would be able to reach millions of people at the same time with his message. He could also appeal to the young people that typically stay up late to watch these talk shows.


Obama has been very fair about which shows he will grant his time to. He has also done interviews with Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart and David Letterman. Obama’s personality is perfect for the banter that these shows specialize in. He has thrived in these interviews that allow for him to be funny and poke fun at himself and his detractors.


Obama was also the first sitting president to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as tools to get the word out about various important events. He has his own personal Twitter account and one strictly for official White House business. There can be no question that all future presidents will follow Obama’s lead and agree to late night TV interviews.


Conan O’Brien Experiences VR In Brand New Sketch

Late night host Conan O’Brien recently visited New York’s Chelsea YouTube Space to check out the very latest in virtual reality (VR) products. Of course, O’Brien also took his camera crew with him to film his candid reactions and share them with his audience on TBS’s Conan.


O’Brien first met with Tom Small, the head of the VR departments for all YouTube Spaces. Right from the start of their interview, O’Brien was interested in the possibilities for VR, especially in the field of pornography.


After O’Brien was done joking around with Small, the real fun began. O’Brien was led to a green screen room that helps viewers see exactly what O’Brien was seeing through his VR device. This green screen technique is called “mixed reality.”


O’Brien started off drawing the infinity symbol with his joystick. After he got more skilled with the device, O’Brien actually drew a cartoon version of himself. Once he went into outer space, O’Brien said that this VR technology will “put the marijuana industry out of business.”


When O’Brien was done exploring outer space for a bit, he went into a program called “office worker.” Here, Conan experienced daily life in a virtual cubicle. He immediately picked up a red velvet donut and began eating it in the virtual world. “I taste nothing,” O’Brien complained, “we’ve gotta work on that guys.”


O’Brien later had fun making copies at the Xerox machine. First he made a copy of a stapler, then he made a copy of his own brain.


As this hilarious sketch went on, O’Brien also tried out simulations in a restaurant and in a gym. Throughout all of these simulations, however, O’Brien was disappointed there was no pornography.


This clip currently has well over 250,000 views on YouTube.



Trump Election Provides Material for Late Night Hosts

It is certainly no secret that American presidential elections are brought up frequently in the monologues of late night talk show hosts. However, the surprising election of Donald Trump has make life a lot easier for all of the hosts of the late night shows to come up with funny material. It helps that all of these hosts were against Trump being elected. Therefore, that have absolutely no qualms about going after Trump with some rather vicious jokes. Conan O’Brien questioned whether free and open elections were a good thing in light of Trump’s election. It was interesting because it did not seem like Conan was really joking.

There is no question that the late night host who took Trumps election the hardest was Stephen Colbert. He did three live shows the week of the election. He also did a special live broadcast on the night of the election. He seemed genuinely distraught as the results of the election slowly came in from around the country. Viewers could easily see it was hard for him to continue with all of the prearranged comedy bits because he clearly thought Clinton was going to win.

Seth Myers turned his first post-election monologue into a direct plea to the future president. He basically said that Trump made many promises during his campaign and he better follow through on them because all of us will be watching him closely. There can be no doubt that a Trump presidency will have the writers of the late night shows working overtime.