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Jimmy Fallon Gets Bear Hugs When Australia Zoo’s Robert Irwin Drops By

There’s something special and endearing when wildlife finds its way on to a late night talk show. This time, it was The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it was a show that folks are still buzzing about and one that continues to be replayed on social media.


The son of the late Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, is a smart and friendly 13-year-old teen now. Robert Irwin not only strongly resembles his late father but has also inherited his unique gift of working with and respecting wildlife.


The handsome, blonde-haired teen is a favorite guest on Fallon’s popular talk show because he’s sharp, funny and handles all the zoo animals that he brings as guests on to the program.


Irwin first introduced Fallon to a creepy crawler named Jane that evening. She was a large, hairy scorpion that the talk show host refused to even slightly touch or allow to roam across the famous tonight show desk.


The next pair of guests were a lot cuter, and Irwin and Fallon sat on the rug in front of the desk to meet beautiful baby black bears, Flo and D-9. Adorable at two-months-old, one of them tried chewing on Fallon’s fingers; it was naughty Flo.


After the sweet baby bears were done visiting, slithering legless lizards named Fluffy and Lulu made their striking appearance. Fallon was a good sport and even held one as the audience howled with laughter.


Then Orville made his entrance with his super long tail. He’s a Binturong that smells like burnt popcorn and enjoys eating grapes. Fallon got down on his hands and knees to “meet” Orville and allow the furry animal to smell his hair to pick up Fallon’s scent.


The final guest was Beatrice, a green toucan.


Tom Hanks Swaps Stories with Colbert on The Late Show

Actor Tom Hanks made a guest appearance on April 28th’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The 60 year old was on the show to promote his new movie The Circle, but also shared some interesting stories about what he’s been up to recently.


As was leaked in the celebrity gossip circles last week, Hanks was part of a luxury yacht vacation trip with other celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Springsteen, along with former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama. The trip, which was meant to be kept under wraps, was made public last week, and Hanks wasn’t afraid to share details of his experience.


The actor shared details of his experience biking through French Polynesia, as well as some of the conversations he had with his world-famous companions. Hanks jokingly stated that he couldn’t share all the details from the trip because ‘they were classified.’


The Oscar winner also shared details about his brother, Larry Hanks, who is a renowned entomologist who taught at the University of California Riverside. Hanks and his wife bumped into a group of students on a recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park, and they were well aware of his academic brother, which surprised the famous actor.


Finally, Hanks shared his practice of buying an espresso maker for the White House Press Corp, along with the story of how the tradition came about. The actor has purchased a machine for every press corp since 2004.

Yawning A Lot Helps Morgan Freeman Maintain That Crazy Beautiful Deep Voice

He’s the owner of a handsome, very masculine, low-pitched voice, and he’s played the “voice” of God in movies before.


However, Oscar winner Morgan Freeman has had it up to his eyeballs in requests for recording voicemail messages. Nope, he doesn’t want to do that anymore, folks, so please lay off when you meet him.


The personable actor appeared on “Late Night” with Seth Myers recently and admitted he is so tired of making customized answerphone messages for fans. Check out the hilarious exchange here on YouTube.


Morgan Freeman doesn’t even have his own lovely voice recorded for his outgoing voicemail. He uses the one from the service tech who installed his phone system, and no, they don’t sound anything alike.


The only time you will catch the famous actor recording a voicemail message ever again is when he loses a big bet over something. Morgan Freeman had to record a message for Zach Braff who directs him and Michael Caine in a new movie, “Going in Style.” He lost a bet and had to give in. even studied the amazing voice of Morgan Freeman and discovered why the world is in love with his powerful vocal chords.


That’s partly the reason, powerful. Studies show that deep-voiced men come across to listeners as someone who exhibits more competence, sincerity, wisdom and physical power. Those are attributes that matter when people consider role models or those who really know what they are doing in a situation.


For example, the actor with the iconic pipes is most often selected as the voice of people’s GPS navigation with Waze. It’s free, courtesy of Google. Morgan Freeman’s voice is not only entertaining, but he’s guiding you every step of the way.


The star admits that he does have an incredible voice and offers a little advice on strengthening your own vocal chords. Yawning is superb for lowering the voice, he claims. What it does is truly calm down your throat muscles and vocal chords. After that, the tone naturally drops.


So keep yawning a lot, gentlemen.


A New Comedy Show about The Current U.S. President Is Coming Soon To The Comedy Central Channel

A few minutes ago, I came across a recent online article that looks at an upcoming late night television comedy show that focuses on our president, Mr. Donald Trump. The program is called The President Show, and will be aired on the Comedy Central channel beginning in late April.


A comedian and actor named Anthony Atamanuik is set to play the role of the president on this new comedy offering. Anthony Atamanuik is already well-known for performing a top-rate impersonation of our president on a previous comedy debate tour. Mr. Atamanuik is also co-executive producer of the series, along with Peter Grosz and Adam Pally.


When the Comedy Central channel sent out a press release introducing the show, it contained what at first appears to be an official presidential document. A three-sentence message declares that late night television is broken, and that only he, apparently our new leader, can fix it.


When The President Show hits the airwaves, it will no doubt be compared to the incredible President Trump impersonation that Alec Baldwin has been doing on Saturday Night Live.


Besides being hilarious and accurate, the impersonations that Mr. Baldwin has been doing have interjected a healthy dose of vitality to the classic program. For decades now, I have been watching Saturday Night Live, and I think Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of President Trump is the funniest skit I’ve seen on the show in a long time.


The format for The President Show is slated to feature the character of President Trump dealing with current events and presidential duties. Airing on Thursday nights, the show is also supposed to have guest stars, and feature plenty of attractive women.


In the aforementioned article, it says that President Trump regularly stays aware of, and criticizes TV shows such as The Celebrity Apprentice and Saturday Night Live. With an entire comedy program devoted to him, our nation’s leader will likely have much more material to criticize.


Trudeau Responds to Perry’s Kimmel Interview

Late Night television is normally reserved for light-hearted banter between a comedian and their guests. In most cases, guests on the show are actors or musicians that are promoting upcoming shows or events. While commentary on these shows is normally light-hearted, one recent late night show has attracted the interest of a prominent international politician (


During a recent interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show, actor Matthew Perry was questioned about his life and childhood. During the interview Perry stated that he know Justin Trudeau as a child. At the time, Trudeau’s father was the Prime Minister of Canada and Perry’s mother worked for him. Perry went on to state that when he was a child, he and a friend were jealous of Trudeau and beat him up because of it. They stated that the jealousy came from the fact that Trudeau was better at a sport than they were.


Since then, Justin Trudeau has climbed the ranks of the Canadian political system. He has also become the Prime Minister of Canada, following in his father’s footsteps. Not surprisingly, the story told by Perry went viral and was reported to Trudeau. While most people thought that the story was a joke or fabricated, Trudeau has confirmed the events. What surprised people even more is that Trudeau has stated that he would like to have the opportunity to fight Perry again.


Trudeau stated in a Tweet that he has thought about the interview a lot over the past few weeks and would now like to have a rematch against Perry. He further stated that he is likely not the only person that would want to hit Chandler. This was a reference to Matthew Perry’s most popular role as Chandler Bing on Friends. At this point it is not fully known whether this tweet was a joke, or if he would like to actually pursue another fight. Furthermore, it was pointed out that the tweet made by the Prime Minister was done on April 1. Therefore, there is a good chance that it was done as a joke to respond to the interview.


Comedy Central to Launch Trump Spoof

In an effort to spur additional interest in its late-night broadcasting, the parent company of Comedy Central, Viacom, has greenlit a project to follow The Daily Show. Called The President Show, it features Anthony Atamanuik in the role of Donald Trump, an impersonation he’s made famous since candidate Trump was merely running for president.


The basic premise for The President Show is that Trump has decided to forego delivering public speeches in the traditional manner of a press conference. Instead, he will broadcast “live” from the Oval Office and talk about the events of the day. Essentially, it’s going to be a take on The Daily Show with the character of Trump in the position of the host, with various segments and interviews. Peter Grosz will perform as Vice President Mike Pence.


Atamanuik’s impression of Donald Trump has been seen on The Howard Stern Show, The View and other programs. He’s also a longtime comedy veteran with work on The Colbert Report and 30 Rock. Atamanuik also had a stint with the Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv group that briefly garnered a Comedy Central show.


Critics are already commenting on the concept of giving a fake Trump a show. During the last Republican administration of George W. Bush, Comedy Central ran a brief pre-911 show called That’s My Bush. The brainchild of Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park fame, the show lasted only eight episodes. While it was a spoof of sitcoms and this new outing is a spoof on news journalism and Trump itself, the concepts may be different but the reality of mocking a sitting president is the same.


Viacom also faces a ratings war in which the network has already suffered casualties. With the retirement of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert leaving The Colbert Report for The Late Show on CBS, many viewers have flocked from the previously successful hour-long news satire block. The network’s attempt at replacing its two most prominent comedians has not been without its bruises. Trevor Noah’s ratings on The Daily Show have dropped and The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Colbert’s replacement, was canceled after a major ratings slump.


Whether or not The President Show will be successful depends on many factors. However, many viewers are already complaining about the concept. As one anonymous report stated, “I don’t want to watch jokes about something that already has me angry, now’s the time for good investigative reporting, not comedy.”


Rick & Morty Responsible for McDonald’s’ Revival of Szechuan Sauce

A chef connected to McDonald’s’ corporate structure has commented about investigating the resurrection of its Szechuan sauce after a heavy load of unofficial promotion from an “Adult Swim” April Fools’ joke. Because April Fools’ fell on a Saturday, Adult Swim, the late night animation program block of Cartoon Network, debuted a brand new episode of “Rick and Morty” after a two year absence.

The ending premise of the April Fools’ Day episode involved the titular Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist and expy of “Back to the Future’s” Doc Brown, pleading for the revival of the Szechuan McNugget sauce. The sauce was derived from plum sauce and intended as a limited time item to promote Disney’s “Mulan” in 1998. After the episode concluded, it seemed to ignite a fire within fans of “Rick and Morty” and the show’s writing team. This fire seems to have reached a high enough level of heat to grab McDonald’s’ attention, especially after a petition was launched with the goal of bringing the sauce back. The petition had reaches 13.5k signatures by the morning of April 3rd.

A McDonald’s corporate chef tweeted a message to Business Insider that indicated he would see what could be done. Should McDonald’s decide to bring back the Szechuan McNugget sauce in the near future, it could have an easy opening when Disney releases the live-action version of Mulan in November of 2018.

While plums are purple in color, plum sauce is a pale brown condiment of Chinese origin that mingles sweet and sour flavors and is commonly served alongside Asian fried food like dumplings, egg rolls and even duck; plum sauce is also known as duck sauce. The basic ingredients of a plum sauce include a sweet fruit like plums or peaches, chili peppers, ginger, salt, sugar and vinegar in various ratios. Korean cuisine has its own plum-derived condiment, known as “maesil-cheong,” that consists of a syrupy concoction derived from adding equal parts sugar and ripened plums to a jar and leaving the mixture to settle for 100 days; an unbalanced ratio leads to fermentation and creates plum wine.

The Recent Changes of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was once in a slight slump in terms of ratings. Stephen Colbert started out his days as a newscaster on the Daily Show. Eventually, Colbert would find he was ready to take the helm and have his own show on Comedy Central, the Colbert Report. This show would go on to become one of the most popular ever on Comedy Central. The long reign of the Colbert Report left fans wondering how long this show would go on.


David Letterman retiring from his spot as host of the Late Show on CBS meant a major opening was available. Quite a long time went by before the new host of the Last Show was chosen. The new host for the Late Show was named and it was Stephen Colbert. It seemed like Colbert would fit right into a more mainstream position on late night television. However, the results proved to be rockier than some would expect.


It looked like the Late Show with Stephen Colbert was in a ratings dive until one fateful night. Donald Trump winning the presidency somehow has had a positive effect on Colbert’s ratings. Many believe that the shift in the general attitude of the Late Show was what started the uptick in ratings. Before Trump became President, the Late Show had a generally humorous tone. However, after Trump became President the show got mad while still keeping their razor sharp humor.


This change in attitude came as the result of a special that had a twist Colbert never saw coming. Regardless of how you feel about the election, many were shocked to see Donald Trump win. No one was more shocked than Colbert who was hosting a special and expecting to see a Hillary Clinton victory. Many have noted that the writing of the Late Show with Colbert has developed a more biting tone to it that is attracting fans in droves.



Oval Office Comedy Coming to Comedy Central

The next addition to the late night comedy lineup will be “The President Show” staring Donald Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik on Comedy Central.

It’s scheduled to debut April 27 at 11:30 p.m. after “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” as part of Comedy Central’s Thursday night lineup.

Peter Grosz will appear on the show as Vice President Mike Pence.

It’s the network’s first new addition to late night in nearly a year.

As you may guess from the title, the weekly series will focus its comedy lens squarely on the current commander-in-chief.

The format of the show will be similar to anyone who has watched a late night talk show. Comedy Central stated, “In the world of ‘The President Show,’ Trump is bypassing the crooked media by hosting a late-night show direct from the Oval Office. Just a fun show where he can put his unique Trumpian spin on such late-night staples as desk segments, field pieces and guest interviews.”

In a promo “Trump” characteristically promised, “I’ll have the best guests, the most beautiful women, it’ll be so funny, the most funny show.”

Atamanuik has been a professional comedian and writer since the 90s, but gained national attention when he began impersonating Trump during the recent presidential election season. He made numerous appearances as Trump in videos, on the “Howard Stern Show” and in a live stage show comedy debate tour where he squared off against fellow comedian James Adomain who played Bernie Sanders.

Atamanuik, who Rolling Stone named the nation’s best Trump impersonator, released a statement that read, “Laughing at the president is a proud American tradition and we hope not to disappoint anyone in that department.”

Comedy Central will make another addition to its late-night lineup this summer when it adds a new series from Jim Jefferies of Australia.

Louis C.K. Likes Naps Better than Sex

Louis C.K., famed comedian and star of FX’s Louie, went for an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to plug his new Netflix special Louis C.K. 2017. He took the stage in familiar fashion, greeting the crowd while house band The Roots played a modified version of Louie Louie.


Fallon starts the interview by making fun of the title for Louis C.K.’s newest special. Having produced a number of comedy specials, he has never named a special after the year it aired. Later in the interview, he made sure to correct the Tonight Show host when he called the special “2017.” The comedian stated that the full title is “Louis C.K. 2017.”


Showing up in a suit was out of character for Louis C.K. Normally he is seen in a simple black shirt. He explains that he has the desire to dress up now. When he was a kid, people used to dress up all the time, he stated, including on airplanes because “…you dress up because you’re going to fly and blow smoke in a baby’s face.”


Next came the crème de la crème of the interview, an exchange that became a top hit on social media. Louis C. K. explained how much he liked naps, “It’s my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.” He continued, “I’ll take a nap at 11:30 and go to bed at midnight.” Jimmy retorted with a question about sleep and the comedian responded with a question of his own, “Do you like ice cream better than eating?” The conversation finally came to its climax. “ I like them better than sex…a nap is always 100% successful, there’s never mixed results. You never take a nap and say that it was a bad idea.”


While this was the highlight of the interview, Louis C.K. finished with a story about his 11-year old daughter. He had taken her on a trip from New York to Boston. Once he hit the Atlantic, he bobbed around mercilessly for three minutes and turned around. They decided to go to Wal-Mart, buy a tent and simply go camping after he felt like he traumatized her.


Louis C.K. usually makes quite a splash with the Internet when it comes to late night television. Besides his controversial statements on shows, the Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, director, actor and producer worked with Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and Dana Carvey to produce a number of late night laughs over the years.