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Jimmy Fallon’s Guest Upsets Ticket Agent

I, personally, have never had a run in with a celebrity, but this story that was told on the Tonite Show to Jimmy Fallon and I think that it was pretty funny. Keep in mind the customs agent was an older gentleman and I get the impression that his is the curmudgeonly grandfather type. John Krasinski from the Office, and many other movies such as 13 Hours and the newly released A Quiet Place was on his way to London to visit his wife, who is also an actress.

After getting off the plane at Heathrow Airport, Mr. Krasinski was at the customs desk going through the arrival process when the customs agent asked what his business was in London. Naturally John answered that he was there to visit his wife, who was working on a movie. The customs agent asked if John was also an actor. To this John replied yes. The customs agent asked what Mr. Kransinski has been in and naturally John said one show was the American version of the Office. The customs agent did not look thrilled. He then asked John who his wife is. Mr. Krasinski stated that his wife was actress Emily Blunt. The customs agent looked shocked and upset. He angrily repeated the word “you” a couple of times and then stamped the passport so hard Mr. Krasinski was shocked. Goes to show you that you cannot please everyone no matter how you try.

Blake Shelton Chats with Fallon about Partying with Kelly Clarkson and Others

Recently, on a jaunt to Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show, country singer Blake Shelton regaled the host with tales of his time living it up with fellow Voice judges Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson. One of his funniest stories involved being pulled over by a police officer while with his aforementioned friends. The trouble started after a Maroon 5 show that was located close to Blake Shelton’s house in Oklahoma.


According to Shelton, the Maroon 5 frontman had quite a different reaction to being pulled over than his cast mates did. While Clarkson teased the police officer about his mustache and Shelton demanded to know why they had been pulled over in the first place, Levine stewed and seemed fearful. Shelton attributed Levine’s reaction to the fact that he’s from Los Angeles, where the culture is to immediately obey the police. In L.A., people tend not to question the police. However, Shelton indicated that being pulled over in Oklahoma is quite a different experience. The way he sees it, those who are pulled over have a right to debate. Fallon seemed very amused by the tale. Yet again, it was a way in which these two TV friends could not be more different. For years now, fans have loved to watch the funny interactions of these opposites-and this story was no exception to the rule.

Jimmy Kimmel and Katie Couric Partner Up for Unusual Broadcast

Perhaps people don’t necessarily associate Katie Couric, the bubbly television host, with the more sardonic Jimmy Kimmel. However, the two recently got together for quite an unusual reason—and a great cause. After Americans reach the age of 50, medical experts recommend that they undergo a test for colorectal cancer. As the widow of a man who died from colon cancer, Couric has long been an advocate for such screenings. So Kimmel, who recently turned 50, seemed to think that linking up with her for his own colonoscopy was a no-brainer. Also, it seemed fitting that March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

Kimmel seemed groggy prior to his appointment—and perhaps not too thrilled to be there, which is understandable—but he was a good sport. As the doctor explained that the colonoscopy would find any polyps, and that she would then remove them, Couric inquired as to why more people don’t go for their routine colonoscopies. Kimmel’s reply was hilarious, especially considering the fact that he was suited up in a hospital gown and bracelet.

Although the two hosts may have been making light of the situation, Couric obviously still thinks about her deceased husband, who passed away at the age of 42. In a recent Instagram post, she commented that she and their two daughters still miss him. As the founder of three organizations dedicated to bringing more awareness to this cause, Couric has been at the forefront of innovations in this field, of which there have been many.

Michael K. Williams Guests on Late Night

Actor Michael K. Williams dropped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday to discuss his role in the second season of the SundanceTV television series Hap and Leonard. Williams used his time on camera to chat about his current role on the show and reminisce about his most famous part as Omar on HBO’s The Wire.

Williams was greeted with enthusiasm by Meyers, who revealed that Williams, who previously appeared on the late night show in 2016, is one of the writing staff’s favorite guests. The two discussed Williams’ childhood connections with 30 Rockefeller Plaza. A native of Brooklyn, he disclosed that would often travel to Manhattan to see the Rockettes next door. After guesting on Late Night in 2016, he was finally able to go on the roof of the skyscraper and see the building’s famous panorama of New York City.

Williams also talked about Omar, a cult favorite among TV aficionados. He revealed that he was an inexperienced actor when he began playing Omar in 2002. He credited writer David Simon with teaching him how to deliver his lines convincingly and acknowledged that much of the dialogue given to him was influenced by Shakespeare and was more stylized than typical Baltimore slang.

He also chatted about his current role as volatile Vietnam vet Leonard Pine on Hap and Leonard, recounting a funny story of accidentally booking a room next door to co-star James Purefoy. He also announced that his nephew Dominic Dupont, recently released from Riker’s Island after serving 20 years for murder, has become his personal assistant.

Jennifer Lawrence and Stephen Colbert Loosen Up

When it comes to late night talk shows, the formula can become a bit mundane. Typically a celebrity comes on the show, shares a small anecdote, and promotes their latest endeavor. However, when Jennifer Lawrence made her latest appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, they decided to change up the formula.

Initially there to promote her latest film, Red Sparrow, Colbert kicked off the interview by discussing how Lawrence has recently filled in for another late night host, Jimmy Kimmel. Because of this Lawrence shared the pressures she felt having to come up with questions to ask and that she was actually feeling a bit of pressure right then and there with Stephen.

At this point the typical late night formula broke when Colbert offered Lawrence a drink. He pulled out a hidden bottle of rum he kept behind his desk and the two shared a few glasses of rum together.

The mood during the interview quickly changed from a bit timid to loose and open. The two quickly began joking about past interviews, lawsuits they’ve had to deal with, and even both took their shoes off to become a bit more comfortable. Lawrence even went as far to joke, “Oh man, I should not have had this. I have the premiere for the movie tonight!”

While it wasn’t the typical interview, it was just as entertaining with many saying it was a breath of fresh air and showed that “celebrities are just like us!”

Luke Bryan Troll Blake Shelton on ‘Late Night’

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan might be buddies but that didn’t stop Bryan from tossing a few barbs Shelton’s way on late-night television.

Bryan visited “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to talk about his gig as one of the judges on the upcoming “American Idol” reboot.

Meyers asked Bryan if he’d gone to Shelton for advice since Shelton has been a long-time judge on rival singing competition “The Voice.” The country crooner affirmed that he had but said that he didn’t know why.

“I would recommend to never reach out to him,” Bryan added. He went on to joke about People choosing Shelton as 2017’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” saying that Shelton is beautiful “from a distance.”

The two have a long history of poking fun at each other on Twitter and in interviews. Shelton claims the two met at an awards show in 2007 and instantly became friends. Bryan joined him briefly on “The Voice” as his key advisor for a season. The two also hosted the Academy of Country Music Awards together in 2013, 2014, and 2015. With the singers on rival shows now, expect the playful exchanges between the two to get even more intense.

Shelton joins Lionel Richie and Katy Perry on “American Idol’s” new judging panel. They’re stepping into the shoes of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson, who judged singers for the original series. It ran from 2002 to 2016 on Fox and produced stars such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

ABC launches the new version on March 11, 2018. Ryan Seacrest will be back as the host.

Conan O’Brien Heads to Italy to Record His Show

Conan O’Brien has been hosting a late night show since 1993. He has done his show from many locations during that time. He made a famous trip to Cuba after Americans were legally allowed to go there. He has also brought his show to Mexico on a couple of occasions. Haiti was another interesting destination for the red-haired comedian. He refers to this series of shows in foreign countries as “Conan Without Borders.” In the latest installment of the series, Conan travels to Italy and the results are pretty much what you would expect.

The episode of the TBS show “Conan” where he travels to Italy has not aired yet. However, Conan did share a few pics and short videos as he usually does when he goes to foreign countries. He is seen taking an Italian language lesson. He also mingles with some of the local Italian people who have no idea who he is. These are always very funny moments in these specials that fans seem to love. Conan made no advance announcement that he was going to Italy. This is usually how he handles the foreign trips.

Conan will never tell people where he will be filming the segments of his show on the street. This is because he wants to catch people by surprise. He does not want a bunch of his fans to show up. TBS has not released a statement indicating when the “Conan Without Borders” special in Italy will air. However, past specials have aired within two months.

The Late Night Show Live Address to the State of the Union

Stephen Colbert did a special live late night show address following the State of the Union speech given by the president. Colbert repeatedly pointed out the more strange comments that came from the president during his address. Such as comments like clean coal. The president mentioned how the country responded to natural disasters in a supposedly timely manner, to which Colbert commented with a quip on the affair the president is alleged to have had with the adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Colbert also pointed out on his live show that despite Trump saying that the nation has succeeded after every natural disaster and risen to the occasion that is not the case. The US territory Puerto Rico still has some 1 million people who do not have power. Colbert also marked the “uplifting” comments and replaced the comments at the end of the address with her his own. The president stated that as a country we rise to the occasion and Colbert said and if there’s an investigation we undermine it. This was in reference to the Mueller investigation that is currently going on that the president has undermined repetitively. Throughout his show Colbert Made a few other quips about the president commenting about African-American unemployment rates being the lowest that they have ever been in the last year by pointing out that none of the African-American leaders who did attend the address stood up or were pleased by the president mentioning this.

“The state of our union is strong. The state of their union? It’s complicated.” Colbert joked on his late night show following the State of the Union address from the president. The joke is a bit of dark humor about the president and the first lady’ she marriage. As the first lady did cancel a trip with the president to Davos, Switzerland it seems possible that they are having an it’s complicated moment in their union. The reason she canceled was cited to be because of scheduling conflicts. It doesn’t seem far-fetched to think that the first lady was dismayed by the news involving Stormy Daniels to be the actual reason for the cancellation. Melania is believed to have been pregnant during the time of this alleged affair the president potentially had with the porn actress.

Laura Bonanti appeared on the Stephen Colbert show again to discuss the state of the union address comically with him using her Melania Trump impression. She joked in character with Stephen on what happened at the State of the Union and what’s been going on with the state of her marriage to the president. Other late night hosts also took some swings following the president’s State of the Union address. Jimmy Kimmel even had Stormy Daniels appear as a guest on his show to discuss the alleged affair she had with the president. She commented that her signature on the disclaimer agreement did not look like her signature. She avoided directly answering any of Kimmel’s questions.

Late night show hosts discussing these things in a level of comic relief can be honestly a relief to many people across the country who have been scratching their heads wondering what’s been going on within the White House and our political system. It is also important for citizens to look at the address response videos made by current politicians serving in the Senate and the house. Representative Joe Kennedy the third and senator Bernie Sanders both made response videos. You may view those address response videos on their social media pages.

Late Night Television Put Dad In The Spotlight

Watching television is a favorite pass time, and the greatest source of entertainment for millions of people worldwide. There are television shows to appeal to all ages, and both genders. Working people do not get to view daytime television, and prime time is when all of the violent shows are on. You want to kick back and watch shows that are either comical, or a good western from back in the day. You want late night television. This is where you will find television shows that you grew up with.Shows where there was a dad in the home taking care of things. Then there are the television westerns that take you back to when you played cowboys and Indians.
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Late night television also shows happy families, with mom, dad, and three children. Dad has a very well paying job, and mom is either a housewife, or a business lady herself. Television shows like that are not seen anymore on day time television, and seldom on prime time. Late night brings many of the old sitcoms back to life, and back to simpler times. Shows like the ones on late night helps you forget the problems of the day, and they make you laugh. The late night westerns always have the good guys winning, and the bad guys are to remind you that no good comes from evil. Even the late night talk shows are less superficial than the day time talk shows. If you can stay awake, late night television is very entertaining.

Mellencamp’s Late Night Salute Speaks out for Easy Targets

On a black box set backed by jazz piano and gypsy violin, John Mellencamp’s bluesy voice poured out the lines to his 2017 hit, Easy Target, Thursday night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Singing with the lines ‘Easy targets, our country’s broken heart’, John took a knee and then raised a fist as the final notes of the violin played.

The gestures referenced the ongoing silent racial protests by current athletes and civil rights protests during the ’68 Olympics. The raised clenched fist is a centuries old gesture that represents togetherness and unity. Also known as genuflection, taking a knee is an even older gesture showing respect or reverence. This is why athletes go down on one knee when there is an injured player on the field or when listening to the coach. By taking a knee, Mellencamp showed respect to current athletes that are both respecting the flag and all of the people it represents. This includes those that are considered easy targets.

In his Netflix documentary, John talks about how people treated fellow singer Fred Booker in his first band, Crape Soul. John mentioned it was fine while they were performing, but when the music stopped, onlookers would want ‘that boy’ gone, referring to his 16 year old bandmate. Back then, he and Booker fought the racial biases both on and off the stage. John’s gestures on Colbert were one more uppercut in a fight that he’s been a part of since the 60s.