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The Recent Changes of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was once in a slight slump in terms of ratings. Stephen Colbert started out his days as a newscaster on the Daily Show. Eventually, Colbert would find he was ready to take the helm and have his own show on Comedy Central, the Colbert Report. This show would go on to become one of the most popular ever on Comedy Central. The long reign of the Colbert Report left fans wondering how long this show would go on.


David Letterman retiring from his spot as host of the Late Show on CBS meant a major opening was available. Quite a long time went by before the new host of the Last Show was chosen. The new host for the Late Show was named and it was Stephen Colbert. It seemed like Colbert would fit right into a more mainstream position on late night television. However, the results proved to be rockier than some would expect.


It looked like the Late Show with Stephen Colbert was in a ratings dive until one fateful night. Donald Trump winning the presidency somehow has had a positive effect on Colbert’s ratings. Many believe that the shift in the general attitude of the Late Show was what started the uptick in ratings. Before Trump became President, the Late Show had a generally humorous tone. However, after Trump became President the show got mad while still keeping their razor sharp humor.


This change in attitude came as the result of a special that had a twist Colbert never saw coming. Regardless of how you feel about the election, many were shocked to see Donald Trump win. No one was more shocked than Colbert who was hosting a special and expecting to see a Hillary Clinton victory. Many have noted that the writing of the Late Show with Colbert has developed a more biting tone to it that is attracting fans in droves.



Oval Office Comedy Coming to Comedy Central

The next addition to the late night comedy lineup will be “The President Show” staring Donald Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik on Comedy Central.

It’s scheduled to debut April 27 at 11:30 p.m. after “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” as part of Comedy Central’s Thursday night lineup.

Peter Grosz will appear on the show as Vice President Mike Pence.

It’s the network’s first new addition to late night in nearly a year.

As you may guess from the title, the weekly series will focus its comedy lens squarely on the current commander-in-chief.

The format of the show will be similar to anyone who has watched a late night talk show. Comedy Central stated, “In the world of ‘The President Show,’ Trump is bypassing the crooked media by hosting a late-night show direct from the Oval Office. Just a fun show where he can put his unique Trumpian spin on such late-night staples as desk segments, field pieces and guest interviews.”

In a promo “Trump” characteristically promised, “I’ll have the best guests, the most beautiful women, it’ll be so funny, the most funny show.”

Atamanuik has been a professional comedian and writer since the 90s, but gained national attention when he began impersonating Trump during the recent presidential election season. He made numerous appearances as Trump in videos, on the “Howard Stern Show” and in a live stage show comedy debate tour where he squared off against fellow comedian James Adomain who played Bernie Sanders.

Atamanuik, who Rolling Stone named the nation’s best Trump impersonator, released a statement that read, “Laughing at the president is a proud American tradition and we hope not to disappoint anyone in that department.”

Comedy Central will make another addition to its late-night lineup this summer when it adds a new series from Jim Jefferies of Australia.

Louis C.K. Likes Naps Better than Sex

Louis C.K., famed comedian and star of FX’s Louie, went for an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to plug his new Netflix special Louis C.K. 2017. He took the stage in familiar fashion, greeting the crowd while house band The Roots played a modified version of Louie Louie.


Fallon starts the interview by making fun of the title for Louis C.K.’s newest special. Having produced a number of comedy specials, he has never named a special after the year it aired. Later in the interview, he made sure to correct the Tonight Show host when he called the special “2017.” The comedian stated that the full title is “Louis C.K. 2017.”


Showing up in a suit was out of character for Louis C.K. Normally he is seen in a simple black shirt. He explains that he has the desire to dress up now. When he was a kid, people used to dress up all the time, he stated, including on airplanes because “…you dress up because you’re going to fly and blow smoke in a baby’s face.”


Next came the crème de la crème of the interview, an exchange that became a top hit on social media. Louis C. K. explained how much he liked naps, “It’s my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.” He continued, “I’ll take a nap at 11:30 and go to bed at midnight.” Jimmy retorted with a question about sleep and the comedian responded with a question of his own, “Do you like ice cream better than eating?” The conversation finally came to its climax. “ I like them better than sex…a nap is always 100% successful, there’s never mixed results. You never take a nap and say that it was a bad idea.”


While this was the highlight of the interview, Louis C.K. finished with a story about his 11-year old daughter. He had taken her on a trip from New York to Boston. Once he hit the Atlantic, he bobbed around mercilessly for three minutes and turned around. They decided to go to Wal-Mart, buy a tent and simply go camping after he felt like he traumatized her.


Louis C.K. usually makes quite a splash with the Internet when it comes to late night television. Besides his controversial statements on shows, the Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, director, actor and producer worked with Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and Dana Carvey to produce a number of late night laughs over the years.


Stephen Colbert Merges Viral Video and President Trump

“There is sort of a debate on the internet about this thing. Some people find it kind of comforting, others want to know if you can take out a restraining order against a cartoon,” warned Stephen Colbert as he introduced his new sensation taking the web by storm.


The stop-motion animation piece has become one of the top viral videos in recent times. The haunting musical score merges with the imperfect, shiny visage of a naked bald character speaking mechanically. As part of the Late Night Work Club’s Strangers presentation, many people are saying that it is one of the most troubling things imaginable.


Never backing down, Stephen Colbert presented a piece during his monolog stating, “Some people have said its the most disturbing cartoon they’ve ever seen. We here at ‘The Late Show’ took that as a challenge.”


Colbert presented his take substituting the folic-challenged creature with that of his recurring Donald Trump cartoon. The commander-in-chief is seen wearing a red thong with a play on his famous slogan “Make America Beautiful Again” and a tramp-stamp tattoo of “Putin.”


Situated in the same position as the viral video, he proceeds to repeat the original’s dialogue almost verbatim. That is until an animated version of the health care bill pops out from the ground. He talks about how hard it is to be president and blames the Freedom Caucus for holding up his reform. The video finishes with a shot of First Lady Melania Trump looking at her smartphone and stating she will not go to the White House this weekend.


Colbert, never one to shy away from controversy and always timely has hit a home run himself with this video. The parody itself has gone viral and is one of the top-searched spoofs being searched and passed around social media.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, like most late night talk shows, has leveraged the Trump brand for continuing humor and satire since his presidential run and eventual election. This latest romp in sarcastic wit, like its inspiration, has been met with both visceral hatred and plenty of laughs for viewers.


Late Night Television is Getting a Show About President Trump

Comedy Central, an American cable network that is seeing impressive ratings thanks to their comedic treatment of the Trump administration, has been teasing a new production that will parody Donald Trump as the host of a late-night television show.

According to a report by entertainment news magazine Variety, the new Comedy Central program will be titled The President Show. The teaser promotions have been posted as Twitter updates on two accounts; the premise seems to be that Trump is tired of being lambasted on late night television, and thus he has decided to produce his own show for the purpose of feeding his ego and setting the record straight on issues related to his failing administration.

Thus far, the two Twitter accounts associated with The President Show have cleverly mocked Trump’s own style of communicating with the public via his official account. It is not clear whether The President Show will invite real guests willing to play along for the sake of great comedy, but that is something that Twitter followers seem to expect.

Comedy Central has previously succeeded with poking fun at failing administrations on late night television. In 2001, the sitcom That’s My Bush, produced by the creators of South Park, portrayed former President George W. Bush in zany situations based on comedic television tropes. Although that show received critical praise and enjoyed good ratings, it was cancelled after one season due to production costs and the September 11 attacks. The producers of the show believed that any jokes after the attacks would have been in terrible taste.

Political mockery has worked wonders for Comedy Central over the last few years. The Colbert Report, featuring a fake conservative talk show host, was a great follow up to The Daily Show. Similarly, The Nightly Show with Larry Willmore was also well-received by late-night television audiences who can laugh at the numerous inadequacies of the political status quo.

Fans of political sarcasm are excited with the prospect of The President Show since many feel that Trump would make a great late-night talk show host given his entertainment background and demeanor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Done with ‘The Apprentice’

Actor and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger recently stated that he would be discontinue his involvement with the storied NBC reality program “The Apprentice,” due to the continued involvement of President Donald Trump.

While Schwarzenegger had nothing but positive things to say about the working with the show’s talent and its production staff, he felt that Trump’s association has continually hindered the program’s ratings and public perception. Schwarzenegger even lamented that many people came to him with stories of watching the show up to the moment that Trump’s name was involved or mentioned on it. Trump still holds an executive producer credit on the show and this revelation after his election resulted in viewership being cut in half.

The show’s low ratings have been repeatedly mentioned by President Trump. Trump has taunted Schwarzenegger’s ability by claiming that while Schwarzenegger failed at governing California and failed to raise ratings of The Apprentice, “at least he tried.” Schwarzenegger responded to the tweet by posting a link that indicated his willingness to release his tax returns and how he had placed his business ventures under a blind trust during his governorship of California. Trump has also used stately events like the National Prayer Breakfast to establish a link between Schwarzenegger and the sagging ratings of the reality program Trump started in the beginning of 2004.

Whether or not Schwarzenegger is willing to participate in another season of The Apprentice seems irrelevant at the moment; a representative for NBC remarked that the show had not yet been picked for another season. If The Apprentice’s ratings remain viable enough to merit another season, that season would mark the 16th American season of the program. Beyond being made in the United States, The Apprentice has over 20 permutations and spinoffs from multiple countries and continents.

The Donald vs. The Terminator

On Friday, March 3, 2017, former California Governor, fitness educator and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger informed the media that he would not be returning to “The New Celebrity Apprentice” as host after the most recent season’s poor ratings. He said that the show had too much “baggage” because of its link to executive-producer President Donald Trump. He stated that he would agree to work with Mark Burnett, the show’s producer, and NBC again if another project became available, but he implied that the show’s ratings are proof that people have stopped watching because they have a “bad taste” in their mouths because of Trump.

Trump fired back on Saturday on Twitter by saying that Schwarzenegger wouldn’t be returning for another season because he was “fired.” He also called the show’s ratings with Schwarzenegger as host “(pathetic).” Trump’s critics have since noted that he’s just as responsible for the show’s bad ratings and that Schwarzenegger’s statements are in some ways correct:

Trump made a point of criticizing Schwarzenegger extensively during the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, February 2, before the show had even finished out its season. He claimed that the ratings “went right down the tubes” because of Schwarzenegger taking over the show, called it a “total disaster” and asked the event-goers to pray for Schwarzenegger to get better ratings. He then continued to say negative statements about the other actor on Twitter and in statements to the media for days after The Terminator fired back by asking The Donald to switch jobs with him since he was a ratings expert. Critics have also pointed out that the president currently has a low political public approval rating and many members of the show’s younger target market refuse to support any of his business ventures because they want him to fail.

Conan O’Brien and Vicente Fox: A Comedy Dream Team

Conan O’Brien’s show took its act on the road recently, and the resulting Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico episodes have had everyone talking. Especially considering the recent political climate, it has been interesting to see America’s favorite late-night redhead bonding with friends across the border. In one of his most talked-about segments from south of the border, O’Brien interviewed former Mexican president Vicente Fox.

Right off the bat, it immediately became clear that this would be no standard interview. Vicente Fox presented Conan O’Brien with a pair of beautiful leather cowboy boots with a humorous epithet etched into them. From then, the two went on to talk about Fox’s well-known Twitter war with President Donald J. Trump. While O’Brien joked that he probably wouldn’t be allowed back into the United States, Fox went on to praise all of the many ways in which the Mexican people have been an asset to the United States.

As the audience cheered him on, Fox compared the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico to that of roommates. He also made claims that undocumented Mexican workers had worked for both the Bush family and the Trumps. When Fox joked about how white O’Brien looked, O’Brien made a humorous quip about how he had starred in a telenovela.

All in all, O’Brien’s trip down to Mexico seems to have been exceptionally fortuitous. Not only do the Mexican people seem to love him, but he’s also filmed segments with some of their favorite folks—including Gio Dos Santos. During Fox’s visit to the show, O’Brien also mentioned that it is impossible to walk around Los Angeles without noticing all of the wonderful cultural contributions that have been made by Mexicans.

Once again, some of the “guy/gal on the street segments” proved to be comedy gold for O’Brien. Also, it should be noted that O’Brien accomplished an outstanding, incredible feat when he performed his opening monologue entirely in Spanish. It’s difficult to think of any other late-night hosts who could have taken on this tremendous task, and O’Brien was able to come through the entire experience with flying colors.

Late Night Television Ratings Skyrocket Thanks to Trump

The landscape of American late night television is enjoying the Trump administration, at least from a ratings point of view. Thanks to the rhetoric, gaffes and surrealism of the White House under President Trump, the late night hosts who are more in tune with political affairs are seeing their ratings soar.

Stephen Colbert, the successor to David Letterman on the Late Show, is the current leader of the late night race. For months, Colbert struggled to surpass The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon; ever since Trump was controversially elected, however, the former Comedy Central star has been shining thanks to his incisive and extremely funny political analysis.

When Colbert was still at Comedy Central, he incessantly made fun of the conservative and right-wing movements in the United States. Members of the Republican party were not very happy with Colbert’s comedy, but television viewers loved it. Now that he has moved to a national network, Colbert has been on a roll with regard to making fun of the current administration.

Even Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, which has always been political and silly, is enjoying excellent ratings thanks to the Trump political machine, which is being portrayed as being highly dysfunctional. On HBO, John Oliver and Bill Maher are also getting higher ratings; furthermore, Samantha Bee is working wonders with her show on TBS, a network that was never before associated with late night television.

Producers of late night TV shows believe that there is actual anxiety among Americans who believe that things are bound to get worse with Trump as their leader. This anxiety requires the release of tension, which can explain the higher ratings of late night television during the first quarter of 2017.

The consensus by television critics and industry observers is that late night shows will continue to enjoy high ratings as long as Trump remains in office.

Jimmy Kimmel And Former President George W. Bush “Drawn” To Each Other

It might not have developed into a true bromance, but Jimmy Kimmel and former President George W. Bush had a ball on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” especially when the pair decided to sketch each other.

Bush was the late night TV host’s recent guest, and he was there to push his new book “Portrait of Courage.” The book is packed with portraits and stories of US veterans, and all proceeds from the book go to benefit veterans.

The former president appeared to have a wonderful sense of humor and agreed to sketch Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Kimmel would sketch Bush. Both gentlemen did a great job, and you can see their artwork here on YouTube.

The visit was an engaging one and touched upon a variety of topics, including comics making fun of presidents. It’s no secret that President Donald Trump is bothered by Alec Baldwin’s hilarious impersonation of him on SNL. In fact, Trump cannot stand Baldwin and told him the impersonation is lousy.

Bush found the impersonations of himself while in office hilarious and told Kimmel he wasn’t bothered by any of the lampooning.

“Not at all,” Bush quipped, saying that “the best humor is when you make fun of yourself.”

“Tell that to the president. He doesn’t think so,” Kimmel said, of overly-sensitive Trump.

Bush even had a favorite comedian who mimicked him during the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner, playing his alter ego. Bush said he thought the guy who played him best was Steve Bridges. “He’s dead,” Bush said.

Kimmel joked, hoping that the former president didn’t have anything to do with Bridges’ passing.

The former president told Kimmel that he was never an artist while growing up and had no interest in the pursuit, until after he left office.