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The Late Night Show Live Address to the State of the Union

Stephen Colbert did a special live late night show address following the State of the Union speech given by the president. Colbert repeatedly pointed out the more strange comments that came from the president during his address. Such as comments like clean coal. The president mentioned how the country responded to natural disasters in a supposedly timely manner, to which Colbert commented with a quip on the affair the president is alleged to have had with the adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Colbert also pointed out on his live show that despite Trump saying that the nation has succeeded after every natural disaster and risen to the occasion that is not the case. The US territory Puerto Rico still has some 1 million people who do not have power. Colbert also marked the “uplifting” comments and replaced the comments at the end of the address with her his own. The president stated that as a country we rise to the occasion and Colbert said and if there’s an investigation we undermine it. This was in reference to the Mueller investigation that is currently going on that the president has undermined repetitively. Throughout his show Colbert Made a few other quips about the president commenting about African-American unemployment rates being the lowest that they have ever been in the last year by pointing out that none of the African-American leaders who did attend the address stood up or were pleased by the president mentioning this.

“The state of our union is strong. The state of their union? It’s complicated.” Colbert joked on his late night show following the State of the Union address from the president. The joke is a bit of dark humor about the president and the first lady’ she marriage. As the first lady did cancel a trip with the president to Davos, Switzerland it seems possible that they are having an it’s complicated moment in their union. The reason she canceled was cited to be because of scheduling conflicts. It doesn’t seem far-fetched to think that the first lady was dismayed by the news involving Stormy Daniels to be the actual reason for the cancellation. Melania is believed to have been pregnant during the time of this alleged affair the president potentially had with the porn actress.

Laura Bonanti appeared on the Stephen Colbert show again to discuss the state of the union address comically with him using her Melania Trump impression. She joked in character with Stephen on what happened at the State of the Union and what’s been going on with the state of her marriage to the president. Other late night hosts also took some swings following the president’s State of the Union address. Jimmy Kimmel even had Stormy Daniels appear as a guest on his show to discuss the alleged affair she had with the president. She commented that her signature on the disclaimer agreement did not look like her signature. She avoided directly answering any of Kimmel’s questions.

Late night show hosts discussing these things in a level of comic relief can be honestly a relief to many people across the country who have been scratching their heads wondering what’s been going on within the White House and our political system. It is also important for citizens to look at the address response videos made by current politicians serving in the Senate and the house. Representative Joe Kennedy the third and senator Bernie Sanders both made response videos. You may view those address response videos on their social media pages.

Late Night Television Put Dad In The Spotlight

Watching television is a favorite pass time, and the greatest source of entertainment for millions of people worldwide. There are television shows to appeal to all ages, and both genders. Working people do not get to view daytime television, and prime time is when all of the violent shows are on. You want to kick back and watch shows that are either comical, or a good western from back in the day. You want late night television. This is where you will find television shows that you grew up with.Shows where there was a dad in the home taking care of things. Then there are the television westerns that take you back to when you played cowboys and Indians.
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Late night television also shows happy families, with mom, dad, and three children. Dad has a very well paying job, and mom is either a housewife, or a business lady herself. Television shows like that are not seen anymore on day time television, and seldom on prime time. Late night brings many of the old sitcoms back to life, and back to simpler times. Shows like the ones on late night helps you forget the problems of the day, and they make you laugh. The late night westerns always have the good guys winning, and the bad guys are to remind you that no good comes from evil. Even the late night talk shows are less superficial than the day time talk shows. If you can stay awake, late night television is very entertaining.

Mellencamp’s Late Night Salute Speaks out for Easy Targets

On a black box set backed by jazz piano and gypsy violin, John Mellencamp’s bluesy voice poured out the lines to his 2017 hit, Easy Target, Thursday night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Singing with the lines ‘Easy targets, our country’s broken heart’, John took a knee and then raised a fist as the final notes of the violin played.

The gestures referenced the ongoing silent racial protests by current athletes and civil rights protests during the ’68 Olympics. The raised clenched fist is a centuries old gesture that represents togetherness and unity. Also known as genuflection, taking a knee is an even older gesture showing respect or reverence. This is why athletes go down on one knee when there is an injured player on the field or when listening to the coach. By taking a knee, Mellencamp showed respect to current athletes that are both respecting the flag and all of the people it represents. This includes those that are considered easy targets.

In his Netflix documentary, John talks about how people treated fellow singer Fred Booker in his first band, Crape Soul. John mentioned it was fine while they were performing, but when the music stopped, onlookers would want ‘that boy’ gone, referring to his 16 year old bandmate. Back then, he and Booker fought the racial biases both on and off the stage. John’s gestures on Colbert were one more uppercut in a fight that he’s been a part of since the 60s.

Late Night Television Pokes Fun At State Of The Union

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union provided late night television hosts with plenty of fodder for their comedic routines. Late night heavy hitters Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and more took the address and ran with it. Stephen Colbert even went out of his way to rewrite the State of the Union address and conjure himself into an extreme version of President Trump. A full video is available at the Huffington Post

Colbert pulled all the punches, most were a rodeo he has attended before but were none the less entertaining. He tackled broad jokes about the handling of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria and their lack of electricity, the interesting and climactic state of the Trump’s marriage, he even spent some time focusing on president Trump’s fascination with the good old American flag.

Colbert portrayed President Trump as on the brink of divorce, flirting with becoming imprisoned, a grunt to Putin, and oh his love of golf! It may not be necessarily accurate, but it was certainly an entertaining cartoonish version of President Trump, one similar to the person his actual Twitter account conjures. After his faux State of the Union, Colbert went on to interview guests Jon Favreay, Tommy Veitor and Jon Lovett who were all asked to weigh in on President Trump’s speech. All remained fairly aloof and the basic takeaway was the speech was very boring.

Kimmel did his own bit and managed to throw in a few references in his monologue to things President Trump stated. Kimmel chose to roll old footage poking fun at President Trump’s vows that he doesn’t believe in teleprompters, then clearly using a teleprompter for his address. He poked fun at President Trumps demeanor, falsely referring to him as the most stable person in the history of the world.

While all the late night television hosts had some fun with President Trump’s State of the Union, some were far better than others. Colbert and Kimmel both went further and more entertaining than some others, and shed some light to some of the issues they believed were important in the process.

Gwendoline Christie Drops in on the Late Show

Gwendolyn Christie appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the first time on December 4. The British actress, best known for her role as Brienne of Tarth on HBO’s Game of Thrones, came on the late night show to discuss her role in the new film Star Wars: The Last Jedi. During the course of her conversation with the late night host, Christie revealed that her role as Captain Phasma was originally intended to be much smaller. However, J.J. Abrams enjoyed her character so much, he opted to expand the role. Christie discussed her appreciation for the character of Captain Phasma, stating that the character’s full body armor is a deliberate attempt to draw the audience’s focus away from her appearance and level of attractiveness. She acknowledged that her affinity for the role of Captain Phasma is largely based on the opportunity to hide her face and body inside concealing armor. Unlike Brienne in Game of Thrones, who is often mocked for her looks, Captain Phasma is completely hidden beneath her chromium-polished armor.

Christie declined to offer the audience any spoilers for The Last Jedi, but revealed that the mysterious Captain Phasma has a dark past. She also discussed her early life as a child growing up in the country and her preference for city life. Colbert asked Christie about her dramatic training in London, and she confessed that the stagework she undertook at Drama Centre London dampened her love of wearing designer clothes.

‘The Tonight Show’ Continues to Languish, as Jimmy Fallon Steers Clear of Trump Jokes

Most late night talk shows have earned ratings spikes for continuously launching jabs at President Donald Trump. In fact, only one late night talk host as avoided the topic altogether and that may be just why Jimmy Fallon is bombing with his duties as host of The Tonight Show. As ratings continue to drop, it seems Fallon is dropping the ball, as far as giving viewers what they want from their late night entertainment.
Where are The Tonight Show’s Viewers Going?
A glimpse at the recent ratings numbers doesn’t just show that Jimmy Fallon is losing viewers, but also indicates where those audiences are migrating. It seems Stephen Colbert is drawing Fallon’s viewership to his late night talk program, The Late Show, and that may have something to do with Colbert’s own rhetoric. While Jimmy won’t bash the U.S. president on his show, Colbert doesn’t hesitate to poke fun at Mr. Trump.
The strategy must be working, because The Late Show has maintained the number one spot in the ratings game, since Donald Trump won the election. Additionally, Colbert’s ratings continue to rise.
As for The Tonight Show, audience numbers have dropped by 21% since September, suggesting Jimmy’s hands-off policy on President Trump jokes is failing. In promoting the show, NBC continues to boast that The Tonight Show remains to be the first choice for viewers aged 18 to 49, but it may not be long before even that claim can no longer be asserted. If Jimmy Fallon can’t pull ratings back up, even if that means resorting to presidential parodies, it may not be long before The Tonight Show drops to dead last.

Jimmy Fallon Loses His Footing

When Jimmy Fallon first took the reins at his late-night TV show, it definitely seemed as if he held a monopoly on young viewers. Indeed, writers for other late-night hosts lamented his popularity and complained about his “prom king” brand of humor. His partnership with The Roots band and innate musicality, however, won loyal viewers every night. This, however, is no longer the case. Within the past few days, it has become abundantly clear that Fallon’s show is hemorrhaging viewers. In fact, industry insiders seem to think that Jimmy Kimmel may possess the power to overtake Fallon in next year’s rating. For those who witnessed Fallon’s meteoric rise, this is very surprising news. And some are speculating that Fallon’s seemingly cozy relationship with Donald Trump may be why.

It was a segment to remember. In the midst of Donald Trump’s bombastic presidential campaign, he stopped by Fallon’s show. During the interview, Fallon reached over to ruffle Trump’s hair. And it is this moment that many Fallon critics tag as the moment when the late night host’s behavior crossed over into normalizing Trump’s rhetoric. For many Fallon fans, it was difficult to separate the intense political situation from his show. When Fallon went on record to claim that he wasn’t political at all, somehow his pleas fell on deaf ears and his show’s ratings continued to drop.

Obama Appears on Kimmel

Although President Obama hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight recently, he did make time to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night television show. Of course, this wasn’t just any show; it was Kimmel’s third year of hosting a benefit to help those struggling with HIV/AIDS. This RED fundraiser not only contained a message from the 44th president, but it also boasted several segments that promoted products related to the RED line. If consumers purchase these products, then the proceeds go to programs that assist people who are struggling with these diseases.

Although the subject matter was very intense, Obama managed to make his delivery of the message extremely palatable and easy to digest. The segment seemed to be surprise, as the audience reacted with cheers as soon as they saw the former president pop up on the screen. Cheekily, Kimmel referred to the next guest as an “unemployed” gentleman. After making a jab about Twitter feeds, Obama went on to share some surprisingly uplifting statistics. With death rates being slashed by lifesaving medication and with more than 50 percent of people who suffer from the disease taking the right drugs to keep the negative effects at bay, it would appear that the advocacy is working. Obama used his finely tuned sensibilities to speak to the audience in a way they would prefer, driving his points home while wishing everyone a happy holiday. Indeed, it was one of Kimmel’s merriest shows in recent memory.

Bono Channels Sinatra on Kimmel

On Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the legendary singer channelled the late great Frank Sinatra by performing “One for My Baby”, with some help from Coldplay’s Chris Martin and actor Sean Penn.

On an episode devoted to raising money and awareness for Bono’s AIDS organization (Red), Bono sang the 1943 classic in an in-studio bar, to a partially hidden bartender, who surprises the audience when he turns out to be Sean Penn.

The performance began in black and white, with the exception of a single red martini glasse. but it turned to color upon the end of the second chorus. It is then that the camera revealed that the piano player is Chris Marin. Martin afterward sang the next verse before Bono returned to finish the song.

This is not the first time Bono has been involved in a Sinatra project. Back in 1995 for the album Duets, he sang with the famous crooner on a rendition of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”

Bono also sat down for an interview with Kimmel later in the show, and the two discussed Bono’s efforts in combating AIDS in Africa. (Red) so far has provided medicine to more than 20 million people around the continent.

This was the third annual show to benefit (Red), and it included a videotaped message from former President Barack Obama.

Jimmy Fallon Can’t Keep Pace in Late Night Environment

Just a year ago, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was dominating the late-night television landscape. Fallon’s fun-loving, game-playing persona meshed with people looking for an escape from real life. Viewers, especially in the youngest demographic of 18-to-49-years-old, enjoyed watching the most famous celebrities acting silly and having fun for their benefit. Once the Trump election and presidency took over, though, that has not been the case.

CBS’ Stephen Colbert used his political satire and biting comedy to give the public what it was looking for in this new environment. He continually cut into Fallon’s ratings lead month after month before ultimately overtaking the NBC man. Now, in the fall of 2017, Colbert is dominating late night, and Fallon is at risk of falling to third place behind ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel takes after Colbert with his political commentary and desire to address head-on the issues of the day. He has no fear going after Trump or politics, and viewer data continues to prove that’s what the television public wants.

Colbert has burst past Fallon and is now averaging 3.7 million viewers per night during November. Fallon and Kimmel sit far behind, averaging 2.6 million and 2.4 million viewers respectively per night. Fans of the NBC funny man point out that he still holds the overall lead in the main advertising demographic (18-to-49), but that lead is consistently slipping away as well. In addition, none of these shows skew very young. Fallon’s average viewer age is 56 years old. Late night is not a young man’s game.