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Unresolved Tv Moments That Left Viewers Hanging

Everyone who has ever watched tv shows for any length of time will have run across that one truly standout program that just could not seem to wrap up all its lose ends or who did so in a extraordinarily ham-fisted fashion (I’m looking at you Lost). We all recall those moments in a show where the tension was white-hot and then just sort-off… whimpered away into nothing leaving us all going, “What, no, it can’t end like THAT!” So lets take a look at some of the biggest unresolved tv momements to date.

1. Hannibal.
In a show filled with endless cliffhangers it seemed only right that the show end on one as well, but then hints at maybe it note really ending the way that you think it did – perhaps, sort off. Did Will and Hannibal perish at the bottom of that gloomy cliff leaving that poor lady to cut off her own leg for no good reason? Seems we shall never know.

2. Lost.
Everyone complains about the ending to lost and the sudden sci-fi, extra dimensional angle which was hamfistedly inserted into it and for good reason – the ending came literally out of nowhere and was far from conclusive or satisfying.

3. Sea Quest DSV
You remember Sea Quest DSV right, no? You don’t? Well, you needn’t worry, almost no one else did either and that was because it was cancelled midway through the third season. We might never know how it ends but it is certainly a show worthy looking up once you’ve gotten some free time.

Late Night TV Fans Are Watching Shows Online

Late night TV has always been very competitive. The shows that occupy the time slots after local news broadcasts can be quite lucrative for networks. Things have not changed in terms of competitiveness since the days when Johnny Carson was in his prime. However, what has changed is the fact that technology is now playing a huge role in what late night shows people watch. In the old days, a person would need to record a show on their VCR if he or she was unable to watch it live. Otherwise, they would not be able to watch the show. However, video sites like YouTube have completely changed the game. It has become increasingly common for people to watch clips from their favorite late night shows online the following morning.


Advertisers have noticed this trend and are taking advantage of it in a big way. In fact, online ad sales are now surpassing those for TV where late night shows are concerned. The simple fact is that many people do not have daily schedules that allow them to stay up late enough to watch these shows when they are broadcast live. Therefore, it is much easier for them to watch what happened on Fallon, Corden, Kimmel or Conan when they are at work the next morning. The clips are available on YouTube for people to watch whenever it is convenient for them. Some of the more popular clips posted online by the late night shows have been viewed millions of times.