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Kimmel’s Fred And Barney Cartoon of Trump/Bush Locker Room Convo Still Funny

If you’re too young to even remember the beloved American cartoon “The Flintstones,” that’s really alright. The history is not important; all you have to do is watch the new version.


Late night television host Jimmy Kimmel put together one of his hilarious, classic Kimmel Kartoons, featuring Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and entertainment personality Billy Bush. The spot is extremely funny and more so every time you re-watch it.


The Washington Post had recently released a behind-the-scenes video of the two men having a lewd conversation off-mic on the Access Hollywood bus in 2005. Trump had told Bush on tape that he had tried to have sex with the show’s married host Nancy O’Dell. He took her furniture shopping and tried to unsuccessfully make the moves on O’Dell. Trump also told Bush that when you’re famous and Donald Trump, you can grab women by their ladies’ parts. Billy Bush couldn’t control his laughter.


Jimmy Kimmel created his own version, taking the audio from what Trump told Bush on the Access Hollywood bus. Kimmel and crew then cleverly paired it with video from the Flintstones. It’s priceless, with Trump as Fred Flintstone and Billy Bush as Barney Rubble in the town of Bedrock.


The 30-second bit keeps growing in popularity. It’s now on YouTube, where almost 129,000 viewers have tuned in and can’t stop laughing.


Donald Trump has not made a comment about the Kimmel Kartoon and Billy Bush just lost his job at the Today Show.