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The Late Show Goes to Broadway with JJ Abrams

While the world waits with baited breath for any development on Star Wars: Episode IX, director JJ Abrams is preoccupied with the production of the Broadway play The Play That Goes Wrong. Abrams appeared to promote both projects on The Last Show with Stephen Colbert. During his visit, Abrams made sure his stay would be highly memorable.

Stephen Colbert cheekily introduced JJ Abrams as the writer of the late 90’s comedy Gone Fishin’. The two stars bonded over their mutual roles as the new torchbearers of giant franchises: Abrams with Star Wars and Colbert with The Late Show. Colbert reminisced of the time Abrams accepted the director’s chair for The Force Awakens. According to The Late Show host, Abrams called him not long after and simply said, “Can I come to your office and just drink?” Apparently, the two had a long, productive discussion over Jameson Whiskey. When pushed about any details about the upcoming Episode IX, Abrams only noted that there is a script.

The discussion moved on to The Play That Goes Wrong which Abrams is producing at the Lyceum Theater on Broaadway. Abrams said he had first saw the play in London while directing The Force Awakens. “I had never laughed as hard ever,” Abrams noted about the play and approached the play’s producers about bringing the show to Broadway. At the end of the interview, Abrams noted he had to head back to Broadway and invited Colbert to watch the play. Colbert then asked, “Can I bring someone?” which Abrams said that he could bring as many people as he wanted. Both Colbert and the audience seemed to get the same idea as the audience roared with approval. Sure enough, the entire attendence of The Late Show went with Stephen Colbert and JJ Abrams to The Play That Goes Wrong.