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Jimmy Kimmel Utilizes Help to Make a Splash

The late-night talk show wars are as hot as ever, and Jimmy Kimmel may be taking the reins as the best Jimmy. After airing a set of shows in Brooklyn, Jimmy Kimmel Live took things to the next level on Halloween.

For the monologue Tuesday night, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl came out dressed as David Letterman. Grohl stood in for Kimmel as guest host for the entire show, remaining in disguise. He told the opening jokes, interviewed the guests, and remained as musical guest, along with Alice Cooper and the rest of the Foo Fighters.

The show continued the Halloween spirit with a spooky close, but the headliner was Grohl’s Letterman outfit. Letterman had been making the late-night rounds in recent weeks, both physically and audibly. He personally visited Kimmel’s show and was the main talking point of Conan O’Brien’s visit to Stephen Colbert’s show days before. Letterman will soon be back in everyone’s life more consistently, as he has a Netflix talk show coming soon.

Kimmel is often a forgotten late night host, even though he has developed into one of the best. He has ventured into the political spectrum this year, while continuing to be silly. He is perhaps the best of both worlds between Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, which would explain Kimmel’s recent popularity boom. It doesn’t hurt that he continues to host all the major award ceremonies televised on ABC. Next up for Kimmel are the 2018 Oscars in just a few months.

Shaq Fills In For Jimmy Kimmel Live

Shaquille O’Neal has broken into the world of late night television by filling in for Jimmy Kimmel as host of Jimmy Kimmel Live. As many know, Jimmy Kimmel’s wife recently gave birth to a son with a serious heart defect. Jimmy himself will be off for the week because of a surgery that is being done on his son. Various guests will be filling in for him during this week.

Shaq, as he is known, interviewed Mila Kunis and Aisha Tyler. Another fill in for Jimmy Kimmel this week will be Jennifer Lawrence. Shaq is a basketball player, as well as a popular rapper. He is seven feet and one inch tall. He first started his career with Orlando Magic. He played with the Los Angeles Lakers, and later with the Miami Heat. He played with various other teams as well over the years. He is known for giving numerous interviews on television. He has expressed interest in serving in law enforcement and even went through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Reserves Academy. He also appeared in an ESPN commercial in police garb.

In addition, according to the Huffington Post, Shaq continued a Jimmy Kimmel Live tradition for Halloween, where he asks parents to prank their kids by pretending to steal their Halloween candy. Users take videos of their kids’ reactions, and they then upload it to Youtube. The best clips are then shown on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Shaq played some of them, and said that they were hilarious.

Jimmy Kimmel On The Direction Late Night Television Is Taking

Jimmy Kimmel recently gave an interview with Vulture Magazine, where he talked about his show and the direction it was going. Jimmy Kimmel, the popular host of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, said that perhaps the days of fun on late night television are over, he said that he did not think that the fact that politics has become a staple of late night television will affect it, just as it does not affect daytime television. In addition, there may always be hosts who say that politics is not their thing. However, Jimmy explained, he got into politics because that is what people are talking about. In addition, when his son was born with a heart condition, Jimmy felt that he needed to talk about issues such as healthcare, which affected his son and him personally.

Jimmy added that sometimes he has additional credibility when he talks about things such as equal rights for women and for people who are gay or lesbian, as host of The Man Show. That is an old show which he used to host. Jimmy Kimmel’s wife actually is a writer for his team, so he is her boss. That makes their relationship a unique one.

Sometimes, they even come up with ideas at home. This can even be in middle of the night. Jimmy also talked about raising kids who are rich, which is a challenge, just as it was a challenge to raise kids in his twenties when he was not rich.

Jimmy Kimmel and Channing Tatum Prank Their Children

It turns out that even the children of celebrities have to deal with their parents’ shortcomings—or perceived shortcomings, in this hilarious recurring sketch from Jimmy Kimmel’s show. Every year around Halloween, it’s a Kimmel show tradition for parents to tell their children that they have eaten all of their hard-earned candy. The range of reactions from kids has been a fascinating study for the past several years. While some kids are downright furious, others may be indifferent or just a bit sad.

This year, Kimmel decided to do things a bit differently. Although he had a guest host—Channing Tatum—Tatum was more than willing to test out the scenario on his own daughter, who appeared absolutely horrified when he informed her that he had eaten all of her Halloween candy. At first, she seemed shocked. And then, as Tatum continued to insist that he had consumed all of the candy, his daughter seemed positively indignant. Eventually, he revealed the ruse but his daughter was not yet ready to forgive him. More than once, she informed him that his prank was not funny.

Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter, on the other hand, took a bit of a more zen approach to the matter. After Kimmel detailed how he had eaten all of her candy, as well as which types of candy he had “eaten” and which his wife had “eaten”, his daughter wasn’t afraid to let him know that this made her sad. However, she did not seem too angry.

Caitlyn On Kimmel Was An Enjoyable And Interesting Interview

It was bound to happen; just about every star member of the Kardashian and Jenner reality TV families has been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Now it was Caitlyn Jenner’s turn, and last evening, she brought her A-game to late night TV, reports ABCNews. Dressed in a lipstick red blouse, black suede pants and high-heeled pumps, Caitlyn walked onstage to huge applause from the audience.

Caitlyn and Kimmel got along well, but she knew her moment was now to confront the funny TV host about the brutal late night jokes targeting her before her transition into a woman.

Caitlyn told Kimmel that she was being “hammered” by the media everywhere and going through a difficult time alone. Kimmel apologized and revealed that folks really didn’t know if the Bruce Jenner transition into Caitlyn was a real journey at first and whether the former Olympic decathlete was just acting vain.

Caitlyn graciously accepted Kimmel’s apology, and the two enjoyed a fascinating discussion. Check out this YouTube clip with Caitlyn explaining how she got caught when secretly dressing up as a woman, her faith and the apology from Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel and Caitlyn shared lighter moments and talked about Caitlyn’s Olympic achievements and winning the gold medal for the 10 track and field sports in the 2-day 1976 event.

Those include the 100-meter dash, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400-meter run, 110-meter hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and 1,500-meter run.

Kimmel asked Caitlyn about the most difficult sport in the decathlon. She told him that it was getting into the mindset of becoming the best all-around athlete for the one big event. It involved strength, speed and the technical aspects.

Caitlyn Jenner was on Kimmel to promote her book, The Secrets Of My Life.

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Gays “What’s Straightest Thing You’ve Ever Done?” In Honor Of LGBTQ Pride Month

June happens to LGBTQ Pride Month, an annual anti-discrimination effort made official in 2014 with a proclamation from then President Obama. By the way, we all know LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The added Q letter is now used and stands for either “questioning” or “queer.”

Young people have come to embrace the word “queer” and taken it back as a respected word. Years ago, “queer” was used in a perjorative manner against the gay community.

TV host Jimmy Kimmel of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” did something unique and hilarious in honor of Gay Pride Month, and people can’t stop buzzing about it. He sent a reporter to West Hollywood with one question in mind:

“What’s the straightest thing you’ve ever done?”

Gay people took the question with a good sense of humor. Some of the replies were sensible and others crazy.

For example, one gentleman says the straightest thing he ever did was “baled hay.” Another answered that he went to a Dodgers game and didn’t know what was going on. One woman said that at age 16 before she came out to her relatives, the straightest thing she ever did was go to a Barnes & Noble store with her family.

One gentleman said,”I’ve never done anything straight,” and the audience howled with laughter.

Perhaps the heartiest response came when a young man told the Jimmy Kimmel Live! reporter that the straightest thing he ever did was “dated a girl.” When she then asked him what the gayest thing he had ever done, he answered, “F—ed a guy.”

It was all in good fun and a clever way to celebrate LGBTQ people around the world.

Hats off to Jimmy Kimmel for keeping it real and respecting all people who choose to be themselves.

In the meantime, Ivanka Trump has shown her celebration of June’s Gay Pride Month with a tweet, saying she is proud to support her friends in the LGBTQ community and those LGBTQ Americans who have contributed tremendously to society and the economy in the United States.

Unfortunately, there has been no official White House statement commemorating LGBT Pride Month.

Zac Efron Talks Madonna Ringside And Baywatch Movie Sequel On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

When Zac Efron is a late night guest, then you know the women in the audience are going wild.


That’s exactly what happened when Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently had the handsome actor take a seat next to Jimmy Kimmel. Cat-calls were going off for just about everything the “Baywatch” movie sequel star spoke about during the interview.


Jimmy Kimmel quipped that he thought the vocal female audience members were into him when he walked out for his monologue, but he realized the ladies were actually in the house for the appearance of Zac Efron.


Jimmy Kimmel told the star that he had seen him on television next to Madonna at the UFC fight at Madison Square Garden. He wanted to know if the two had hooked up and how he happened to be seated ringside with the iconic singer for the Conor McGregor fight.


Zac Efron explained that he’s a huge fan of McGregor’s and followed the assigned labeled seats until he found his name. He passed by several major stars’ names and finally found his seat in the front row, right next to Madonna and no other seat open after that.


Zac Efron couldn’t believe he was sitting elbow to elbow with Madonna, but it was a cool coincidence and he enjoyed her company.


Madonna knows a lot about MMA and was totally into the fight, Zac Efron says.


Jimmy Kimmel pressed him for romantic details. He says Madonna only tapped him on the arm.



Trudeau Responds to Perry’s Kimmel Interview

Late Night television is normally reserved for light-hearted banter between a comedian and their guests. In most cases, guests on the show are actors or musicians that are promoting upcoming shows or events. While commentary on these shows is normally light-hearted, one recent late night show has attracted the interest of a prominent international politician (


During a recent interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show, actor Matthew Perry was questioned about his life and childhood. During the interview Perry stated that he know Justin Trudeau as a child. At the time, Trudeau’s father was the Prime Minister of Canada and Perry’s mother worked for him. Perry went on to state that when he was a child, he and a friend were jealous of Trudeau and beat him up because of it. They stated that the jealousy came from the fact that Trudeau was better at a sport than they were.


Since then, Justin Trudeau has climbed the ranks of the Canadian political system. He has also become the Prime Minister of Canada, following in his father’s footsteps. Not surprisingly, the story told by Perry went viral and was reported to Trudeau. While most people thought that the story was a joke or fabricated, Trudeau has confirmed the events. What surprised people even more is that Trudeau has stated that he would like to have the opportunity to fight Perry again.


Trudeau stated in a Tweet that he has thought about the interview a lot over the past few weeks and would now like to have a rematch against Perry. He further stated that he is likely not the only person that would want to hit Chandler. This was a reference to Matthew Perry’s most popular role as Chandler Bing on Friends. At this point it is not fully known whether this tweet was a joke, or if he would like to actually pursue another fight. Furthermore, it was pointed out that the tweet made by the Prime Minister was done on April 1. Therefore, there is a good chance that it was done as a joke to respond to the interview.


Jimmy Kimmel And Former President George W. Bush “Drawn” To Each Other

It might not have developed into a true bromance, but Jimmy Kimmel and former President George W. Bush had a ball on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” especially when the pair decided to sketch each other.

Bush was the late night TV host’s recent guest, and he was there to push his new book “Portrait of Courage.” The book is packed with portraits and stories of US veterans, and all proceeds from the book go to benefit veterans.

The former president appeared to have a wonderful sense of humor and agreed to sketch Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Kimmel would sketch Bush. Both gentlemen did a great job, and you can see their artwork here on YouTube.

The visit was an engaging one and touched upon a variety of topics, including comics making fun of presidents. It’s no secret that President Donald Trump is bothered by Alec Baldwin’s hilarious impersonation of him on SNL. In fact, Trump cannot stand Baldwin and told him the impersonation is lousy.

Bush found the impersonations of himself while in office hilarious and told Kimmel he wasn’t bothered by any of the lampooning.

“Not at all,” Bush quipped, saying that “the best humor is when you make fun of yourself.”

“Tell that to the president. He doesn’t think so,” Kimmel said, of overly-sensitive Trump.

Bush even had a favorite comedian who mimicked him during the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner, playing his alter ego. Bush said he thought the guy who played him best was Steve Bridges. “He’s dead,” Bush said.

Kimmel joked, hoping that the former president didn’t have anything to do with Bridges’ passing.

The former president told Kimmel that he was never an artist while growing up and had no interest in the pursuit, until after he left office.

George W. Bush Cracks Up Kimmel Crowd

Lately, it seems as if the darling of the talk show circuit is an unexpected one. Former President George W. Bush, who recently released a book of his paintings, has been taking to the late night shows to promote his book. Since the proceeds benefit veterans, it seems as if this is a win-win for everyone involved. The interview got off to a raucous start when Kimmel asked a question about the man that former Vice President Dick Cheney had accidentally shot while hunting. Bush joked that it had been a particularly unfortunate incident, since the man had been one of the greatest trial lawyers in Texas.

On a recent appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, Bush made light of his tendency to mix up words during his presidency, pointing out some of his most famous faux pas, such as “strategery” and “misunderestimate”. Kimmel asked Bush if he ever felt offended by some of the impressions of him, and Bush made it very clear that he did not take any of it personally. Also on the discussion agenda was the number of people at Bush’s inauguration. Although the two danced around comparisons to current White House occupant Donald Trump, it definitely seemed as if Trump’s short temper was the elephant in the room.

One of the most touching moments of the evening was when Bush pointed out the veterans in the audience that he had painted, one of whom was with his mother. Talking about his experience as a painter, Bush mentioned that he had initially become interested in the art form after reading an essay that Winston Churchill had written about painting. All in all, this was a very fun and enlightening interview.