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Hannity Continues to Carry on Against Kimmel

The current political situation in the United States has been extremely divisive between liberal and conservative parties. This divide has been extremely obvious in the media and in entertainment. It recently has become the forefront of discussion in late night television as one popular host has been criticized for making some politically charged comments (

During a recent segment of the show, late night host Jimmy Kimmel made a comment that was making fun at the accent of first lady Melania Trump. While the joke was met with some laughs, others did find it a good offensive and controversial. Ultimately, Kimmel decided to apologize for his comments. While it seemed that this would be the end of it, Sean Hannity has continued to keep it in the news.

Sean Hannity is a host on Fox News and is very well known for carrying a lot of very conservative opinions. He has also been a supporter of Donald Trump in a variety of situations. Because of this, and the fact that Kimmel’s comments were very rude and offensive, Hannity has sided against Kimmel.

While Hannity is clearly able to support the President and First Lady, he has continued to carry on about the comments that Kimmel has made. He has even gone as far as to say that he would like to “bash” Kimmel for the comments that were made. Most people would agree that Kimmel’s comments were a bit rude, but most also agree that Hannity needs to drop it and move on.

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Sean Hannity’s Rant

Sean Hannity, anchor of Hannity on Fox News, recently compared Jimmy Kimmel, ABC late night talk show host, with Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein is currently facing criminal charges in the State of New York.

Hannity’s comments come as a form of counter-attack to Kimmel’s jokes about Melania Trump. “This is brutal,” Hannity began, on his prime-time Fox News opinion show. “Liberal Jimmy Kimmel making fun the First Lady of the United States and her involvement in the White House Easter egg roll. Jimmy, you’re a despicable disgrace.”

“About dis and dat,” Kimmel said as he teased Melania Trump after playing a video of her reading to children. This was the joke that resulted in Hannity calling Jimmy Kimmel a despicable disgrace. Kimmel also questioned how deeply the First Lady was actually involved the orchestration of the actual event.

Kimmel responded to Hannity’s vicious attack on his own television show. “I appreciate how compassionate you’ve become to the plights of immigrants over the last 24 hours.” Kimmel began. “You know what I think is disrespectful to the first lady?” he asked. “Cheating on her with a porn star after she had a baby.” Kimmel was referencing the recent news about Donald Trump’s involvement with porn star Stormy Daniels.

This isn’t the first time Hannity has beefed with late night comedians. Late night hosts such as Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Jimmy Fallon have all targeted Hannity with their jokes during recent years.

Katie Couric Watches Jimmy Kimmel Undergo His First Age 50 Colonoscopy

You could say that late night TV’s Jimmy Kimmel chose the perfect, high-profile buddy to help him through his first procedure.

He was feeling a bit fearful, but she assured him that it was necessary and not a big deal.

Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” featured a different kind of “funny,” and it involved colonoscopy expert Katie Couric. That’s right; the “Stand Up To Cancer” friend coached the late night television host in the colonoscopy procedure. The bit was educational, clever and hilarious. Check out the pair here.

Kimmel is not wild about hospitals and doesn’t enter them too often if he doesn’t have to. The last time he was there was for an emergency appendectomy and left as fast as he could the next day.

Couric was honored to escort the funnyman to his colonoscopy appointment and for him bringing attention to colonoscopies and colon cancer. Kimmel talked about turning age 50 at his Twitter account and how Couric approached him to “celebrate.”

Watching Kimmel down his first prep beverage before the procedure is very funny. Couric laughed and poured herself a large glass of red wine.

She was televised in 2000 for her own live colonoscopy procedure. Couric had lost her former husband Jay to the cancer, so she wanted to help the public learn about early detection. She told Jimmy Kimmel that he is saving lives by showing the world that the medical procedure is not that bad, and anyone can handle it.

Jimmy Kimmel Shows Audience the Inside of His Colon

Jimmy Kimmel is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of his audience. Earlier this year, Kimmel publically spoke on his show about his newborn’s son medical issues and passionately pleaded for a better healthcare system. Kimmel is getting personal on his show again, this time letting cameras follow his first colonoscopy to raise awareness about colon cancer, which is the second leading fatal cancer in men and women. Kimmel teamed with news anchor and television host Katie Couric, who lost her first husband to colon cancer in 1998. Couric also televised her own colonoscopy on the Today Show in 2000 to raise awareness. Her public colonoscopy helped to cultivate a 20 percent rise in screenings over the following years. Kimmel decided to get a routine colonoscopy after turning 50, the recommended age to start screenings.

The seven-minute segment follows Kimmel throughout the entire process, beginning with Couric meeting Kimmel at the bar after his show to pour him a nice tall glass of MiraLAX, a liquid laxative used to clear the intestines of any waste. Kimmel then proceeds to chug the entire contents of the glass and describes the taste as “vile.” The next morning at 5:30 am, Couric arrives to pick Kimmel up with the car horn blaring. Kimmel then has a consultation with Dr. Ha, who’s performing the screening, and tests her skills with a round of the board game Operation. The segment goes on to show a sedated Kimmel, the inside of his colon, and Kimmel’s trip home. Couric remarked to Kimmel that the doctor was really “complimentary of your colon…she said your colon is very shiny and your small intestine is really fluffy.”

Jimmy Kimmel Receives a Colonoscopy on His Show

Jimmy Kimmel recently turned 50 years old. Therefore, he decided to get a colonoscopy and film it for an episode of his show. 50 is the age that the American Cancer Society believes that people should start getting screened for colon cancer. Kimmel made jokes with the doctor about the procedure. Katie Couric was also in the hospital with Kimmel before he was wheeled into the operating room. Couric made headlines when she had a colonoscopy while she was a host on the “Today” show.

Jimmy Kimmel was then given his colonoscopy and it turned out that he did not have any cancer. He said the experience is not as bad as people make it out to be. However, he said the preparation for the procedure is much worse than the colonoscopy itself. This is because he had to take a very powerful laxative that cleaned out his colon so the procedure could be performed. He said that he felt very weak as a result of taking the laxative. He said that he was glad that he did not have to do this again for another four years. However, he encouraged every person over the age of 50 to get a colonoscopy.

Another reason that Katie Couric was there is because her husband was killed by colon cancer in 1997. This is why it is so important to her for people to get screened for cancer. Kimmel said he was happy that the whole process was over. However, he could not sit down for a week.

Jimmy Kimmel and Katie Couric Partner Up for Unusual Broadcast

Perhaps people don’t necessarily associate Katie Couric, the bubbly television host, with the more sardonic Jimmy Kimmel. However, the two recently got together for quite an unusual reason—and a great cause. After Americans reach the age of 50, medical experts recommend that they undergo a test for colorectal cancer. As the widow of a man who died from colon cancer, Couric has long been an advocate for such screenings. So Kimmel, who recently turned 50, seemed to think that linking up with her for his own colonoscopy was a no-brainer. Also, it seemed fitting that March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

Kimmel seemed groggy prior to his appointment—and perhaps not too thrilled to be there, which is understandable—but he was a good sport. As the doctor explained that the colonoscopy would find any polyps, and that she would then remove them, Couric inquired as to why more people don’t go for their routine colonoscopies. Kimmel’s reply was hilarious, especially considering the fact that he was suited up in a hospital gown and bracelet.

Although the two hosts may have been making light of the situation, Couric obviously still thinks about her deceased husband, who passed away at the age of 42. In a recent Instagram post, she commented that she and their two daughters still miss him. As the founder of three organizations dedicated to bringing more awareness to this cause, Couric has been at the forefront of innovations in this field, of which there have been many.

Jimmy Kimmel Having A Bawl Skewering Trump/Stormy Dispute And Abstinence-Only Pamphlet For Students

Late night television is milking the alleged affair between President Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels and the emerging legal mess between the pair. Jimmy Kimmel has used his opening monologues to nail Trump over and over again.

The adult film star went to court on Tuesday to file a lawsuit claiming that the confidentiality agreement she signed was not valid because Trump never signed it. Daniels was allegedly paid $130,000 in hush money by Trump’s attorney to keep her quiet about the illicit hook-ups.

Kimmel said he could intervene and create an ideal solution for the couple. Check him out on YouTube.

That’s not all; the late night host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” also went after the hypocrisy of the Trump administration by bringing up sex education on Thursday night’s show.

The president would like to see a return of abstinence-only sex education for teens. Kimmel laughed that it would appear to be hypocritical to fund such a campaign at the tune of $75 million dollars especially since Trump had an alleged affair with the porn actress and had tried to hush her up about the illicit meetings.

Kimmel said that he had received the new White House sex education pamphlet and showed it to the audience. It’s a must-see YouTube.

The audience howled with laughter at the illustrations Kimmel had shown them.

By the way, the $75 million is coming from the president’s proposed education budget for the 2019 fiscal year.

Stay tuned.

Maisie Williams Tells Jimmy Kimmel She Knows a Big Secret

Maisie Williams became a huge star on the smash hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.” The show has become the most popular in the world. However, the series will be coming to an end in 2019. There has obviously been much speculation from viewers of the show about what if going to happen in the final seven episodes. HBO is keeping the final plot details tightly under wraps. However, Maisie made a surprise revelation during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. It was there that it was revealed that Maisie has already been told how the show will end. This has created quite a bit of controversy.

It is a general practice in TV to avoid telling the actors major plot details about episodes they are going to appear in until shortly before the start of filming. This is done to eliminate the possibility of one of the actors accidentally slipping up and revealing important information during an interview. Therefore, many people have pointed out that is seems highly unlikely that HBO would have revealed the ending of “Game of Thrones” to members of the cast this long before shooting is set to begin.

There is a great deal of skepticism about whether or not Maisie in fact knows anything of consequence regarding the plot details of the final episodes. However, the story seemed to amuse Jimmy Kimmel. It also generated quite a few headlines in the show business media. Fans will need to wait until next year to find out how it all ends.

Jimmy Kimmel on Presidential Portraits

As the new portraits of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have been unveiled, both have been met with praise and criticism. For the first time in American history, African-American artists were commissioned to create both of these works. Artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald have also claimed another first in the history of presidential portraiture by breaking away from traditional compositions and palettes that have been so prominent in past commissioned works. Kehinde’s portrait of Barack Obama places him in front of a verdant floral background, with blooms that represent Chicago, Hawaii and Kenya, while Sherald’s representation of Michelle Obama utilizes a grey scale palette to create a calm and dignified portrait that conveys a sense of dignity and strength.

While much discussion has been generated about these two portraits, one thing is certain; These portraits are like none other that have been produced in honor of previous First Families. It proved to be rich fodder for late night talk show hosts across the board, with everyone from Seth Myers to Steven Colbert riffing on the works themselves, and the controversy that they have generated. Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s take on the situation here, where he ponders what the next presidential portrait might look like, given the tendencies of the current commander in chief. Rest assured, it got a lot of laughs.

Talk Show Jimmy Kimmel Brings Awareness to Healthcare Changes

Jimmy Kimmel has issued an appeal for his viewers to take an active approach to protecting health care access for all American people.

During a recent broadcast of his late night show, Jimmy held his son Billy who is 7 months old and had to undergo his second heart surgery as a result of being born with congenital heart disease. This prompted Kimmel to discuss CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program on his show. Kimmel shared that the program is in danger of being a thing of the past, since Congress didn’t secure program funding in October 2017. The Washington Post confirmed that CHIP offers affordable health care for 9 million kids across the United States.

Jimmy Kimmel also shared that up until this point, both Democrats and Republicans supported CHIP. The talk show host says that not the healthcare program has become a “bargaining chip” and isn’t a priority now that Congress is working out new plans for taxes. Unfortunately, this also means that both children and parents with diseases like diabetes or cancer and even heart problems will soon receive letters stating that their coverage will soon be cut off.

Kimmel went on to criticize representatives in Washington D.D. for not securing the proper funding for such an important health program, and prompted viewers of his show to raise their voices to inspire change. Kimmel says that prioritizing a tax cut to further convenience rich people above the well-being of children is “disgusting.”

Find out more about CHIP and Jimmy Kimmel’s stance on