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Jimmy Fallon and The Roots cover ‘At This Moment’ by Billy Vera for ‘The Tonight Show’

NBC “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon became known for his spot-on impersonations of celebrities when he was a member of the “Saturday Night Live” cast. However, his ability to sing a tune hasn’t gone unnoticed, ever since he’s been hosting “The Tonight Show.” He’s been able to cover many songs with a variety of musicians on his show, as well as pull off performances with his “Tonight Show” band, The Roots.


Fallon and The Roots hooked up recently for a cover of “At This Moment.” The Billy Vera & the Beaters song was originally released back in 1981 and rose up the charts thanks to being used on the hit television show, “Family Ties.” Fans of the older sitcom will remember it as the love song associated with Michael P. Keaton and his girlfriend Ellen Reed. The song hit No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 singles and U.S. Billboard Adult Contemporary charts in 1987 thanks to its appearance on the show.


For his backstage cover series, Fallon belted out the hit, showing off his singing abilities once again in a YouTube video that checks in at over three minutes in length. The Roots provide a fitting backdrop for the song as they continue to show their impressive abilities to cover a range of musical selections.


The performance was an installment of “Cover Room,” a backstage series for Fallon’s “Tonight Show.” Rolling Stone reported that previous artists that have been covered for the series include Kesha, Bruce Springsteen, and Nathaniel Rateliff. Previously, Fallon has done several popular songs with the artists that originally recorded them using The Roots and classroom instruments to create the background music.

Ariana Grande Impresses Audience on Jimmy Fallon

Ariana Grande is back in the driver’s seat when it comes to me music. She has taken the time off to celebrate her accomplishments and live life. Now she wants to get back to the basics with a new album, and she has teased the audience on Jimmy Fallon with some possibilities of what the new music to sound like.

There are not a lot of artists out there that have the ability to cross over like Ariana Grande, and her talent in doing impressions has always been something that people have looked for on Jimmy Fallon.

The thing that makes the arrival of Ariana Grande a lot of fun when it comes to her time on the Jimmy Fallon show is her quirky personality and her ability to always come up with something that is humorous.

Ariana Grande has proven herself to be a force in pop arena, and people are waiting to see what the new album is going to sound like. The video that she has released as already got millions of views on YouTube and this is an obvious sign that the fans that have supported her down through the years are still there for her.

Ariana Grande really shines as a celebrity that knows how to position herself with a diverse crowd. She has worked with people in the rap industry, but she is also worked with other pop artists as well. This has solidified her as a mainstream artist that crosses over in different genres.

QuestLove Proves His Prince Song Catalog Knowledge on Jimmy Fallon

Everyone that watches The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is well aware that Questlove knows a lot about Prince. He has often called Prince his Idol, and this is why he is very proficient when it comes to naming songs by Prince.

When Jimmy Fallon had Questlove to sit on the couch as they reminisced about the passing of Prince they celebrated the musician by playing short clips of his songs. Questlove was put to the test for his skills in naming the songs that were played by Jimmy Fallon. These were short clips, but Questlove managed to name all of these songs correctly.

There are a lot of artists that are fans of Prince, but there are few that may be as insightful on the music of Prince as Questlove is. He has shown himself to be a musician that has studied one of the greatest, and he considers Prince to have been his Idol.

There’s definitely a lot of influence from Questlove that has been shown in the music that he has produced. One of the artists that he has put a lot of time and focus into over the years is D’Angelo.

Anyone that has listens to D’angelo is well-aware that Questlove has done an insane amount of backup drumming for D’Angelo. He has played on tracks for these albums, and he has gone on tour with D’Angelo. This friendship and work relationship with the Prince inspired Neo-Soul artist shows that the influence of Prince has been heavy.

Arianna Grande Grants Jimmy Fallon the Interview that Everyone Was Waiting For

It only seems natural for people like Ariana Grande to light up the show when she comes to a show like the Jimmy Fallon show. She has proven that she has the ability to entertain a crowd, and Jimmy Fallon gave her the entire floor to do this.

Everyone that is a fan of Ariana Grande knows that she has been away from the spotlight for a moment. When close to two dozen people were killed in the concert that she had in Manchester in 2017 this really took a hold of Ariana Grande. She did a benefit concert, but she did not want to do any interviews about the event because she was so distraught after this happened.

They were more than thrilled to see the old Ariana Grande back in Action. She seemed bubbly and full of life at some times, and she was able to really channel the energy that she is known for.

There were moments when she was a little sad during the interview when the story about the concert bombing was mentioned, but she has definitely become someone that has become much more confident after all that she has gone through. She knows that there are a lot of eyes on her, and she wanted to get the message out that she was not going to let hate win. This is message that Ariana Grande wanted to bring, and she also wanted to have fun with singing. Jimmy Fallon allowed all of this happen.

The Return of Arianna Grande on Jimmy Fallon

The Late Night entertainment of Jimmy Fallon can be a lot of fun. When people like Arianna Grande show up there is a lot of fun to be had on late night television. Some people were worried that Jimmy Fallon would not have the same success that his predecessor, Jay Leno had, but they were so wrong. Fallon has been able to bring a whole lot of energy to late night television because he is still young.

He is obviously a big fan of Arianna Grande because he gave her a whole hour to entertain the fans. Jimmy did bring up the Manchester bombing at a point where Grande seemed a bit tearful about this concert where a bomb exploded at her show. Grande threw a benefit concert for victims in 2017.
Grande was tearful at this topic, and that leads to the transition about a single that she performed called “No More Tears.” This is certainly Arianna Grande with a wide range of emotion, but she is stronger and ready to return to the stage.

Her fame has been amazing over the years. She has had a career that has shot off like a rocket, and people were shocked when she took a hiatus from the public eye, but they could understand it. As many as 22 people got killed at this concert, and it seems like it was a devastating time for Grande. She has finally resurfaced again and fans are glad that she is back to music.

Anthony Mackie Surprised on Fallon

There is never a dull moment on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Actor Anthony Mackie discovered this for himself during a a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. It was supposed to be just another game of Karate Piñata, but it ended up becoming so much more. None other than The Karate Kid legend Ralph Macchio joined the squad for a special appearance celebrating the YouTube Red series coming out in late April.

For those who are unaware of the ways of Karate Piñata, it’s a fairly simple game. Each person is blindfolded and then stands in the ring with four of the festive ornaments swirling around them. Each player is given 20 seconds to showcase their skills, and the best man wins. In this case, Mackie was initially very optimistic about his chances. After all, he is in excellent shape—and an action star himself. However, when Macchio emerged as his competitor, he seemed to understand that he was terribly outmatched.

Predictably, the game went down in a very entertaining way. Although Mackie was able to knock down an impressive two piñatas, he was no match for Ralph Macchio. The original Karate Kid not only managed to knock down all four, but he even found time to strike a pose during his last strike. Although time goes by, it would appear that Macchio has not been slacking on his sensational skills since his starring turn decades ago.

Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey Reunite

Although both of their careers have hit the stratosphere, many forget that Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon both got their starts on Saturday Night Live. And as Fey’s hit movie “Mean Girls” now undergoes a Broadway transformation so that even more people can enjoy it, Fallon had Fey on his show to meet with “Mean Girls” fans and to discuss the phenomenon that is the film.

While one female writing team discussed their admiration for Fey, she hid nearby, waiting to surprise them. She seemed genuinely touched by their fangirl moment, in which they praised her for teaching them to write jokes through her work on “30 Rock.” Eventually, when Fey jumped out of her hiding spot, the women couldn’t even hide their delight. Citing the fact that Fey claims to influenced by comediennes such as Carol Burnett, they said that they had been inspired as Fey just as much as she admired Burnett.

At one point, Fey fell on the ground and then Fallon joined her, with “Mean Girls” fan Megan then jumping into the fray. At one point during the iconic celebration of all things Fey, Fallon became emotional, telling Fey that he would want his daughters to grow up to be just like her. For fans of both these superstars, it was truly a show that will be remembered forever.

Jimmy Fallon’s Guest Upsets Ticket Agent

I, personally, have never had a run in with a celebrity, but this story that was told on the Tonite Show to Jimmy Fallon and I think that it was pretty funny. Keep in mind the customs agent was an older gentleman and I get the impression that his is the curmudgeonly grandfather type. John Krasinski from the Office, and many other movies such as 13 Hours and the newly released A Quiet Place was on his way to London to visit his wife, who is also an actress.

After getting off the plane at Heathrow Airport, Mr. Krasinski was at the customs desk going through the arrival process when the customs agent asked what his business was in London. Naturally John answered that he was there to visit his wife, who was working on a movie. The customs agent asked if John was also an actor. To this John replied yes. The customs agent asked what Mr. Kransinski has been in and naturally John said one show was the American version of the Office. The customs agent did not look thrilled. He then asked John who his wife is. Mr. Krasinski stated that his wife was actress Emily Blunt. The customs agent looked shocked and upset. He angrily repeated the word “you” a couple of times and then stamped the passport so hard Mr. Krasinski was shocked. Goes to show you that you cannot please everyone no matter how you try.

Haddish Jokes with Fallon About Date with Brad Pitt

This season’s “it” girl, Tiffany Haddish, made the late night talk show rounds this week, delighting the audience with her interview on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon as she recounted her plans to get together with Brad Pitt. The story started during the 2018 Oscars when she joked with daytime talk show host Kelly Ripa about her chance meeting with Pitt in an elevator. Pitt and Haddish made a pact to get together if they are both still single in one year. Fallon got wind of this pact and led Haddish to role-play an imaginary date with Pitt. The popular late night talk show host went so far as to create a cardboard cut of Pitt’s head to make the date more realistic. Haddish jokes that she could never take the proposal to date Pitt seriously after she found out about all of his kids. She also took the opportunity with Fallon to address the rumors about who bit Beyonce, suggesting that it was Fallon who did the deed.

Haddish hit the stage in a big way last year with the surprise hit movie Girls Trip, in which she starred alongside Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Regina Hall. Her flair for comedy blossomed when in November, she became the first black female host of Saturday Night Live. Haddish will explore television later this year when she co-stars with Tracey Morgan in the new TBS sitcom, The Last O.G..

Jimmy Fallon Celebrates St. Paddy’s Day

As an American talkshow host with Irish roots, Jimmy Fallon wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The late-night maestro made a stop at his favorite spot for such occasions—Molly’s Pub. Starting off his St. Paddy’s Day with a Guinness and a corned beef sandwich, Fallon refused to start eating his sandwich until he received what he believed was a key component—the Colman’s hot mustard that pulls everything together.

Throughout the entire experience, Fallon had a friendly banter with his hilarious waitress, who referred to him as a “diva” when he demanded the mustard. Although Fallon is now a dad of two and rarely gets a chance to light up the town like he did back in his early twenties, the host seemed extraordinarily content with his evening out at Molly’s. Of course, Fallon is far from the only person with whom Molly’s is popular. As one of the most popular pubs in the whole city, there’s no doubt that Fallon’s trip was only a precursor of the exciting evening about to unfold. Although this pub will provide hospitality to a big late-night TV star when he arrives, the management realizes that its main duty is to cater to the general public. Like Fallon, chances are that others were craving a Guinness and a corned beef sandwich on this epic Irish day.