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Jimmy Fallon earns ratings win

Jimmy Fallon finally achieved a much-needed win, as he scored Olympic gold for the first week of February.
Fallon, the host of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” was bolstered by a special live broadcast on Feb. 8 following the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies, The Wrap reported. The show garnered a 1.28 rating among adults age 18-49 and he drew more than 4.6 million viewers on the night, topping weekly ratings winner Stephen Colbert of CBS’ “Late Show.”
The night’s demographic number was Fallon’s largest since Nov. 24, 2016, The Wrap noted. Fallon also set a mark for his largest audience since earlier this year. The first two months of 2018 have been good for the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member.
“The Tonight Show” was ahead in average viewers, with Colbert second and Jimmy Kimmel of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was third. Fallon’s win was the first since June of 2017, The Wrap reported.
“The Tonight Show” also won in average viewers ages 18-49. The show has won that demographic the most since the new ratings war began. Colbert rocketed to the top by grabbing Liberal and older viewers with his nightly jokes surrounding President Donald Trump.
Fallon veered from those jokes for the most part, but lost ground to Colbert and Kimmel. Fallon has since added more jokes and skits about the president. His latest win also was helped by a later viewing audience due to the opening ceremonies and his show has taken a hiatus during Olympics coverage.

‘The Tonight Show’ Continues to Languish, as Jimmy Fallon Steers Clear of Trump Jokes

Most late night talk shows have earned ratings spikes for continuously launching jabs at President Donald Trump. In fact, only one late night talk host as avoided the topic altogether and that may be just why Jimmy Fallon is bombing with his duties as host of The Tonight Show. As ratings continue to drop, it seems Fallon is dropping the ball, as far as giving viewers what they want from their late night entertainment.
Where are The Tonight Show’s Viewers Going?
A glimpse at the recent ratings numbers doesn’t just show that Jimmy Fallon is losing viewers, but also indicates where those audiences are migrating. It seems Stephen Colbert is drawing Fallon’s viewership to his late night talk program, The Late Show, and that may have something to do with Colbert’s own rhetoric. While Jimmy won’t bash the U.S. president on his show, Colbert doesn’t hesitate to poke fun at Mr. Trump.
The strategy must be working, because The Late Show has maintained the number one spot in the ratings game, since Donald Trump won the election. Additionally, Colbert’s ratings continue to rise.
As for The Tonight Show, audience numbers have dropped by 21% since September, suggesting Jimmy’s hands-off policy on President Trump jokes is failing. In promoting the show, NBC continues to boast that The Tonight Show remains to be the first choice for viewers aged 18 to 49, but it may not be long before even that claim can no longer be asserted. If Jimmy Fallon can’t pull ratings back up, even if that means resorting to presidential parodies, it may not be long before The Tonight Show drops to dead last.

Jimmy Fallon Loses His Footing

When Jimmy Fallon first took the reins at his late-night TV show, it definitely seemed as if he held a monopoly on young viewers. Indeed, writers for other late-night hosts lamented his popularity and complained about his “prom king” brand of humor. His partnership with The Roots band and innate musicality, however, won loyal viewers every night. This, however, is no longer the case. Within the past few days, it has become abundantly clear that Fallon’s show is hemorrhaging viewers. In fact, industry insiders seem to think that Jimmy Kimmel may possess the power to overtake Fallon in next year’s rating. For those who witnessed Fallon’s meteoric rise, this is very surprising news. And some are speculating that Fallon’s seemingly cozy relationship with Donald Trump may be why.

It was a segment to remember. In the midst of Donald Trump’s bombastic presidential campaign, he stopped by Fallon’s show. During the interview, Fallon reached over to ruffle Trump’s hair. And it is this moment that many Fallon critics tag as the moment when the late night host’s behavior crossed over into normalizing Trump’s rhetoric. For many Fallon fans, it was difficult to separate the intense political situation from his show. When Fallon went on record to claim that he wasn’t political at all, somehow his pleas fell on deaf ears and his show’s ratings continued to drop.

Jimmy Fallon Can’t Keep Pace in Late Night Environment

Just a year ago, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was dominating the late-night television landscape. Fallon’s fun-loving, game-playing persona meshed with people looking for an escape from real life. Viewers, especially in the youngest demographic of 18-to-49-years-old, enjoyed watching the most famous celebrities acting silly and having fun for their benefit. Once the Trump election and presidency took over, though, that has not been the case.

CBS’ Stephen Colbert used his political satire and biting comedy to give the public what it was looking for in this new environment. He continually cut into Fallon’s ratings lead month after month before ultimately overtaking the NBC man. Now, in the fall of 2017, Colbert is dominating late night, and Fallon is at risk of falling to third place behind ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel takes after Colbert with his political commentary and desire to address head-on the issues of the day. He has no fear going after Trump or politics, and viewer data continues to prove that’s what the television public wants.

Colbert has burst past Fallon and is now averaging 3.7 million viewers per night during November. Fallon and Kimmel sit far behind, averaging 2.6 million and 2.4 million viewers respectively per night. Fans of the NBC funny man point out that he still holds the overall lead in the main advertising demographic (18-to-49), but that lead is consistently slipping away as well. In addition, none of these shows skew very young. Fallon’s average viewer age is 56 years old. Late night is not a young man’s game.

Jimmy Fallon and Mike Myers Dance It Up

Perhaps it was inevitable that these two Saturday Night Live alums would one day get together and participate in a hilarious dance-off. After all, Jimmy Fallon dances on his show frequently—and Mike Myers is known for playing Austin Powers, a character who was never afraid to bust a move. Luckily for loyal fans, this fateful day finally came. And the two funny guys decided to make a game out of it.


Called Dice Dance Off, the game demanded that each man wear a dancing outfit that represented his country. Myers was outfitted in a red jogging suit to represent Canada, while Fallon sported a bodacious blue for the United States. Both wore hilarious headbands and were forced to roll huge dice that would tell them the name of a dance that they would have to create on the spot. Rolling first, Mike received a challenge called Perpetual Motion, then burst into a routine that seemed to combine dances from the sixties and eighties.


When Jimmy rolled, his request was a bit more challenging. Called Which Pocket Did I Put My Keys In, this dance definitely made Fallon step it up. Fallon’s frenetic response dance was very funny and almost made him look as though he had fleas. The dances that followed included Hot Poutine, Windy Plastic Bag and The Slip N Slide. In the end, it was a dance duet between the two men that brought the audience to their feet for a rousing standing ovation.

Jimmy Fallon Loses Round Of “Would You Rather” To Kevin Hart And Really Eats A Cricket

We suppose if he were on an episode of “Survivor,” he might just have to do that, considering the food choices might not be plentiful.


However, Jimmy Fallon took one for the team, and he wasn’t marooned on some island far, far away. “The Tonight Show” host was at the famous NBC Studio 6-B in the Comcast Building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. It was there, that the charming late night TV host cringed and threw a live cricket into his mouth and ate it.


Fallon’s hilarious guest was the very funny Kevin Hart, and they decided to play a game of “Would You Rather.” A game show host suggests to the players random scenarios. Then, Fallon and Hart would guess which ones the audience would rather chose. They have been polled ahead of time.


For example, Would you rather have a clone of yourself or a dog that could talk?


Kevin Hart answered the question correctly, saying that the audience would rather have a dog that could talk.


Jimmy Fallon lost the game, so he had to go the the loser’s table. He could choose his punishment, and both were nasty things. Fallon could select to hold a large handful of worms for 10 seconds or eat a cricket. He chose the latter.


The audience went wild, but Hart wouldn’t join him for the insect snack. Jimmy Fallon really chewed it, winced and then swallowed the cricket, showing his tongue afterward to the howling audience.


Reaction to Jimmy Fallon Hosting Golden Globes Is Mixed

Jimmy Fallon has a reputation for being one of the nicest guys in show business. “The Tonight Show” has been known as a place that stars can go when they want to avoid the tough questions. That tradition was started by Jay Leno and it has continued with Fallon. Being a nice guy and conducting softball interviews might work for Fallon in late night. However, people are much more demanding when it comes to the people chosen to host prestigious awards shows. Ricky Gervais gained legions of fans from the occasions he hosted the Golden Globes. He pulled no punches and brutally roasted many celebrities in the audience. Fallon is not that type of guy and he never will be.


Jimmy Fallon’s hosting performance at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards is receiving very mixed reviews. Some people are praising his positivity. However, there are just as many people criticizing him for not being edgy and failing to go after Donald Trump to any great degree. Fallon was someone who NBC wanted to give a shot to because it allows them to promote the star of their late night lineup. It remains to be seen if Fallon will receive any more hosting gigs of this magnitude. Some people in the media joked that the phone of Ricky Gervais must be ringing off the hook because of Fallon’s poor showing.


It wouldn’t be surprising if Fallon gets another shot to host a big awards show. It might not be the Golden Globes. However, people in Hollywood genuinely like him and he is not threatening. Those qualities should definitely count for something. Overall, Fallon made the most of his abilities. He was not helped by a teleprompter that broke down when he was reading from it. Critics believe that he should have used jokes with more bite.




Michelle Obama Says Goodbye to Jimmy Fallon

As the Obama presidency is coming to an end, celebrities and regular people alike are lining up to say goodbye to the first family. President Obama threw a going away party at the White House on January 6, 2017. Many famous friends of the outgoing president showed up for the festivities, including Jerry Seinfeld, John Legend, Solange Knowles, Nick Jonas, Meryl Streep, and George Clooney.


Another emotional farewell took place on the Jimmy Fallon show on Wednesday, January 11. First Lady Michelle Obama dropped by the studio for her final appearance during her husband’s tenure as president. The send off was full of tears and laughter, as she said goodbye to some of her fans and talked about her plans for life after the White House.


During one emotional segment, Obama surprised people recording thank you messages to her. The fans were touched by her sudden appearance and happy for a chance to say thanks in person. Many noted that she was an inspiration to them, giving them the confidence to chase their dreams.


In the interview portion of the segment, Michelle Obama talked about a wide range of subjects. She joined Jimmy in penning a few thank you notes to her husband’s administration. Fallon thanked the first lady for putting a new twist on the phrase “the right to bear arms,” while she thanked her husband for his tenure in office.


She also discussed what she plans to do as a private citizen. Michelle Obama has been a staunch supporter of children’s education efforts throughout the presidency, and she told Jimmy that she intends to continue to support such initiatives. She specifically mentioned the Let’s Move and Reach Higher program. As a final point, Obama stressed the importance of decency in politics, and said she wishes the incoming administration well.



Best Friends Jimmy Fallon and Viola Davis

There’s no doubt that Jimmy Fallon has established a reputation for getting celebrities to play some very wacky games with him. And this week was certainly no exception. Digging into the “Best Friend’s Box”, Jimmy and Viola had to answer questions about each other. This game was all about predicting what the other person would say. Obviously, the person who got the most answers correct was the winner.


It started off innocently enough, with a question regarding superheroes. Ever the consummate actress, Viola seemed to take the challenge very seriously. When their first question and response session was entirely off base, they went to the next question. This one was about Christmas movies and, once again, the two entertainers were not on the same page. While Viola chose A Christmas Carol, Jimmy went with It’s a Wonderful Life. At this point, it seemed as if the two would never get in sync.


As the jazzy music played, the suspense ramped up for the last question. However, it was all for naught, as the two once again missed each other’s answers by a mile. Still, it was fun to see the talented actress let loose, as she is usually known for playing very dramatic roles. After this impossible game, the rest of the interview seemed like it was a breeze. Davis, who just won a Golden Globe for her mesmerizing performance in Fences, should celebrate her success and become a late-night fixture as much as she can in the coming weeks.


Bryan Cranston and Jimmy Fallon Discuss Holiday Trends

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Bryan Cranston got together to discuss which holiday trends should be upheld—and which need to fall by the wayside as 2017 rapidly approaches. Fallon referred to the game as “Cranst In or Cranst Out” and the objective of the game was for Bryan Cranston to rapidly identify the traditions he felt were best. During rapid-fire questioning by the perky Fallon, Cranston revealed that he is not a fan of plastic Christmas trees, but that he does enjoy Christmas carols.


As the audience egged them on, Fallon and Cranston then discussed the possible merits of eggnog itself. While Cranston was unenthusiastic, Fallon surveyed the audience to see what they thought. Cranston seemed genuinely surprised by the number of people rooting for eggnog, and then Fallon went on to describe a Cuban Christmas drink that he believed Cranston would have found more suitable.


For many viewers, it is always interesting to see Cranston on stage—and not in his Walter White mode. This appearance on Fallon’s show was no exception, highlighting Cranston’s unbelievable versatility and calm, cool demeanor. With a shiny new nomination for a Golden Globe and a hilarious appearance on Saturday Night Live, it would appear that Cranston is showing no signs of slowing down after Breaking Bad.