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Jay-Z Breaks Record With 4:44 Album

An article by MTV discusses just how popular the latest Jay-z album has been since the initial release via Tidal, this is an important read for anyone that is interested in the art of music. If you are someone that has a specific interest in the charts, you probably know that Jay-z is one of the best selling artists of all time. However, if this is news to you, it is never too early to become knowledgeable in regard to the fact that Jay is one of the most popular artists ever to create music and offer his work to the world for purchase. His latest album titled 4:44 is his 14th project to debut on top of the Billboard top 200 charts, this means that Jay-z has broken his own record for the artist with the most number one debuts ever. So what is his secret to success? It may have something to do with his current beef with former friend Kanye West over Tidal exclusive content and supposed failure to make payment for that content. However, it more likely has to do with the unique ability that Jay-z has to change with the times and produce content that is compelling for years to come. His album 4:44 is deeply personal and discusses a variety of battles that he has experienced ever since he was young. In the music, you will also find his relationship with Beyonce to be something that talked about in detail. It is very likely that this album will expand your knowledge regarding the events that make up the life of Shawn Carter. Even if you have been listening to Jay-z for years, this album is likely to offer you some new insight. In fact, these reasons and more would be why this album is currently one of the most popular of 2017.

Kanye and Jay-Z Experience Beef

The Verge offers readers an interesting story about the developing problems between Jay-Z and Kanye West. If you are a fan of either of these artists, your time would be well spent reading through this content in order to keep up with the latest in this saga. Kanye and Jay have always had a relationship that is volatile to say the least, there have been some good times and some not so great times according to both sides. In fact, this is a theme that Kanye discussed on his track titled ‘Big Brother” on his album Graduation. More recently, the two released an album titled The Throne which quickly lead to a tour that sold out areas all across the United States. However, the two are apparently on the outs at the moment. Kanye has now ended his exclusive partnership with the music streaming platform Tidal. Kanye claims that Tidal owes him $3 million and is guilty of breaching their contractual agreement. West released his popular Life of Pablo album exclusively on the service and he has yet to be compensated as promised for the exclusive release of this project.

Jay-z mentioned a $20 loan that he provided to West on his 4:44 album which is now streaming on the Tidal platform. However, Kanye says that he was supposed to receive compensation for a video and this never happened. Along with these allegations, there has apparently been a rift in the relationship since Kanye claims that he could not get Jay-z to call him. This is surprising since the two were supposed to be as close as brothers at some point. Many people have speculated that their relationship has become strained over the last few years due to the fact that their wives simply do not like one another. Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are very different people, this makes it very difficult for them to spend time together as a group. Keep up the date with the latest Kanye drama as it unfolds here.