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Jason Sudeikis and His Wild Partying

Although Jason Sudeikis isn’t known as a particularly political celebrity, he did manage to squeeze in some time at the White House recently. When he went on Seth Meyers’ show, Sudeikis spoke about his experience at the amazing party, which he attended with his partner, actress Olivia Wilde. First, funny man Sudeikis made some jokes about the high level of security at the White House, mentioning just how very intense it was. Although it was cold outside, security kept heavyweights like Sudeikis, Wilde and Dave Letterman waiting while they carefully combed through everyone’s belongings to make sure that everything was on the up and up.


Sudeikis didn’t start to get nervous, however, until an overzealous drug-sniffing dog seemed to single him out for something. After a brief consultation with his handler, though, the dog then appeared to calm down. Sudeikis then goes on to give a hilarious description of how all the guests’ cellphones were taken away from them and then handed back to them in a lunch bag at the end of the evening. Although Sudeikis was under the impression that the party ended after two hours, he was incorrect. In fact, it did not wrap up until four in the morning!


Although they deal with celebrities all of the time, it was charming to see Meyers and Sudeikis become so excited about this close brush with the presidency. In an entertainment world that so often seems to be tainted with a kind of boredom, Sudeikis was so excited about attending the president’s party that he was acting like a kid.