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Thieves Steal Taxpayer Data from IRS

The IRS announced that thieves have accessed more than 100,000 tax returns, through online IRS-sanctioned software.

Technicians became suspicious of the “Get Transcript” system when the request for taxpayer transcripts began to rapidly increase.

“Overall, the thieves made approximately 200,000 attempts that originated from suspicious email domains, and a little over 100,000 successfully made it pass our authentication system,” the agency said.

The online service is a convenience for taxpayers needing copies of tax information, instead of waiting in line at an IRS office or receiving a copy in the mail.

The IRS has temporarily shut the system down according to Jim Dondero.

The total number of fraudulent refunds this year is still inconclusive, but the IRS says it’s less than $50 million.

Yet, thieves can utilize the information from this latest breach to claim future taxpayer refunds, as well as cause mayhem in identity theft issues.

In 2015, the IRS successfully blocked 3 million questionable returns.