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Igor Cornelsen: A Source Of Accurate, Timely Investment Advice

According to Brazilian investment maven Igor Cornelsen, if you want to make money in Brazil, you must begin investing early, diversify your portfolio, invest for the long term and drop losing investments immediately. He also recommends getting guidance from someone that is knowledgeable of the local economy and markets. For many years no one has been more adept at anticipating the movement of the Brazilian economy and the emergence of great companies in which to invest than Cornelsen. He has been a cottage industry onto himself when it comes to providing accurate tips to investors.


Widely acknowledged as one of the best and most knowledgeable investment advisors Brazil has ever produced, Cornelsen is considered a national treasure in Brazil. For generations he has been the one investment advisor people can depend on to accurately anticipate what the stock markets and economy in this South American country was going to do. While many acknowledge that his background working with some of the country’s biggest businesses gives him a unique understanding few can rival, others say he is simply in tune with the heartbeat of Brazil and understands the people and what they are going to do.


No matter where Igor Cornelsen gets such accurate knowledge of the Brazilian markets and economy, he’s used it to make many investors very successful. Even today when he spends most of his time playing golf, people still reach out to him for guidance when they are considering investing in Brazil. Cornelsen provides that advice through the Bainbridge Investment Group. And based on the excitement the company is generating, Cornelsen’s investment tips are as accurate as ever. He still as a knack for knowing what the Brazilian economy will do and which companies will excel.


Many people say his investment rules have enabled them to succeed in markets all around the world. They point to his investment advice to Burger King as evidence his knowledge of investment isn’t limited to Brazil. They also see his success in guiding investors in the global commodities and emerging markets as evidence of his vast understanding of global investment principles.



Martin Lustgarten Provides the Midas Investment Touch

Investment banks are sometimes referred to as boutique firms and offer a variety of financial investment advisory services to several bodies such as corporates, individuals, funds, and states. These companies offer market-based research before any investment commencing. The majority of investment banks are publicly listed in the stock exchange markets.

However, there are a few privately owned firms as well as those that operate in partnership business models. The constitution of the owners of these banks varies from government entities, wealthy individuals, corporates, and banks among others.

Essential functions of investment banks include offering advisory services during mergers and acquisitions, floating an initial public offer for a company that wishes to trade publicly, helping raise capital through underwriting, as well as trading in the money market, derivates, and fixed income instruments. The investment banks have two sides when it comes to information dispensation. There is the private side that deals with strictly confidential information while the public side deals with information that is accessible to the public.

Investment banks perform their duties by either buying or selling in the markets. The marketing side helps in acquiring equity instruments such as unit trust, life insurance, and mutual funds. All the investment banks are licensed brokers.

Martin Lustgarten is the Chief Executive Officer of Lustgarten Martin, a private investment bank that offers expert advice. He has a wealth of experience in investment banking. His investment portfolios are spread across various countries such as Venezuela, Singapore, Panama and Hong Kong. He manages money for individuals and corporates alike. Martin offers tailored investment solutions with high returns. His experiences have earned him a solid reputation as a prudent investment banker.

Mr. Lustgarten is a professional with a firm grasp of investment banking policies and regulations and handles complex investment transactions that transcend geographical locations. Part of his services involves computation of risk, either capital or market risks.

His investments are evidence of his skill and expertise. He has invested in almost all industries. Martin is an avid collector of vintage and antique items besides other hobbies. He expertly juggles his investment decisions and takes risks that are profitable ventures, yet finds time for his hobbies.

Igor Cornelsen Makes Investing Fun

When it comes to investing in stocks there are some people that have a lot of fun with this. There are others that may find themselves dreading the thought of keeping up with their investments in their portfolio. I have found that Igor Cornelsen has been able to make it much easier for me to have fun with my investing. He has given me a different strategies to help me build a better portfolio quicker.

Igor Cornelsen has done a lot to help investors by letting them know about stocks and other investments in Brazil. Most people would not really consider investing outside of the United States, but Igor Cornelsen has stated that this type of versification has made it much easier to build a portfolio with higher returns on investment.

Igor has also stated that it pays to actually know what your companies are doing. There are a lot of organizations that people invest in blindly because the stocks are soaring at a particular time. They may not have any knowledge about the company or anything that is going on. What Igor Cornelsen recommends is for people to get a thorough knowledge of what the company is trying to accomplish. The investors research companies they should take some time to also discover what the company is planning to do several years down the line. Cornelsen knows that many companies that soar for a brief time. Even if there is no concrete game plan on is in mind. What he has realized, is that it will take a strong company with a plan of action to really secure good long-term investments.

Another thing that Igor Cornelsen has made mention of is the way that people should take hold of their own financial future. He warns against putting all of your investments in the hands of someone that is not going to be as passionate about your retirement fund as you are. I believe that investors on need to take some time to acquire knowledge in investing on portfolio investing picks. Cornelsen knows that the investor is going to be the person that cares about their portfolio of the most.

I agree with this, and that is why I have made it my duty to learn more about various financial issues. I know that I will have better control over retirement funds when I am presently involved in the different transactions that I make with my investments.

George Soros and the Safest Way to Wealth

When people think about stocks, derivatives, and other investments, they are simply talking about investments. However, just because there are options for investments, it doesn’t mean that you have to or even should put your money into financial vehicles when you don’t understand them. When you think about that from an overall point of view, it is confusing. However, when you think about the very thought of retirement and how people need to be comfortable with their investments in order to get there, it almost seems counter intuitive. People are investing in items they truly don’t understand and are therefore taking on too much risk for their portfolios.

When you think about investments you should be considering financial vehicles that make sense to you. Plain and simple. You should also be considering long term investments because you aren’t trying to retire in a few days or weeks, you want your money to grow and to hold its value when you are actually ready to retire. Finally, you want to be sure that even if something bad happens and the markets take a turn for the worse, whatever you have invested in will be there for the long haul and will continue to hold value rather than decline. This may seem like a fairly picky checklist, but there is one investment out there that has been able to meet all of these needs (and more). The simple investment is gold.

When you pay attention to the wealth of some of the top financial experts in the economy today, you will notice at least one thing. They tend not to make flashy moves and they shy away from extreme risk. In other words, they have made a lot of money because they have protected their current money and have made sure to invest with confidence rather than with stars in their eyes. People just like George Soros and Philip Diehl are the perfect examples of such investors, as instead of throwing their money at the financial flavor of the week, they have turned to gold to protect their wealth.

When you are thinking about how you can best improve your financial future without taking on excess risk, perhaps it is time to look into what the US Money Reserve is all about. By securing your retirement and financial freedom you can ensure your wealth will truly be there when you need it regardless of how the rest of the market is doing.

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Money Reserve President Validates George Soros Predictions

The President of the US Money Reserve recently gave an interview to Enterprise Podcast about the state of the dollar and the benefit of investing in gold coins. The Money Reserve is a certified silver, gold, and platinum coin distributor and minter for the US Government. Every coin is certified and backed by the economy and the government. Philip Diehl is the present President of the Money Reserve. Mr Diehl is an expert in precious metals and has much experience in government service. He is the 35th director of the US Mint.

Mr. Diehl has taken his prior experience and used it to expand the trading of precious metals and coins to every continent in the world. When he first became the President of the Money Reserve they were simply breaking even. Now the Reserve is turning a healthy profit and expanding how they trade coins and how they treat clients.

The Money Reserve has a strong commitment to bringing the best quality metals and the best products to every client. They have even expanded their offerings to offer a precious metal IRA program to help individuals save for their retirements and have a safer place to invest their money.

One of the best parts of making the investment in gold coins is that it is an investment one can have confidence in. Some other positive aspects of investing in gold coins include:

• Backed by US Government

• Legal Tender

• Certified Real Gold

• Best Quality
Finally Mr Diehl was asked how recent financial issues have impacted the gold market. Here is where he is in agreement with many financial experts like George Soros. First and foremost he sites the 2008 financial crisis. This caused many harsh fluctuations in the economics of the nation. This had ripple effects around the world and with American investors.

Secondly Mr Diehl says that many investors are conducting their business online. This changes the way that trading and selling is done. There are no more closing bells and business can be done any time day or night. Third is the uncertainty of monetary policies as well as the value of the dollar. These all affect how investors approach their portfolios and deal with the growing of wealth for their retirement. Gold is a safe haven that allows for accruing wealth without as much risk being incurred.

What Us Money Reserve is All About

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest and most trusted companies that allow people to buy and trade commodities such as gold and silver. The founders of this company are veterans of the gold market. They have worked in the markets and have found that the customer service, guidance and other aspects of the market needed some kind of improvement in the process of handling business. They have come together to provide the best customer service possible to people who want to trade in the market. Even since founding U.S. Money Reserve, they have served and helped hundreds of thousands of clients that have joined in order to make profits.

U.S. Market Reserve professionals do their best to present the best gold issued by the U.S. Government at the highest level of quality in the market. This has earned the trust of many clients as they continue to choose the highest quality of gold. These precious metals are also very appropriate for the portfolio of their clients. Due to the best purchases from their wisdom, many clients are in positions of profit. U.S. Money Reserve has proven themselves as capable of making decisions that will insure the profit of their clients.

Any client of U.S. Money Reserve is almost guaranteed a profit due to the training of more than 100 professionals that have gained a lot of experience over the years to go along with their training. The clients are served by Account Executives who have decades of experience with gold platinum and silver. This gives them the ability to explain every important little detail when it comes to gold coins issued by the U.S. Government. They also have the willingness to provide assistance to anyone that is looking to make a purchasing decision on precious metals.

The professionals also hold the coins of their clients in their physical possession. That is perhaps one major advantage that they have over other companies. They actually have the physical coin in their possession. The clients are able to see, touch and feel the coin if they want to. This makes U.S. Money Reserve very authentic. This also guarantees that they are not actually certificates, but actual gold that has been legally tendered. Clients of U.S. Money Reserve could access some of the best gold, silver, and platinum coins. They also have social media accounts where they can be contacted.

Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter .

One Of The Largest Precious Coin Dealers In The Industry

U.S. Money Reserve was created with a blend of ideas that helped this now famous company achieve what others only dream of. The founders of this award winning company are seasoned professional that have sent their fair share of time in the gold market. U.S. Money Reserve only sells certified and graded precious metals. If you are looking for gold, silver, or platinum coins, U.S. Money Reserve has you covered.

One Of The Largest Coin Dealers In The Industry

One of the largest coin distributors in the country, U.S. Money Reserve has a well stocked inventory and this allows them to give some of the best discounts in the industry. So if you need a bulk order and you want to save money, this is the company for you. When other dealers supplies run dry due to fluctuation in price, U.S. Money Reserve will not let you down. By stockpiling massive amounts of coins, this dealer can pass the savings on to you the customer.

They Help You Build Wealth

When it comes to building wealth, you are going to need a trusted source to invest your money with. Those investors that purchase gold, silver, and platinum coins from U.S. Money Reserve have enjoyed gains on their investments for many years. Even when gold prices are on the decline, investing in precious metals just makes sense. If the world economies collapsed all at once, precious metals will still be able to hold much of their value just how they have for centuries. So now you can see why so many people these days are putting their trust in this time-tested investment.

Today’s Investment For Tomorrows Future

Many people are utilizing precious metals that are offered by U.S. Money Reserve for long term investments. The price of gold, silver and platinum are always going up and down. But if you look at historical precious metal prices they have risen higher with every decade that has gone by. So if you are looking for a long term investment of 10 years or more, why not consider investing with U.S. Money Reserve? It just makes practical sense!

CCMP Capital On Passive Income

Private equity firm Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on gallagerfuneralhome has helped a lot of people over the years and has ensured that private equity is an honorable, transparent and honest field. The NY based firm has a number of big and small clients, all of whom have only good things to say about the firm. The reason behind the success of CCMP Capital lies in its former CEO and President Stephen Murray. He was a visionary who staffed the firm with the best that the equity industry could offer. It was due to his efforts that today, CCMP Capital has professionals who are not only experienced and trained but those who care about their clients’ money.

This is why in the following points, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital and its professionals share tips about how to earn passive income. The most popular method of earning passive income these days is online. One doesn’t have to be a property owner to earn passive income. By simply sitting at home, people can collect enough savings to last them their life.

You Must Offer Value – CCMP Capital professionals reiterate that passive income cannot be generated from thin air. Especially in case of online ad revenue, this income would only come when some value is being provided to the end user. If a website exists for the sole purpose of earning money, subscribers would see through the ruse soon enough. Instead, when value is being offered, subscribers would be more than happy that the website owners and managers are getting something in return.

The Beginning Can Be Difficult – All kinds of passive income require some amount of investment and this is not just meant in a financial sense. The biggest investment is in terms of time. A lot of time is required to set up the tools and instruments for passive income, according to CCMP Capital experts. Thus, it is important to be patient with the task and eventually, after much trial and error, it would yield great results.
Regular Maintenance Is Important – This point is especially true for online passive income generating tools but mostly, any kind of income needs regular maintenance. For instance, if a person buys a house in the suburbs and gets good rental income for a year, that doesn’t mean that such a trend would continue forever. If other homeowners start offering free wi-fi or lawn mowing services with their houses, they would have the upper hand. Similarly, if users of a website do not get updated value-added services, they would move on to other better options.

Finally, CCMP Capital experts also mention that in order for the passive income to grow, the right investment options should be chosen. This would ensure that the earned income multiplies at a steady rate. Planning and organization, combined with help from finance professionals can help with these steps immensely.

Brazil Domestic Markets Attracting Foreign Investors

For decades, investing in Brazil was certainly not high on an investor’s priority list, and many investors withdrew their money from the country in 2013, but there’s been a swift turnaround. Interest in Brazil as an investment destination has been re-awakened. Today, opportunity-oriented investors are on full throttle following in the footsteps of car makers, GM and Volkswagen.

VW infused more than 9 billion dollars into Brazil to produce their new Golf, illustrating the trust the car maker has in the country. Of course, it’s a win-win for Volkswagen too since they bypass 30 percent duty on imported cars and can benefit from additional tax advantages. This had made Brazil the fourth largest car market in the world. And VW is not the only car maker producing there. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, and GM are just a few with Brazilian car production plants.

Widespread investment opportunities in Brazil aren’t news to Zeca Oliveira, president of Bridge Trust Administration. He says Brazil has long been a country of foreign investors. Oliveira most recent triumph radically transformed the investment landscape, by turning $900 million in funds into $2.5 billion in assets. Zeca Oliveira’s ascent wasn’t rapid; he’s been using inherent money management smarts for 27 years, and now has a well-deserved and impressive reputation in fund management.

Oliveira has this broad-ranging vision of when investments and partnerships make sense. Often companies are able to achieve greater levels of efficiency together, while snagging more opportunities, which is why Zeca Oliveira is joining forces with Fernanda Lima. Bridge Trust Administration (BRL) is merging with Gradual Investments, a major brokerage firm, worth over $4 billion in assets. By joining forces, the businesses are able to exploit what Zeca Oliveira calls a synergic effect, meaning the partnership is stronger and maximizes opportunities for their clients.

Undoubtedly, Brazil has become a rising economic power, currently ranked 4th in the world, only behind China, the US and India. As a supplier of raw materials to the Far East, Brazilian companies have become very successful, and since the country has made new investments in its infrastructure, especially for the 2014 World Cup, the attractiveness of South American opportunities have sparked new interest.

Oliveira points out that Brazil has a number of characteristics that differentiate it from other markets. The abundance of natural resources and cultivated land, and also one of the largest producers of iron, tin, and bauxite has helped make Brazil a leading market. The country is globally the second-largest iron ore producer, and eighth major steel producer, and the third largest manufacturer of aircraft, and the fourth largest automobile producer, and let’s not forget they have the largest offshore deposits worldwide.

Despite the prior years of economic problems, Brazil has emerged with balanced and sustainable growth, making it a center of attention for foreign investors, and has become a model for economic recovery.