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The Career of Telereal Trillium CEO Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards is the current chief executive officer of the company known as Telereal Trillium. He has occupied this position since the year 2001 when the company first started operations. Edwards’ role with the company is to oversee the entire business operations and set goals and policies to help it succeed. Under his leadership, Telereal Trillium has been able to acquire approximately 6700 properties which resulted in over 2 billion pounds of revenue for the company. In the beginning of 2009, Graham negotiated to acquire Trillium from another company known as Land Securities. As a result, the company would become the market leader of property outsourcing and investment. With the acquisition in 2009, the company would then consistently earn over 1 billion pounds in revenue each year.

Before becoming the CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham served as the chief investment officer of a company known as Talisman Global Asset Management ( While working at this company, he helped get the firm established as an asset management firm registered with the Pears FSA. Graham also helped the firm earn very high revenues with over 1 billion pounds each year. His other career experiences include being a fund manager at the financial services firm Merrill Lynch along with being the head of finance at BT Group PLC. Along with having a lot of work experience at key positions, Edwards is also highly educated and has a number of significant credentials. Graham has studied at Cambridge University along with having professional designations such as being a member of the Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He is also a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors as well.

Telereal Trillium is a property development and investment company. It specializes in a number of things such as Property Partnerships, property investment, and also real estate development and sales. Over the years the company has acquired a number properties and also completed a number of projects that have helped many clients reach their development and investment objectives. Telereal Trillium has emerged as one of the top investment companies in the world due to its success over the years. The company is based in London of the United Kingdom.