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Igor Cornelsen: A Source Of Accurate, Timely Investment Advice

According to Brazilian investment maven Igor Cornelsen, if you want to make money in Brazil, you must begin investing early, diversify your portfolio, invest for the long term and drop losing investments immediately. He also recommends getting guidance from someone that is knowledgeable of the local economy and markets. For many years no one has been more adept at anticipating the movement of the Brazilian economy and the emergence of great companies in which to invest than Cornelsen. He has been a cottage industry onto himself when it comes to providing accurate tips to investors.


Widely acknowledged as one of the best and most knowledgeable investment advisors Brazil has ever produced, Cornelsen is considered a national treasure in Brazil. For generations he has been the one investment advisor people can depend on to accurately anticipate what the stock markets and economy in this South American country was going to do. While many acknowledge that his background working with some of the country’s biggest businesses gives him a unique understanding few can rival, others say he is simply in tune with the heartbeat of Brazil and understands the people and what they are going to do.


No matter where Igor Cornelsen gets such accurate knowledge of the Brazilian markets and economy, he’s used it to make many investors very successful. Even today when he spends most of his time playing golf, people still reach out to him for guidance when they are considering investing in Brazil. Cornelsen provides that advice through the Bainbridge Investment Group. And based on the excitement the company is generating, Cornelsen’s investment tips are as accurate as ever. He still as a knack for knowing what the Brazilian economy will do and which companies will excel.


Many people say his investment rules have enabled them to succeed in markets all around the world. They point to his investment advice to Burger King as evidence his knowledge of investment isn’t limited to Brazil. They also see his success in guiding investors in the global commodities and emerging markets as evidence of his vast understanding of global investment principles.



Investment Banking is Very Popular

While there are many types of banks in the banking industry, one of the most popular is investment banking. There are many reasons why investment banking is popular. One of the main reasons is that investment banking provides various banking services that are not offered at most banks. As a result, many banking clients go to investment banks for the services that they need. Usually the type of client that needs the services of an investment bank is different than the typical customer that goes into a local bank branch.

The type of client that uses the banking services provided by investment banks normally has a large amount of cash and a high net worth. In addition, many of the clients concerning investment banks are corporations. In many ways, investments banks are structured to be able to provide the services desired by corporations. Investments banks have three areas of banking services. Each area has a particular type of investment banking service that it offers.

Individual investment banks can decide which of the three areas of the banking services the investment banks want to offer its clients. Usually the larger investment banks will offer more than one area of investment banking services. The smaller investment banks will typically offer just one area. The reason why larger investment banks tend to offer multiple investment banking areas and smaller investment banks primarily offer only one area is because larger investment banks have a larger amount of available financial and human resources.

Another aspect of the investment banking structure that makes investment banks appealing to clients is the investment banker position. In all investment banks, there are investment bankers who assist clients with a wide array of banking services offered through investment banks. The investment banker is able to assist clients with services that require a large sum of money, complex financial tasks, or various other investment banking services.

A well known investment banker is Martin Lustgarten. He has a reputation for being able to complete complex business deals for clients. In addition, Martin Lustgarten has a proven track record of being able to find clients large sums of money to close major business deals.

Martin Lustgarten has been an investment banker for many years. Recently, he took the experience he has gained over the years in the investment banking industry to start his own investment banking firm, Lustgarten Martin.

Laid law and Company: A Leading Investment Banking and Brokerage Firm

Laidlaw and Company are a full-service investment banking and brokerage firm offering expert service, investment banking, and industry expertise. They’re primarily a healthcare-focused firm providing financial solutions through captive and independent sales offices. They provide services to domestic and international companies, institutions, and private clients with over 170 years of experience. Operating under FCA and FINRA, they have offices located in Europe and the US; allowing their professionals to strengthen relationships and help clients grow financially.

Laidlaw and Company are offering services in capital markets, institutional sales, alternative investments, and wealth management. The Laidlaw Capital Markets allow customers to grow capital through public markets. They extend services in IPOs, follow-on and secondary offerings, confidential market follow-ons, and registered directs and PIPEs. Their experts combine experience with clients preferences and intentions during investment sales for a tailored experience.

Laidlaw and Company also offer alternative investment opportunities through the sister company, Laidlaw Private Equity. They also develop a personalized approach to financial goals. Their professionals help clients through financial planning, investment management and risk, and estate planning. Laidlaw Asset Management has a goal to manage, grow, and preserve the wealth of their global clientele.

Laidlaw and Company offer only experienced professionals to assist their clients; starting with Matthew Eitner, Chief Executive Officer, and James P. Ahern, Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets.

Matthew Eitner is an experienced equities trader who has served as Managing Director of private investment firm Aegis Capital Corporation. He was also a Vice President at Casimir Capital, a boutique investment firm, and has experience working at International Strategy and Investment.

James P. Ahern previously served as Managing Director of Aegis Capital Corporation as well as Vice President at Casimir Capital. At Laidlaw and Company, he arranges finances for private and public companies.

The Unmatched Contributions of Citadel’s CEO

With only a fax machine, a telephone and a PC, Ken Griffin began trading straight away from his dormitory room in Harvard. From such a humble and ambitious start, Griffin was able to impress Frank Meyer who was the pioneer of hedge fund and also a co-founder of Glenwood Partners that is based in Chicago. In 1990, Kenneth Griffin founded Citadel where he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer. Citadel Group is a diverse financial firm that includes Citadel, an alternative asset manager that is leading in the industry; Citadel Securities, a leading provider of liquidity in the capital markets all over US; and Citadel Technology, provider of solution for the investment management technology. Currently, Citadel employs over 1,200 staffs. Griffin actively supports education programs that are aimed at improving the community. He is a board member of Chicago Public Education Fund. He also proudly supports his alma mater Harvard University. This is where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. The benefactions of Griffin according to Forbes that are aimed at improving and enriching other people’s lives have surpassed $250 million in total through his own personal contributions and the Citadel Foundation. He has also contributed to the Lurie Children’s Hospital, University of Chicago, and Art Institute. Griffin donated $150 million to Harvard making it the largest financial gift the university has ever received. In order to recognize Griffin’s historic gift, the college officially changed the name of the Financial Aid Office in his honor. The financial aid was principally aimed at supporting financially needy students pursue their academics. The university’s leaders, alumni, students and friends gathered to thank him and make aware of the influence the gift is to have on the coming generations. The generous gift is expected to transform various lives of students at the Harvard College. It is going to underpin the long-standing pledge to making education at Harvard College affordable for students irrespective of their financial backgrounds. Griffin tells of how his experience in Harvard helped change his life. He hopes that his contribution will bring possibilities of the best and brightest in the country as well as the world and get to have a similar experience as him. To add on to the 200 Griffin scholars that are expected to benefit from his gift, the leadership challenge run by Griffin will contribute about 25% of cost of about 600 extra undergraduate scholarships. Leadership Challenge is aimed at encouraging other people to stabilize long-term fiscal needs and support financial aid of the leading financial aid program of Harvard. The excellence of Harvard is founded on attracting the finest and brightest students. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of Griffin, the strength of the foundation has been enhanced and will continue being strong for years to come. Kenneth was praised for his inspiring leadership and for his aid in making Harvard education available to all young persons with talent. Griffin noted that his vision which he shares with the college’s administration is to ensure that Harvard continues to remain as the greatest meritocracy that is open and accessible every talented young person in the world.