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The Importance Of Proper Usage Of Social Media

Social media is a constantly growing industry that either ruins people’s lives or improves it. For plenty of people in the workforce, it can really take their time away from work, and so they end up constantly trying to get more alone time of themselves doing all kinds of things on Facebook. People at work who are on this social media site will find that it can be very tough to deal with the constant stress involved online. Your reputation and your job can be on the line regarding Facebook.

– Wasting Hours At Work On Facebook

You can be wasting so many hours online just on Facebook. In fact, a local statistic was shown that more and more people are going on no ciao media during work hours, and this could be detrimental to both the employees and the employers. There are obviously so many people who are out there that are getting trouble just because they cannot seem to stop using social media online.

– Causing Trouble With Family and Co-workers

The truth about Facebook is that plenty of people in their line of business will actually use just the same account for everything on Facebook. They spend so much of their time using the same account and connecting their employers or employees with regular people online. It’s stressful to witness all the problems with coinciding and bringing both people together in one place.

Status Labs is an organization known for being a source for offing reputation management services. This company can help any individual or professional business in the industry with maintaining their online presence. If you find that there are things floating around online about your company or just about you in general that can be bad for your online presence, they can help remove that or at least hide it from the public.

Status Labs has worked with some of the biggest high-profile individuals in many industries, and they continue to help people stay on top of their game all the time by making sure that they always protect their online presence. The Internet is a powerful place.

Why Use White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is an online marketing company focusing on paid advertising services and other SEO programs to help you get your site reaching more viewers. Working with White Shark Media is great because of what they offer businesses and website owners. What makes them stand out is how they work with their clientele so well and deliver top notch results to clients looking to get more advertising. Clients, in turn, leave positive reviews. Achieving growth online is always easy when you have a company like this group of people helping out with the marketing.

Why Use White Shark Media?

– Top Notch SEO

When you take advantage of their SEO program, you will enjoy how powerful it is for getting massive traffic. You want to work with them mainly because of the fact that they provide top of the line marketing techniques at the best prices. Their SEO packages are some of the best in the business today, and you will enjoy their strong approach to handling the industry online. Whether you are having goals that involve reaching more people or you want first page rankings for difficult keywords, then this is the company to go for.

– Great Marketing Programs

They have some of the best experts in the industry to give you programs and systems in place to enable growth for your online business. When you are building a new business, you can attain more growth when you work with White Shark Media.

White Shark Media is the company who helped me gain so much growth over the past two years. They have been working for more than 4 years around the globe, and I just enjoy how they have taken the time to really help me grow. Their experts have become so amazing at handling jobs and different parts of the web, and the nice part is that they have taken the time to really communicate things with me to let me know of any things I needed to know about.

I think nobody can deliver top of the line marketing tricks the same way that White Shark Media media delivers. They also are very easy to work in terms of how they provide quality services. Giving them a call is easy, fast, and simple.

Review Of White Shark Media

I personally have worked with many SEO companies in the past before, and only a few have been able to help showcase serious results on the web for my business. Most of them helped me reach a few visitors and achieve minimal results, but nobody has ever helped me the same way that White Shark Media has been able to do. The best part is that they are a professional company who has helped numerous people in the past, so they clearly know a thing or two about this business.

Review Of White Shark Media

When I worked with them, I had explained to them that I wanted to be updated almost every few days or so about what is going to take place. I wanted to know what was going to happen with my site. They actually updated me constantly with deep reports about what was going on with my business. They showcased a wide range of things to help me see what they were doing. I also found that their team was very responsive and kind with how they handled all aspects of business.

They have more than 180+ amazing people who work on their marketing team. They all work together to give their 1,500+ clients every single day the marketing they need. There are a wide variety of things that are involved with SEO and Adwords, along with every other type of alarm eating strategy out there. White Shark Media has been nothing but professional with me, my team, and my sites.

I decided to give the company all my websites and give them all the positive reviews for ranking my sites. They eventually got me ranking on the first page of Google for some of the world’s toughest keywords in their niches. I found that the company is very responsive with how they work with clients, and they make sure to update their clients consistently.

My team enjoyed working with their team for a wide variety of reasons. The main reason being that they were a pleasure overall in terms of how they handled business. They had provided us with all the tools and tips we needed to continue seeing growth online. I didn’t have to work or do any of the marketing, so the best part was just seeing the marketing happen and see all the people visit my sites without having to do many of the work.

The FreedomPop Alternative To Heading To Hotspots

Connecting to the internet should not be much trouble in the current landscape of WiFi and hotspots. This is doubly true now that many commercial establishments provide free WiFi as a means of drawing people in and keeping them there. All of this is fine, but it is no substitute to maintaining access to a reliable mobile internet service.

In truth, internet hotspots are a huge help to those who wish to conduct business. Anyone who is on the road and traveling around finds pulling into a hotspot an easy way to log onto the internet and take care of personal or professional responsibilities. Whether with a laptop or a tablet, coffee shops, bookstores, and even laundry facilities provide an easy way to connect online. Even fast food restaurants provide a safe haven for the busy. As long as the venue is a quiet one, there shouldn’t be any trouble connecting to a WiFi signal.

While hotspots are fine, connecting with a mobile device anywhere and everywhere network coverage is permitted is a bit better. The coverage area could include several countries. Basically, that means the subscriber is able to connect to the internet without having to go to a specific location where free WiFi is offered. So, why would anyone not want to take advantage of a mobile internet service? The answer is, not surprisingly, cost.

Mobile data plans are expensive and this is what keeps people from signing up with a provider. Then, along came FreedomPop and all this is about to change. With over $30 million in capital raised to expand business operations, FreedomPop is primed to make an even bigger splash than before.

FreedomPop is an enterprising company based out of Los Angeles. The mobile-startup company provides a set amount of free data per month for internet, text, and phone minutes. The company makes money through selling phones and any service beyond what is provided for free. For many, FreedomPop on recode offers a good deal. A lot of gas money ends up being saved on not having to travel to a hotspot when no other cheap internet service is available. Cutting costs is always a good thing no matter how this is done.

Hotspots really are valuable and helpful. Millions of people use them thanks to the convenience and benefits they provide. Nothing, however, is better than having your own internet access. Even better than internet access is being able to connect to free internet service.

Why Business Technology is voted for

As the 21st Century clocked in, many people and businesses invented amazing technological advances which have been making so many businesses grow and develop a great deal. Technology is something that everybody is embracing even at the moment. A lot of advantages have come with this trend. For businesses to operate efficiently, technology has to come it. This makes things move smoothly without employing a lot of labor, but getting cleans and colorful results. Below are some advancements of technology in business.

Easy Management of Business
It has become very easy to manage businesses with the current technologies in business. Platforms like the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) have proved their efficiency through the way they are used to manage customers in the very right way. Sales are also managed rightfully through the same technologies. In addition, marketing automation as well as human resource management has come in with its great advancements. Many professional services are also offered and achieved through such technologies.

Superb applications in offices
Since communication is the order of the day in all offices, a lot of great applications have been created in relation to technological advances. Google Apps and messenger have made businesses to prosper as they save a lot of time by doing work at a faster rate. There is no need of one employing a messenger in an office for all the work performed unconditionally.

Self service in online business
Online services make everything simple for all. One finds it easier to deal with clients locally and worldwide. Many have turned digital and manage everything online ranging from marketing to selling goods and services. Clients can also access everything, buy and give feedback to the owner without any supervision and struggle.

Conferences through the Web
Many clients and business owners have employed the internet in various activities. This has made everything to be done online. Sales and marketing is done through different platforms and makes these clients to meet and transact different businesses online. Conferences are hence done online as these where the people concerned take time to air their issues and get solutions from fellow members.

Video & Audio Hosting
YouTube is used by all businesses for advertisements, marketing and selling of goods and services. Design and photograph companies can easily upload pictures and videos of ones business online to make marketing flexible. Headshots are also done where the company or business’ profile is well shown to clients in a friendly manner.

One person who made business technology a dream come true was Shaygan Kheradpir who had made his career a success in the same field. While in Boston, he engaged a lot in network routing where matters concerning the internet were addressed. Besides, he also sensitized management and control of the routing itself. In such cases, mobile phones, computers and many other machines have been upgraded, therefore, making online business something to admire.

All in all, business technology is appreciated by all. It is also a reason why many businesses are fast growing.

Man Scans Ketchup Bottle’s QR Code Only To Be Directed To Adult Web Site

Once in a while we get the shock of our life time when you think you are doing something ordinary, but in fact get attacked with something completely different. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, a man in Germany decided to use the QR code on the side of his ketchup bottle only to be led to an adult entertainment site and not the promotion that was being advertised on the ketchup. Even though the promotion had expired, it is still on many bottles in many households around the country which is why the man, Daniel Korrell was concerned.

Apparently, the QR code had expired from the bottle and it was already sold again to an adult movie and entertainment site, so I guess you could call it double dipping. Korrell reached out to the Facebook community to inform them of this mishap and the only real thing he got out of it was a free membership to the website itself.

This is a really interesting situation, because it makes you wonder like Jaime Garcia Dias what and how this QR code marketing stuff works. If they can just resell the codes at any time, it seems like it might kind of be a bad thing. Yet, I can see why they would, because it would save a lot of time and money just to reassign an old one once the promotions are finished.

Windows XP Still Has 17-Percent Market Share

Everyone loves a classic. In the technology industry that thought process is usually reversed, because when the lifecycle of a product ends, consumers generally rush out to get the next great thing. Apparently, the newer is much better line of thinking comes to a dramatic and decisive end when people are talking about computers and operating systems. One particular piece of software that is a teenager still gets more use than the latest and greatest versions.

According to, Windows XP accounts for nearly 17-percent of all desktop computer users while Windows 8 has captured just 14.07-percent of that same market. The runaway winner of operating systems is Windows 7 with 58.04-percent of the market. Microsoft ended support for XP about one year ago, but the classic and reliable OS seems to be going strong, or at least stronger than the new products. Dr Jennifer Walden was shocked to see so many people haven’t upgraded just yet.

The data reflects the drop off in desktop sales primarily, but it also proves that there are a lot of people clinging to Windows XP. The amount of Windows 7 users is also a pretty big reflection of the resistance that Windows 8 received when it made an appearance into the market. The enhanced interface was not appreciated right away, and that fact led to users avoiding the newest version of software. In any event, Microsoft is hoping to reverse that trend with the release of Windows 10, but the impact of that version will not be adequately gauged for a year.

Skout’s CEO, Christian Wikilund On How To Make Your Social Networking App a Success

In the rapid and ever-changing world of apps, Skout is considered an old timer.
Having launched in 2007, the mobile social network has only recently seen customer growth skyrocket over the past 18 months. Last year, Skout only acquired 100,000 users a month. But now that number has spiked to 1 million.

“Part of the key to Skout’s success has been the serendipitous nature of service” says Skout CEO, Christian Wikilund.

Unlike most dating sites, Skout allows users to randomly chat with strangers in the areas, as opposed to one-on-one communication. It’s built on the premise that people want to chat with and meet people nearby. The mobile social network uses geocentric technology to locate itself and determine whose half a mile within your area.

While the app is free, Skout generates revenue through its freemium model. Users can pay for an ad-free version or virtual currency, which can be used to buy gifts, boost profile status, and get more data on who’s been checking you out.

The app is expected to see a tenfold growth in customers with a current base of tens of millions of users. Wikilund says if he had to do it all over again here are the strategies he’d follow.

Focus on the Product

Your app should be fun, simple, and useful, says Wikilund. While consumers can choose from millions of apps, not every app effectively serves a need and keeps their users satisfied.

To keep consumers happy, he routinely kicks out 40,000 people a month for unacceptable social behavior.

“I have a zero-tolerance policy on douchebaggery” says Wiklund, in the effort to maintain a fun experience for every user.

Launch Early

Wikilund says it’s important to get the product out as quickly as possible, and not to worry about every single feature for the app. As long as the core service of the product keeps people wanting to come back, you can add features based on user feedback.

Use Analytics

Wiklund believes analytics are key to growth and success. He says companies need to mine data on consumers to see how they’re using the app. These insights drive improvements, benefiting both customer acquisition and retention. He adds not to “worry about getting 100,000 users…” but to start with acquiring “1,000 and see how they use it”.

Every time Skout releases a new version, Wiklund sees a huge spike in usage.

Market Later

While marketing is important, it should be added while your product is out as opposed to during the development process, Wikilund says.
Never lose sight on what’s important: the development of the app and the product. If the product lacks quality, users won’t be users for long. After your app grows, you always buy users, he says.

Again, it’s all about providing a product that people like. If they like it, chances are they’ll tell their friends and marketing will happen by itself.

“If you launch a product that’s fun, then you have a good foundation to make something happen,” says Wikilund.

I Will Never Leave FreedomPop

Remember when I did that post on FreedomPop back in November? At the time I thought I was just flexing my writing muscle doing a little profile on an interesting company, but a few months later, I’m a FreedomPop loyalist. I even liked them on Facebook, which I pretty much never do.

I’ve been with several different phone companies over the years, and all of them provided internet to me as well. After seeing how much money I was paying for both phone and internet, I was sick and tired of the high cost. I could easily play over $100 a month, between my phone and the internet, and the price did vary on a monthly basis. I had an internet limit, and if I went over it, I would see my bill go up each month. I tried to get unlimited internet, but the price was so high, I just had to cut back my usage.I decided it was smarter to stay within the limits of my current internet plan, as opposed to going to the unlimited internet on the same company. After a while, my day job decided that I could do a lot of my work from home, so I needed more internet usage. I tried it out for the first month, but my bill came up to be so high, I left the company the very next month. The next company that I went to was no better, and I still kept seeing an extremely high internet bill, even though my phone bill stayed with the previous company. 

I really needed a change, so I searched around to see which company could help me save the most money. After searching for so long, I came across FreedomPop, and I’m so glad that I did. Not only have I been able to save money, I’m using the internet like never before, and I’m able to complete my work from home. Working from home meant more money for me, even though I work a 40 hour work week. I now can do half of my work at home, and the other half at the office, and make more money. They even have a plethora of Wifi hotspots in my area which I can find with the FreedomPop app, so I can work at Starbucks if home is too distracting.

The internet is very important to me, and I like the fact that FreedomPop allows me to have the internet for $5 a month, and I created my own secure network in my home. I actually got my internet for free, and because I increase the speeds, I only paid a few dollars extra per month. I’m amazed at the price the company charges, especially for the great services they have. I decided to switch my phone over to FreedomPop as well, and I saw even more savings. I want to thank FreedomPop for everything.

Finally Male Contraception Is Coming Out

This story was shared with me by Vijay Eswaran. Finally a possible birth control pill for men. For many years women have been forced to bear the brunt of birth control. They hhad to undergo things such as shots, IUDs, pills, patches and much much more. It is completely and totally unfair that the person who has to do all of the work to have the child has to also do the majority of the work to prevent the child conception. It seems like guys just get to have all the fun, but things might actually be changing.

There is research being done in Indonesia about a plant that many local men boil and chew in order to give them contraception. The plant has been researched and it is actually true that over 95% of the time the plant actually does alter the sperm of the man so that does it does not actually reach the woman’s egg. There are some side effects that have been shown with the plant, but they are nothing serious. Side effects include things like weight gain, and increased libido. Compare that to the side effects of birth control for women such as bleeding, cramping, mood changes, weight gain, migraines and the list goes on.

It is about time that men are forced to take control of birth control as well, since birth control for women changes their hormones and can cause so many disastrous effects, it is nice to see that there is actually going to be a contraceptive pill out there that a man can use in order to take control of contraception as well. Researchers have stated that the pill will not be available until around 2016, but regardless of when it comesout it is nice to know that woman can have some hope.