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Troy McQuagge Helps Restore Humanity With HOPE

Anyone who knows anything about insurance is familiar with the name Troy McQuagge USHealth. His name is one of the most well respected names in insurance. The CEO of the USHealth Group and the USHealth Advisors. Either of these names will ring true to those in the insurance field as being one of the largest providers of health insurance.

In 2010, Troy was appointed as the CEO and has since been able to help expand the company into one of the most looked after insurance providers for their role in leadership as well as helping to expand and develop to what it is today. Read more on behance about Troy McQuagge USHealth

When he was first brought in as the CEO, Troy wanted to develop USHealth Advisors. It is the subsection of the main company and that it includes the advisors from the USHealth Group, itself. By expanding and developing the one area of the business, Troy was able to bring higher profits to other areas. Troy is great at his job and has the ability to bring motivation to those who work with him and under him. Instead of simply directing them to do something, Troy believes instead of guiding the employees. By instead of simply demanding things from his employees, Troy finds higher success comes in the form of teaching them.

One of the major things that Troy has done for his customers and clients was to create the HOPE foundation. The name comes from the abbreviations for Helping Other People Everyday. The main purpose was to be able to help those people who were really in need. The trouble that Troy had with this idea was that he didn’t simply want to offer a one time assistance but rather something that they could do daily.

The HOPE foundation was able to provide assistance for those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina and by offering some assistance to those who were forced to rebuild their homes as well as their lives. Many people were helped through the HOPE foundation which allowed for many families to return to their homes and to rebuild their lives in the wake of the devastation left behind.

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USHEALTH Advisors: Enjoy a Promising Career in Health Insurance and Excellent Value – Laden Insurance Coverage

USHEALTH Advisors: Enjoy a Promising Career in Health Insurance and Excellent Value – Laden Insurance Coverage


USHEALTH Advisors has careers focused around providing H.O.P.E. to their service area. Hope, their catch phrase, stands for “helping people everyday,” and through their programs and the resulting benefits provided, the company is able to make good on their goal of helping people by having a positive impact on all who interact with the services.



USHEALTH advisors is able to achieve these positive things through their work at their many offices, including a corporate office located in Fort Worth, Texas. The company has offices in several cities in numerous states.


Individuals wishing to contact USHA online may log in at the provided address given to policy holders to enable them to manage their USHA account online.



The current salary range offered by USHEALTH Advisors to.their employees varies by department and is commensurate with or above the industry average

Sales agents earn a commission on policies written through the company.


The company has won several awards for regional excellence throughout its network of companies. These awards highlight exceptional service and customer care.



USHEALTH Advisors Insurance offers family and individual health coverage to those wishing to purchase insurance on their own, and not as part of a covered employee group.


The insurance services offered by USHEALTH Advisors provide value to their policyholders by giving them economic backing in the event of the occurrence of a covered event as specified by company manuals.