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Securus Technologies to Promote its Video Visitation App

Securus Technologies is a private institution that provides criminal and civil justice technology solutions to correctional, public safety and monitoring facilities in the United States. Just recently the organization announced that it was planning to introduce a new campaign that would promote the benefits of the new remote video visitation in the correctional agencies in the United States.


According to a recent report from the institution, during the next thirty days, the organization will be promoting the video visitation service through several commercials that will demonstrate the real value of the application. According to Richard Smith, the chief executive officer of the organization, his company connects more than one hundred and sixty thousand visits every month. The families and friends of the inmates choose to connect and also visit their loved ones using their mobile phones and desktops. This method is better compared to the traditional and outdated method of driving all the way to the correctional facilities and waiting in the long queues just to see their loved ones.

Richard Smith says that the commercials will highlight the benefits of using the remote video visitation platform over the traditional method. The ads will also show the technology and safety of the method that has not been provided by other companies in the market. Consumers and members of the society will see how the video visitation platform connects fathers, mothers, sons and daughters at an affordable rate. Even when parents are incarcerated, their children will be happy to meet with them regularly. The parents will also have an opportunity to see how their children are growing as they are away from home. The company understands the importance of a reliable communication platform between the inmates and their families, and that is why they are working hard to make it successful. During the holiday season, inmates will have a time of their lives thanks to the application.

Securus Technologies Celebrates The Success Of its Video Visitation Mobile Application

One of Securus Technologies leading products in the inmate communication sector was the video visitation platform. With the advancement of technology, personal computers were easily accessible to most of the population. Video communication rose fast to become one if the most effective and highly used communication method on the computers. Securus responded fast to this new trend and introduced the video communication platform to the correctional facilities. This product was aimed at serving inmates and helping them communicate easily with their families. This platform came to be known as the video visitation platform as it enabled families and friend who had someone in the correctional facilities visit them through a video link.

Within no time, the video visitation platform became more and more popular as more consumers embraced it. Securus Technologies in a move to make this platform accessible to more people launched the video visitation mobile application. The first application was launched on the Android phone platform in December. Nearly a fortnight ago, the Apple application was launched. So far booth applications have done so well in the market. They have managed to get over 65,000 downloads for the short time they have been available on the market. The Android phone application is leading with over 60,000 downloads. The Apple application which has been on the market for less than two weeks has been downloaded over 5,000 times. Securus Technologies said that with such positive results from the market they hope that the application will surpass the over one million downloads soon. They added that they would also be laughing the application on the mobile phones platforms soon so that it can cater for all its clients.

Securus Technologies also have other products in the market that share the same success story with their video visitation mobile application. One of such this products is the THREAD 3.1. This is a software that offers an integrated platform for security maintenance in the correctional facilities. This platform allows public safety agents and investigators to monitor inmates behavior and identify any criminal motive and prevent the crime from happening.

Securus Technologies also have the Voice Over Internet phones incorporated in their inmate communication service. The Voices Over Internet phones have made inmate phone calls via video between inmates and their families or friends easier. This service offers affordable voice communication to inmates. It also enables inmates to contact their loved ones across the globe. These superb products are among the many others that put Securus Technologies as the top service provider in the correctional facilities industry.

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