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Andrew Rolfe Contributing To The Poor Of South Africa

Jacob Lief had founded the Ubuntu Fund in 1999 by addressing the educational crisis that continues to plague the country of South Africa. They have been distributing educational supplies for families that cannot afford them. They also deal with hunger, HIV treatment, and other issues affecting them at home.


As the climate of charitable organizations is changing, leaders Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief are reforming the Ubuntu Fund to make funding more direct towards the people that actually need help. Collecting money for large charities like the Ubuntu Fund is not the problem; it is spending the money freely.


Donors will often give money with complicated sets of conditions that often hinder the direction of the organizations. Since some donors have private interests in mind, they will often want funds spent towards certain products that would benefit their company.


Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. The problem when people vote with their money is that they demand certain entitlements. Many people donating to the Ubuntu Fund are demanding that they are given some sort of authority of where the money is being spent.


Finding donors that will give money without any terms is difficult these days, but the Ubuntu Fund will push on into uncharted territory. They will now preferably target high-value donors instead of high volume donations. The overhead and effort for excessive fundraising had only diverted attention away from the families needing help. In comparison, the typical charity spends over 25 percent of funds on overhead.


The fund wants to get back into aiding families in Port Elizabeth’s townships. The organization will evaluate the educational needs of the children and give them specialized care. The operations are very intensive, but currently, attention is being diverted away due to squabbling over financial matters.


Andrew Rolfe is a businessman that has contributed greatly to the foundation. Since 2007, he has to lead the board of directors using his extensive knowledge of business and finance. Alongside his position at the charity, he also is the CEO of multiple international corporations. He had studied business at Oxford University and Harvard Business School.