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Heather Jackson Stays in Front with Herbalife24

Herbalife Nutrition is a global corporation that develops, markets, and sells a wide array of weight-control, nutrition and personal-care products. Founded by Mark Hughes in 1980, it now employs thousands of independent distributors worldwide. Hughes often stated he wanted to change the nutritional habits of the world. Currently, Herbalife’s products include not only the extremely popular weight-loss and protein shakes but also teas, vitamins, energy, digestive health, heart health and sports hydration along with a line of personal care products.


The latest product line developed for the company is called Herbalife24. Herbalife24 is a complete sports-performance nutrition line so athletes can keep in top health 24-hours a day. Through study and performance testing of its products, Herbalife24 offers high-quality intensive supplements for your training sessions. Pre-workout and post-workout there are individualized products to boost energy or for muscle recovery. The seven products in this line offers all the nutritional support your body needs as an athlete.


Ask Heather Jackson About Herbalife24 and what it has done to improve her performance as an athlete. Heather is a professional triathlete who competed in her first triathlon after spending years as an ice hockey player. Loving the challenge of triathlons, Heather decided to go pro in 2009, and her career has been skyrocketing ever since. Taking top spots in Ironman 70.3 triathlons, Heather has steadily risen in the ranks of the World Championships and has set a new record at the Wildflower Long Course Triathlon. Heather has learned through years of training and competing that sometimes you will hit plateaus and you need the mental stamina and nutritional tools to overcome such obstacles. She counts on the Herbalife products to enhance her performance during races and to turn to during all phases of training as an endurance athlete.


Triathletes know that there is so much more than a swim, bike and run to power through in order to be a top contender in a competition. Proper nutrition, ingested at the proper time, is a hidden component that gives your body the ability to perform at its peak and with a consistency you can count on. Heather Jackson doesn’t compete or train without Herbalife24. Neither should you.

Dr Mofid successful life in the industry of surgery.

Dr Mark Mofid is well known as the cosmetic medical community. He has been trained in Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. And has been recognised as someone who knows what he is doing and talking about. Dr Mofid has earned trust from several people since he is the stellar reputation and adherence to medical safety practices.

In the industry like the gluteal augmentation industry it is common for patients to ask for larger implants but instead of taking advantage of the patients’ willingness to pay more, he puts safety first since he wants to majorly in practices that he knows are safe. He uses an approach that is supported by science and so it has facts, he carefully examines and thinks extensively, and his unique position of to understand things differently is characterised by the deep understanding of the body skin, fat and muscles systems.

For over more than eight years Dr Mark Mofid has  been working on the project of developing specific types of surgeries. When he entered the industry, he immediately recognised that there were a lot of opportunities for future improvement in the industry sector. That is when he thought of reinventing the industry as a of the challenges he faced was the fact that most available implants were generic, incompatible with the human body muscles structure but instead of continuing working with the product that was less than perfect he re-examined his available options and tried to come up with new ones. After he did his research and brainstorming, Dr Mofid was able to design a perfect gluteal implant effectively.

This new implant has brought change to the industry since it has a variety of characteristics that make it work at its has a low profile, improved ratios, superior intramuscular positioning and it just looks better than the outdated one.Dr Mofid took his time to come up with the cosmetics he comforted patients by the fact that treatment was improved over a short period. Individuals such as Dr Mark Mofid have confidence in the industry, and they believe they can achieve whatever they are working towards. Dr Mark Mofid has been working in partnership with Dr Raul Gonzalez, and they aim at developing gluteal augmentation to become more and more safer.

How Dr. Mark McKenna Is Changing The Face Of Aesthetic Medical Procedures

Anywhere that people need a ride, they are able to quickly access one on their mobile phone through apps like Uber and Lyft, and Dr. Mark McKenna believes that his medical aesthetic patients deserve this same type of convenience. The reknowned Dr. McKenna has created a new business model with the first office opening in the spring of 2018, called OVME. While the treatments and procedures available utilize the latest in cutting-edge technology, patients will either feel more like they are at a spa than a doctor’s office, or patients might even be able to order some services on a phone app to be performed in the comfort of their homes.

A bit disheartened by the way the billing process has changed over the years, Dr. Mark McKenna seeks to make having procedures be a rewarding personal experience for patients. His Atlanta OVME office features four private luxury treatment rooms, as well as private consultation rooms. The patients are never bogged down with paperwork and stuck in a waiting room like they are in traditional medical offices. These details are taken care of ahead of time by email, ensuring privacy and that the patients are able to focus their energies on their appointment when they arrive.

Dr. Mark McKenna is aware that everyone’s schedules and needs are different, so OVME will offer virtual appointments and consultations as options for patients too. Some services, like Botox for example, will be able to be performed by house call doctors if that is what the patient desires. The network of house call doctors will simply log into their OVME app and add the hours and locations that they are available to work, much like a rideshare driver does. Dr. McKenna intends on finding these doctors at plastic surgery society meetings, medical trade shows, and even through connections on Facebook.

In a medical field where insurers often seem to benefit more than the patients and even the doctors, OVME represents a revolutionary way to put the control of patient care where it should be. By using the latest technology, Dr. Mark McKenna is ironically able to recreate that direct bond that existed between patients and doctors long ago. His patients will surely feel great and be able to put their best face forward.

Dr. Mark McKenna Is Propelling Forward As A Medical Practitoner And Business Owner

Dr. Mark Mckenna is a widely known medical practitioner and businessman in the United States today, having made several contributions to his fields over the years. Mark has always had quite the intellect, but he also studied for many years to further hone his mind and expand his capabilities. Today, Dr. Mark McKenna has started up several companies that have been successful using his combination of knowledge in medicine, economics, and business.

Once Mark completed his studies at Tulane University, he went on the join the family business with his father, who was a private medical practitioner. It wasn’t long before Mark realized he didn’t just want to help people through medicine, he also wanted to be an innovator. This is what started the beginning of Mark’s business career, combining both of his fields of expertise. Mark’s first company was a real estate firm that found a great deal of success called McKenna Venture. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005 and wiped out a great deal of the city including Mark’s company. Dr. Mark Mckenna lost millions of dollars overnight. Instead of letting that get to him, he worked hard to rebuild the community and his own lost funds by renovating properties throughout the city.

The latest business started up by Mark is known as OVME. This company offers customers treatments that are non-surgical right at home through orders on their app which will deliver right to their homes. Mark realized there are a great number of people who dislike spending time in a doctors office, and there are even some who are afraid to go to them. OVME will change things in that department and open up the medical practice to many more people who can’t or won’t spend time at the doctors’ office. OVME will allow clients to search the database for doctors which they can directly contact for advice before ordering their treatments. Dr. Mark McKenna hopes to continue expanding OVME beyond Atlanta and Nashville to offer this innovative service and open up the medical field even more.

An In-depth Look At Richard Shinto

Companies work best when its workers complement its mission; and vice versa. When it comes to InnovaCare Health, it’s important that they have people like Richard Shinto serving on its staff. InnovaCare is currently leading the industry in managed care revision. Since its founding, InnovaCare’s been unhappy with the way the current healthcare environment is run.


It’s just a fact that people will need quality medical care at some point in their life. It doesn’t make sense that healthcare management companies focus on profit margins and their stock value more than patient health. InnovaCare believes in building strong patient-provider relationships so that they can provide quality medical care and ensure their patients’ healthiest outcomes.


More to the original point, people like Dr. Richard A. Shinto are becoming increasingly important to companies like InnovaCare. Dr. Shinto is one of the most qualified clinical specialists in the world. Not only does he serve as President and CEO of InnovaCare Health Solutions, he’s also CEO of MMM Healthcare Inc.


Since joining InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto’s had more accomplishments than any other leader. That comes as no surprise considering his brilliant background in the medical field. For a start, he has several university degrees, as many medical professionals have. He earned his medical degree from the State University of New York. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Shortly after earning his medical degree, he joined the workforce. First, he worked as a pulmonologist and internist at Pulmonary and Internal Medicine, one of the most renowned and respected medical facilities in Southern California. It’s there that Dr. Shinto maintains his medical tenure.


Over the next decade, Dr. Shinto worked his way up the medical-corporation ladder. First, he started as a Corporate VP of Medical Management and end up serving as Chief Medical Officer for several institutions. Eventually, he was named CEO and President of Aveta Inc., where he remained until the company’s sale in 2012.


Richard Shinto is more than just a brilliant physician. He’s also quite the businessman. In 2004, he led MMC Healthcare acquisition of First Medical Health Plan’s advantage contracts. It was the biggest score for the small InnovaCare subsidiary.


Thanks to Dr. Shinto, MMC acquired nearly 27,000 new beneficiaries and an estimated $166 million per annum. From his point of view, it was about expanding InnovaCare Health and moving the company forward.



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With today’s many temptations we often find ourselves, feeling well… not quite ourselves. has many 10 day cleansing formulas that can help both men and women in rejuvenating the body and maintaining good health. With the many formulas available, it’s easy to find the one that is best for your body. Formulas include cleanses to balance the health for the colon, heart, kidney, liver, blood, or full body. With cleansing formulas available to maintain the balance of candida and replenishing the body of vitamins as well.


The best part of are their many amazing 10 day cleansing formulas is that they can be used together to create the perfect formula for you and your body. With many success stories the most popular it that of Pastor Hosea Collins who was able to lose 130lbs over a 7 month period using 5 of Dherbs full body cleanses. His success story was not on the weight lost alone, but the fact that due to the Dherbs cleanses he was able to save his wife’s life as well.


Pastor Hosea Collins was even on the Steve Harvey Show to share his amazing story due to his diet and use of Dherbs. It all started when his wife received the news she would need a kidney and was started on dialysis. He offered to donate his own, but was denied due to his weight. The wait list for a new kidney was so long, he did what he had to do. He discovered the Dherbs cleanses and with some adjustments to his own diet. He was able to lose the weight. And in June on the Steve Harvey Show he announced that he could donate a kidney to his wife.

Every body is different and so are their needs. addresses these needs and offers a variety 10 day cleanses to suit your needs for better balance and health.

Finding A Healthcare Provider and The Medicare Advantage

Healthcare is very important for people. It is especially important to find a healthcare provider that can effectively meet the needs of patients. Fortunately, InnovaCare Health is that healthcare service provider. They are very effective because they show that they care about their patients. This is something that has been inspired by Rick Shinto, M.D, MBA, President and CEO of InnovaCare. Another leader of the company that has a lot of influence over how they treat their patients is Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer. They both makes sure that InnovaCare is providing the best and most thorough services to their patients that they can. View her profile on

InnovaCare provides people with Medicare Advantage plans. This is something that pateints can benefit from because of the specific types of coverage which include HMOs, PPOs and PFFS. They provide their plans through different affiliates. Among the affiliates are MMM Healthcare, and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. There are some other affiliates that are helping to provide healthcare to the elderly with their medicare plans. One helpful thing about affiliates is that they help the healthcare service provider reach people in different countries. For instance, MMM has introduced Puerto Ricans to Medicare Advantage plans.

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For one thing, Medicare Advantage makes it a lot easier to receive higher quality healthcare for people that are seniors. However, the people still have Medicare, so they have to make their monthly Part B premium payments. There is also a limit that medicare must include on the out of pocket payments as it depends on the type of medicare plans that are being held by the insured. The limits are pretty high. There is no cost-sharing included in the plans which are higher in limit than with Original Medicare. One good thing about Medicare Advantage is that they also cover dental care and routine vision.

Know more:

There are different plans. As can be expected, each plan has its own set of rules. The rules depend on the company. For one thing, different companies can have different rules for the same type of insurance. Therefore, it is important for the patient to read the rules until he gets a thorough understanding before signing up for the insurance plan.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

Sanjay Shah Helps to Fund Autism Research Through Autism Rocks

Autism is a neurological disorder that becomes apparent in children between the ages of 2-4. This is when parents and doctors notice delayed language development, indifferent reaction or connection to people, sensitivity to external stimuli like loud noises or certain odors, and compulsive repetitive behaviors in the child. There are many theories as to what causes children to be born with autism, but there is no known definitive cause. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately one percent of the world’s population has an autism disorder, and 1 out of 68 children born in the US have an autism disorder.

Sanjay Shah is a British hedge fund manager and founder of UK based Solo Capital. He worked as a banker for over 20 years with companies such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley until he was laid off during the height of the great recession. He then founded Solo Capital which now has over 100 financial experts, and he opened an additional office in Dubai where he currently makes his home. In 2011, Sanjay and his wife Usha took their two-year-old son Nikhil to a doctor’s appointment thinking he had a stomach virus because he couldn’t keep his food down. The doctor noticed Nikhil’s unusual behavior and referred him to a child psychologist where he was later diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Sanjay has long been a philanthropic person, but now he has a purpose and a focus on preventing and finding a cure for people with autism. He is in semi-retirement from Solo Capital and currently spends much of his time on Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks was founded in 2013 as a way to raise funds for autism research. It features a variety of music stars such as Snoop Dogg, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and others who may perform in a festival style format or give individual concerts. Sanjay realizes there may never be a cure for autism, but he and his wife will do whatever they can to help fund autism research so that people can understand the condition and develop appropriate treatments for it.

You can follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Avi Weisfogel’s and His Go Fund Me Campaign

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in New Jersey. Weisfogel has been helping patients for many years. In recent years, Weisfogel has decided that it is important to reach out help others as well as his local area dental patients. His devotion to the field of public health is well known. He wants to do what he can do to help bring joy to patients and provide much needed services for those who may otherwise not be able to afford them without his help. His work in the dental field has allowed him to be part of a community of caring individuals who want to provide the best possible dental care.

Avi Weisfogel has spent many years in the field, studying the best way to help his patients. As a result of his devotion, he has earned many fans who appreciate his hard work and willingness to meet their needs. They know that they can count on Weisfogel to learn about the latest in dental procedures. They also know that they can count on him to help them get access to such procedures and enjoy far better dental health as a result of his efforts and his willingness to keep learning as much as possible.

One of his latest passions is helping to fund good medical care of all kinds for poor kids. This has led him to create a GoFundMe campaign that aims to help raise money for a cause known as Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a multiple nation campaign that aims to help provide poor kids around the world with the chance to get access to much needed medical care including surgeries. A child may have been born with a medical condition that means that his mouth bones have failed to fuse properly. This can cause the child all kinds of other problems.

However, this surgical condition is easily fixable. Weisfogel knows how much a simple procedure can change a patient’s life. He also knows that a surgeon’s skills can help such patients have lives that are much better after a simple procedure that can be performed quickly and heals quickly as well. This is why he wants to work with others to help raise funds to make sure that such patients can have access to the kind of dental care that can help them look better, eat more easily and improve the overall ability to function. Follow Avi on Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo to stay up to date on his GoFundMe Campaign. You can even see his favorite video below!

A Prepared Mind: Brian Mulligan and the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy

Brian Mulligan is one of the world’s leading physiotherapists. He is a lecturer, founder of the Mulligan Concept Teachers’ Association and the inventor of the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy. He has been married forty years and like many New Zealand natives, enjoys the outdoors, his children and grandchildren. Brain’s private practice began in 1956 and he has taught in ninety one cities in the US and twenty countries around the world. Under his belt he has tucked countless journal articles, several textbooks and many awards, most recently the International Service to the Profession Award given by the World Confederacy for Physical Therapy, held this year in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Brian founded the Mulligan Concept Teachers’ Association in 1995 as a vehicle committed to validating his brainchild through real research. Today, there are thirty five accredited teachers and there have been at least that many randomized controlled trials that illustrate the positive outcome of his procedures. Most of his students learn from his original textbook Manual Therapy: NAGS, SNAGS, MWMs, etc. He also wrote Self Treatment for Back, Neck and Limbs and The Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy, the latter being the ‘go to’ book for physiotherapists interested in these common sense techniques.

Brian’s concepts seem complicated at first but with further reading are easily understood. His original hypothesis states that injuries to the joints of the body can and do result in a minor fault in the way that joint moves. These faults cause restrictions in movement, accompanied by pain, stiffness, and weakness. Normal joints allow free but controlled movement while working to soften the natural forces of compression put onto them by the body’s regular movements. Physiotherapists work to realign the damaged joint in the least invasive ways: small steps over time to return the bones, muscles, tendons and other bodily structures to their natural places. These small steps eventually realign the joint, thus reliving pain and any further damage.

Mr. Mulligan’s concepts have been called both enduring and practical. The philosophy surrounding his techniques is not stand alone, instead he encourages them to be integrated into already existing clinical practices. Brian’s favorite quote by the late Louis Pasteur surely encompasses the entirety of his concepts concerning manual therapy and the unique ability of the human body to heal with time: “In the field of discovery, chance only favors the prepared mind.”