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Dr Mofid successful life in the industry of surgery.

Dr Mark Mofid is well known as the cosmetic medical community. He has been trained in Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. And has been recognised as someone who knows what he is doing and talking about. Dr Mofid has earned trust from several people since he is the stellar reputation and adherence to medical safety practices.

In the industry like the gluteal augmentation industry it is common for patients to ask for larger implants but instead of taking advantage of the patients’ willingness to pay more, he puts safety first since he wants to majorly in practices that he knows are safe. He uses an approach that is supported by science and so it has facts, he carefully examines and thinks extensively, and his unique position of to understand things differently is characterised by the deep understanding of the body skin, fat and muscles systems.

For over more than eight years Dr Mark Mofid has  been working on the project of developing specific types of surgeries. When he entered the industry, he immediately recognised that there were a lot of opportunities for future improvement in the industry sector. That is when he thought of reinventing the industry as a of the challenges he faced was the fact that most available implants were generic, incompatible with the human body muscles structure but instead of continuing working with the product that was less than perfect he re-examined his available options and tried to come up with new ones. After he did his research and brainstorming, Dr Mofid was able to design a perfect gluteal implant effectively.

This new implant has brought change to the industry since it has a variety of characteristics that make it work at its has a low profile, improved ratios, superior intramuscular positioning and it just looks better than the outdated one.Dr Mofid took his time to come up with the cosmetics he comforted patients by the fact that treatment was improved over a short period. Individuals such as Dr Mark Mofid have confidence in the industry, and they believe they can achieve whatever they are working towards. Dr Mark Mofid has been working in partnership with Dr Raul Gonzalez, and they aim at developing gluteal augmentation to become more and more safer.

Dr. Dov Rand is providing solutions for patients ailing from conditions associated with aging.

Dr. Dov Rand is providing solutions for patients ailing from conditions associated with aging.

Dr. Dov Rand is a renowned medical practitioner who has specialized in the field of integrated medicine. Dr. Dov Rand is also involved with the bioidentical hormone replacement practice ( He is located in New Jersey and is mainly focused on giving insight into weight loss and other conditions associated with the aging process. He is responsible for the development of programs that seek to provide patients an alternative solution to conditions regarding weight loss and anti-aging. Dr. Dov Rand’s programs are designed to meet the needs of the patients at an individual level. Dr. Dov Rand has a passion and love for his patients, and his integrative programs have helped a great deal to provide relief for patients afflicted with conditions associated with the aging process. Patients experiencing symptoms that are associated with menopause have benefited a lot from his treatments as it addresses the functioning of hormones. Dr. Rand is also responsible for developing the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet program. This is precisely important to patients that have adopted diets for weight loss and it will help to prevent degenerative muscle deterioration. The patient might have cut back on the intake of calories, and with Dr. Rand’s program, hunger pangs will not be experienced. He strongly supports a theory that was developed by a British doctor back in 1954 where he put forward that diets in relation to weight loss will only work by understanding the natural inclination of the body and using this knowledge to develop weightless programs. The HCG treatment program has benefits that have not been so far experienced before. These benefits include: relearning eating habits and doing away with those that do not work, resetting metabolism through professional recommendation about food, water, engaging in physical activities and elimination of stress to achieve metabolism with healthy outcomes. Dr. Dov Rand is firmly confident that the HCG program works and offers solutions to long-standing and complicated conditions. This HCG program will improve the well being of the patients not just concerning their health but also the confidence levels and more positive energy. A patient will be able to lose weight without feeling hungry, the beauty of it all.