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Dr Mofid successful life in the industry of surgery.

Dr Mark Mofid is well known as the cosmetic medical community. He has been trained in Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. And has been recognised as someone who knows what he is doing and talking about. Dr Mofid has earned trust from several people since he is the stellar reputation and adherence to medical safety practices.

In the industry like the gluteal augmentation industry it is common for patients to ask for larger implants but instead of taking advantage of the patients’ willingness to pay more, he puts safety first since he wants to majorly in practices that he knows are safe. He uses an approach that is supported by science and so it has facts, he carefully examines and thinks extensively, and his unique position of to understand things differently is characterised by the deep understanding of the body skin, fat and muscles systems.

For over more than eight years Dr Mark Mofid has  been working on the project of developing specific types of surgeries. When he entered the industry, he immediately recognised that there were a lot of opportunities for future improvement in the industry sector. That is when he thought of reinventing the industry as a of the challenges he faced was the fact that most available implants were generic, incompatible with the human body muscles structure but instead of continuing working with the product that was less than perfect he re-examined his available options and tried to come up with new ones. After he did his research and brainstorming, Dr Mofid was able to design a perfect gluteal implant effectively.

This new implant has brought change to the industry since it has a variety of characteristics that make it work at its has a low profile, improved ratios, superior intramuscular positioning and it just looks better than the outdated one.Dr Mofid took his time to come up with the cosmetics he comforted patients by the fact that treatment was improved over a short period. Individuals such as Dr Mark Mofid have confidence in the industry, and they believe they can achieve whatever they are working towards. Dr Mark Mofid has been working in partnership with Dr Raul Gonzalez, and they aim at developing gluteal augmentation to become more and more safer.

Dr. Johanan Rand’s Diet is Proven to Work

Dr. Johanan Rand is a weight loss doctor in West Orange, who prides himself in assisting patients who have weight issues. Dr. Rand works out of the Healthy Medical Center and assists patients with all sorts of issues related to aging, primarily age related weight gain.

Dr. Rand received a portion of his expert training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center located in New York. Using the knowledge acquired in New York, he has created his own techniques to help patients deal with diseases, restore their health and improve general vitality. With the help from Dr. Rand, patients are able to find relief from age related problems.

Dr. Rand was inspired by previous studies to create his own HCG diet program. One of the major problems that doctors see with weight loss patients is the deterioration of muscles. This is caused by the patient not getting enough nutrients in their diet. Fat acts an emergency storage for the human body. When the body isn’t given all it needs to survive, it used muscle mass before fat. It is very important for weight loss patients to take in the vitamins and nutrients the body desires while balancing their diet. Dr. Rand’s program features a new way to provide nutrients to patients who are trying to lose weight: hormones. The hormone used in Dr. Rand’s methods provides plenty of nourishment to the patients. This enables them to stick to a low-calorie diet without their muscles and organs taking damage.

Dr. Rand admits that his unique diet is not a miracle, but the results have proved that it can work. Patients will still have to cut cravings, but the HCG diet is proven to allow patients to loose fat without constantly feeling hungry. Thanks to Dr. Johanan Rand, patients are able to lose weight in a safe manner, and keep the weight off for years to come.