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Last Week Tonight Returns This Sunday

The fifth season premiere of HBO’s Last Week Tonight airs this Sunday at 11 PM Eastern. Fans eagerly await the John Oliver product, as it has become the elite comedic news program on television today.

Oliver, a product of the Jon Stewart-led The Daily Show, was given the reins to his own product back in 2014. Over those four years, Oliver and Last Week Tonight developed into the best at their craft. Oliver’s easy wit and biting humor work perfectly in today’s news landscape. With a home on HBO, Oliver is also allowed to swear and push the boundaries that his old TV show wasn’t allowed to run up against.

Over the past three years, Last Week Tonight has been nominated for and won nearly all the major TV awards. In 2017 alone, it was nominated for eight Emmys, winning four, including Outstanding Variety Talk Series, Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series, and Outstanding Interactive Program. In the past three years, the show has taken home eight total Emmy awards.

As with all late-night news shows, Last Week Tonight is forced to parse through the political landscape. But unlike its competitors, LWT is weekly and leans heavily on a well-researched, in-depth, 20-minute news piece each episode. This piece has become the viral sensation that propels the show culturally, beyond even those who watch on HBO. Viewers can’t wait to see how Oliver and company will kick off season five this weekend.