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Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Tour a Haunted Manor

Jimmy Fallon recently went through a haunted house on his show with one of his favorite friends, Kevin Hart. The two went through one of the scariest haunted houses in New York, which is called Blood Manor.


At the beginning of the clim on Jimmy’s show, Jimmy voiced his concern about going through Blood Manor because he was fairly scared. He said that he was seriously scared. Before, both Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon had gone on a roller coaster together and filmed themselves while on the ride. It was a great clip that got lots of laughs and likes, so the pair thought they would try their hand at making funny videos again and went for the scary haunted house tour. Jimmy said that they decided on this video because it’s getting close to Halloween.


Both of the men wore cameras on harnesses on their chests, but there was also a film crew on site to film both of them. At first, both of them were fairly tentative, but soon, they were screaming and freaking out when villains and monsters started to jump out at them.


In one of the rooms, there was no light and an infrared camera filmed them while creepy monsters popped out at them. In another room that had an ultra red glow, they met with a monster on a table and joked with him. Jimmy and Kevin went through various other rooms of the haunted manor before finally ending the tour with lots of laughs.