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Harry Styles Unexpectedly Jumps in as Host for the Late Late Show

The Late Late Show’s audience and viewers were surprised on Tuesday night when Harry Styles, One Direction member turned solo artist, appeared onstage to give the show’s opening monologue. Styles received a thunderous round of applause and began his monologue by saying, “No your eyes do not deceive you…I am not James Corden.” Corden’s unexpected absence was due to his wife, Julia Carey, giving birth to the couple’s third child, a girl, just half an hour before the show’s start. The couple also has a three-year old daughter, Carey, and a six-year old son, Max. The new baby’s name has yet to be released. According to a tweet by Corden, the baby and mother are “doing great” and the family “can’t stop smiling.”

It was also revealed in Corden’s tweet that Harry Styles came to the rescue by stepping in to host with only a two and a half hour’s notice. Styles joked that he had stopped by the hospital before the show to see the newborn and that the baby “looks a lot like James, mainly because James looks like a giant baby.” He also assured the audience that his hosting was “a one time only thing, unless CBS likes what they see.” Styles, a friend of Corden, has appeared on The Late Late Show before as a guest and performed a weeklong musical residency in May that coincided with the release of his debut album.