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Saying Goodbye To Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman has passed away, leaving a void in rock music that will likely never be filled. As the long-time lead singer of the Allman Brothers, Gregg Allman proved extremely influential in modern American music. After surviving the premature death of his brother Duane in the 1970s, Gregg Allman overcame a variety of personal issues. Millions of fans around the world will ensure that Gregg Allman’s memory will live on for many years to come. According to a statement that was added to the vocalist’s website, Allman passed away peacefully in his Georgia home.


I deeply regret the fact that we have lost another music legend. Even in his older years, Allman continued touring and writing music. When Allman added Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks to the Allman Brothers, he enabled the band to enter a more productive phase. Over the course of the past couple of decades, this augmented band released a number of brilliant records that are worthy of praise. The passing of this great legend has elicited some coverage in the entertainment press. I hope that this rock legend achieves adequate recognition for his many successful ventures.


Gregg Allman is a celebrity who has weathered a lot of controversies. During the 1970s, Allman married Cher, which proved a fairly controversial and fraught move. Many fans were impressed with the way that Allman rose above the controversies and troubles that dogged him from time to time. Today, Allman offers a sterling example of a celebrity who knew how to bounce back from difficulties and maintain his composure.


Gregg Allman, Genius Of Southern Rock, Passes Away At 69

It is impossible to talk about Southern Rock music without giving Gregg “LeNoir” Allman of the Allman Brothers Band fame a prominent mention. Allman played a central role in inventing the popular music genre known as Southern Rock that swept through the nation starting from the early 70s. Fans are mourning the passing of prolific musician, singer, and songwriter at his Savannah, Georgia home on May, 27th 2017. The renowned entertainer was 69 years of age at the time.


The Allman Brothers Band secured its place in history by creating a unique mash of country blues with an extended improvisation style more commonly found in the South Francisco music scene. This new style was eventually dubbed as “Southern Rock” and has formed the mold that numerous successive country bands would follow. Gregg Allman formed this influential band alongside his older brother, celebrated guitarist Duane Allman, in 1969.


The brothers started out playing for many bands in Nashville. However, it was not long before they took their own band, the Allman Joys, on the road. It was not until 1969 that they formed the chart-topping Allman Brothers Band. The 1971 release of their inaugural album, “Live at the Fillmore East,” propelled the frontman and band to meteoric success. Allman also found great success as a solo artist, with his albums offering a wide selection of soul, blues, and R’n’B.


Gregg Allman had a distinctly rich, gritty voice that made him one of the greatest vocalists in the blues-rock genre. Combined with the soulful sounds of his Hammond B-3 keyboard, Allman’s performances were deeply and emotionally powerful. Because of his unique talent, Allman received numerous accolades and awards for his work. These include multiple Grammys, and an induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.