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E-governe Will Help Brazil Become An Economic And Education Powerhouse

Brazil has it all when it comes to beaches, Carnival, caipirinhas, and soccer. But when it comes to political stability, education, economic growth and social services, the country gets a poor grade. Even though Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world, it is also one of the poorest and least educated cities on the planet. Sao Paulo city officials are witnessing a social nightmare, and they are doing something about it. Sao Paulo leaders are calling on E-governe to revamp their education system, and there is finally a glimmer of hope in the poorest areas of the city.



E-governe may sound like a strange name for a company, but in today’s technological world the name fits. E-governe is a three company venture. Sisterplan, Consult, and Minauro got together and developed an educational system called the Educacao School Management System. The Educacao School Management System uses a combination of technological advancements that help children learn in a methodical way. In order to show their uniqueness, the three-company E-governe system uses a Rubik Cube as a statement that shows their diversity and innovative talents.



E-governe executives knew they had to start with a big Brazilian city in order to get the attention of other cities as well as show government officials what their Educacao School Management System could do. Sao Paulo officials put the system to work in 138 city schools. The plan is to expand the program to the Sao Paulo Municipal Education Department and the Continuing Education Center.



But education is not the only field that E-governe wants to revolutionize in Brazil. The company wants to manage state and municipal health departments. The E-govern health platform helps states function more efficiently because it saves states money. E-governe system schedules consultations and it improves the quality of the service. The system also controls the distribution of medicines from pharmacies as well as the application of vaccines and specialized test consultations. And the system also helps hospitals with bed control, outpatient services, and financial resource management.




Just like the E-governe education system, the health system ensures security and integrity of information. And the system provides management reports in real time. Those reports are always available online, so there is no redundancy. Access privileges and safety levels are the responsibility of the managers of the system, and that ensures agility and openness in terms of meeting the demands of the clients.




Brazil is facing a lot of challenges. The country always has challenges to overcome. Government systems are outdated. Laws on the books are hurting the recovery from the nasty recession. The recession is the villain causing high inflation, unemployment, and currency fluctuations. Sao Paulo officials believe E-governe is the answer to these issues and more. They say a country is only as good as the systems they use, and E-governe systems are the best in the country. It’s only a matter of time before other Brazilian cities realize that E-governe systems are the systems Brazilians need in their future.