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Conan O’Brien to Promote Google Mobile Games

Conan O’Brien has had a lot of fun with the fact that he is not a very good video game player. Viewers have loved the frequent segments on his show that demonstrate how inept he is when it comes to playing video games. Therefore, it should not come as a shock that Google Play has entered into an agreement with Conan O’Brien and TBS to promote their games on Conan’s show during the next year. There will also be promotion that will be done on the Team Coco Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is likely that Conan and his writers will find a way to work Google’s mobile games into some of his bits. This will allow Conan to plug the games in a humorous manner so viewers do not feel like they are watching a commercial for Google Play.

The contract that Google Play has with TBS states that Conan is not allowed to promote other mobile gaming companies for the next year. However, the show can feature console games in various segments. Conan has a popular “clueless gamer” segment where he attempts to play different games. He usually does this with a guest. Therefore, the show already has an established history of mentioning video games on a regular basis. This means that Conan’s audience will not find it odd when Conan suddenly starts talking about Google Play frequently on his show. Conan has said that he wants to make more content that is specifically designed for mobile device users.