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Here’s What Avaaz is Trying to Block in News Media

21st Century Fox has owned 39% of innovative television service provider Sky for several years. The telecommunications giant is currently attempting to purchase the remaining 61% of Sky, which would provide Fox with total ownership. Avaaz, a civic rights organization operating in the public’s best interest, has recently requested regulating bodies in the United Kingdom to review the purchase.

Rupert Murdoch is a multi-billionaire, having established his name throughout business circles by purchasing and growing media groups. Avaaz has argued that Murdoch likely won’t be able to possesses an authorized broadcasting certificate because he owns so much media. Fox’s anticipated purchase of Sky is currently valued at a whopping $14.94 billion, or 12.7 billion Euros.

The United Kingdom’s culture secretary, Karen Bradley, is also considering further reviewing the purchase of Sky by Fox and owner Rupert Murdoch. Even further, Mrs. Bradley anticipates contacting the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to assist in evaluating the controversial deal.

Fortunately for Fox, Sky recently passed the fit and proper test, along with Murdoch and his international media conglomerate. However, it’s not hard to reason where Avaaz is coming from, as holding news media agencies accountable is easiest when the market is full of independent, competitive owners.

Avaaz has argued against the United Kingdom’s regulator of communications, Ofcom, saying the agency’s decree in favor of Fox and Murdoch was “fatally flawed by material errors of law, fact, and reasoning.” Avaaz has demanded a formal review of the transaction between Sky and Murdoch’s Fox.

Founded in New York City in 2007, Avaaz is unarguably one of the most sizable, recognizable rights advocacy organizations in the entire world. Avaaz was founded by a group of seven individuals, including current Executive Director Ricken Patel, alongside Res Publica, a popular communicatory service provider located in the midwestern portion of the United States.

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