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Disney Is Making A New Deal In The Industry

The Walt Disney Company is in the process of closing a deal that is worth approximately 60 billion dollars. This deal will be made with Fox, and this will allow the Walt Disney Company to take over certain property that is currently owned by Fox. This property includes studios, television channels, movies, current projects, and even actors and actresses.

This deal is expected to be made official by Thursday morning. Last minute details are being worked out by a massive amount of lawyers. The real problem is with the television programs that are operated by Fox. Fox is willing to give up certain channels, but certain channels they are not willing to give up.

Representatives from the Walt Disney Company stated that they are planning to conduct some serious changes with assets they are purchasing. For starters, Disney is going to have several new shows added to the Fox sports channels. These channels are expected to depict sports that are geared more towards a younger demographic. Another big change will be made the way movies are made. Disney is planning on hiring an entire animation team to work on future Fox films.

Comcast was involved in this deal for a while. They were going to pay part of the 60 billion, and Disney was going to pay the rest. Over the last 72 hours, Comcast decided to back out of this deal, but the Walt Disney Company has no problem with that. Additionally, the Walt Disney Company hopes this deal will cause the Disney stock to rise.