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Greg Secker Wants To Teach You Forex

Learn to Trade Founder, Greg Secker, became a big bang to financial markets when he learned to trade. Borrowing $4400. and turning it into $53000. in under a year, Secker figured he’d take his unique talents and turn them in to a profitable business. Fast forward nearly 15 years later, and his career is a reflection of his business savvy and commitment to community. Greg Secker has more than 17 various companies that range from philanthropic foundations to brokerages and hedge funds.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences, from the University of Nottingham, the self-professed “computer geek” changed paths and began delving more into his favorite pastime of programming. He accepted a technology position at Thomas Cook Financial Services, creating a virtual Forex trading platform. The art of trading left an indelible impression and he began executing his own trades on Forex. With a new entrepreneurial drive, Secker began attending many well-known seminars to improve upon his new goals. Now bored with trading, he wanted to empower novice traders how to cinch real wealth, using the Forex system.

With a proven track record for building wealth and catapulting success, Greg Secker became a professional business coach and sought-after speaker. Recently honored as a board member to Ambassadors for City Philanthropy, and admired as a leader, he works side-by-side with some of the world’s biggest innovators, seeking ways to empower and give people more options for financial well-being.

An author whose books include, “Financial Freedom Through Forex”, and “Wealth Secrets of Serious Money Makers”, Secker provides a manual on actionable advice to maneuver through Forex trading, and achieve long-term success and growth.

Believing that young adults should build life skills early, Secker launched the game-changing Greg Secker Foundation. The organization holds various affairs like the Youth Leadership Summit that supports leadership and entrepreneurship. He is also a patron of international philanthropic events, such as in South Africa and the Philippines that support rebuilding under privileged communities.

Greg Secker says he wants to provide people with the tools needed to make dreams a reality.