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Equities First Holdings Is an Affordable Finance Strategy

Equities First Holdings is an alternative loan provider based in the United States. For the company, nothing gives them more joy than to become part of the solution to your problem. For this reason, the company developed the fast working capital loans using stocks as collateral to have the wealthy individuals and young companies secure fast money to aid in the harsh economic environment. As a matter of fact, the harsh economic environment is characterized by the fast working capital. For you to become a fast entity in this environment, you must be willing to endure the dire needs of fast working capital. For this reason, Equities First Holdings is a better source and alternative creditor.

Equities First Holdings is a service provider in this development where it dedicates fast working capital to those in need. For those who want to secure the money, they must be willing to step aside and issue their fast working money in a manner that is not depicted in this industry. For this reason, they end up working for better capabilities in a changing environment. Therefore, fast working money is a thing of the past in the company. Equities First Holdings has seen more traction in the use of stock-based loans during the harsh economic crisis, for the financial crisis, no one has a better value in need than those who want to secure the loans.

For this reason, you might have noticed that the company works to sustain its development capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the industry.Equities First Holdings is one of the best sources of finance. For the company, the use of stock-based loans comes in handy at the most opportune moment when the enterprise meets the incredible financial crisis. For this reason, they end up working for the main good of the people.

EFH Completes Major Transaction in UK

Equities First Holdings is an international lending institution that provides alternative shareholder financing solutions to consumers. The organization recently announced that it had concluded a transaction with one Andrew Newland. Andrew is the Chief Executive Officer of a company known as ANGLE. The deal involved returning shares that were worth 1.35 million. The shares were previously used as collateral by Andrew in a financial transaction with Equities First Holdings.

The financing facility was started in October 2014, and it was actually the first transactions that were done by Equities First Holdings. The transaction was executed in the UK after the purchase of the Median Partners Limited. Equities First Holdings decided to acquire the Meridian in the year 2014. The acquired operation was named Equities First London Limited. Since its acquisition, the company was successfully authorized and also regulated by the famous Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.

Al Christy Jr is the founder and also the Chief Executive Officer of Equities First Holdings. The CEO says that the process of returning collateral to the company clients is business as usual for his organization. Since the international company was founded, it has managed to complete over seven hundred transactions with the help of its subsidiaries. Since the institution was started, it has earned the reputation of returning all the client collateral when there is maturity and total payments. Companies and individuals who have worked with the company say that they received their shares in time after they had made all their payments.

Equities First Holdings was started in the year 2002 by Al Christy. Since then, the international company offers its customers with alternative financing services, supplying these clients with capital against the publicly traded stocks . These loans enable the customers to meet their professional and personal goals in time. The company offers consumers capital against shares that are traded on the public exchanges in all parts of the world.

Equities First Holdings currently has its offices in more than nine nations. All the offices ensure that the client access the loans they need fast, in very transparent processes. The current interest rates offered by the company are affordable to everyone, and they are lower compared to the rates provided by the conventional banks.

Differences between Margin and Stock-Based Loans; Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings has undoubtedly experienced growth in the number of clients interested in margins and stock-based loans. This may be due to the fact that, other loan lending institutions such as banks have increased their interests’ rates and also tightened the loan lending criteria such that a majority of clients do not measure up, hence making them seek alternative solutions.


According to an observation by Equity First Holdings , customers still find both margin and stock-based loans synonymous; since both forms use security as collateral. Here is a clear contrast featuring margin loans and stock-based loans:

Margin Loans

  • The client should be pre-qualified for the loan.
  • It may require money borrowed to be applied as specified.
  • Its interest rates are variable from time to time.
  • Its loan to value ratio is between ten and fifty percent.
  • In the case of a margin call, the lending firm reserves the right to liquidate the borrower’s collateral without warning.

Stock-Based Loans

  • Money borrowed can be applied wherever the client chooses; there are no restrictions.
  • Even when the stock value depreciates, the client holds the right to walk away at any given time.
  • Its fixed interest rate is between 3% and 4%.
  • Its loan to value ratio is between 50% and 75%


It has also noted that clients are hesitant when it comes to stock-based loans because, in the past, most lenders have failed to meet their expectations by dumping collateral into the open market and failing to honor stock pledges after maturity. The institution assures its clients that this is not the case anymore and encourages them to consider this type of loan.

About Equity First Holdings

It was founded by Al Christy Jr. in the year 2002. EFH is an alternative finance-lending firm that is reputable for offering clients low fixed interest rates for high loan to values and providing capital against a publicly traded stock. Currently, it prides itself in performing over 650 transactions worth more than $1.4 billion.


Its current locations include London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. To find about more about Equity First Holding, visit its website