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Finance Educator And Innovator Greg Secker Is Interviewed By Ideamensch

Greg Secker is a motivational speaker, philanthropist and entrepreneur. His non-profit foundation is called the Greg Secker Foundation. It provides funding and support for youth leadership programs and various educational and life skills programs. The Greg Secker Foundation also supports disaster relief efforts such as home rebuilding projects in the Philippines after Hurricane Haiyan struck the island country. South Africa’s Ubuntu Fund also receives significant funding and support from the Greg Secker Foundation. It provides schooling, job training and housing for orphans in South Africa.

On the entrepreneurial side, Greg Secker has developed and launched two highly successful investment coaching programs. They are called Knowledge to Action and Learn to Trade. Knowledge to Action has been called one of the UK’s fastest growing firms and was a finalist at the London Excellence Awards for business. His other financial education company, Learn to Trade has been recognized as being the best financial educator by the World Finance magazine in 2012 and in 2013. It also received awards for being the top Forex training company and was recognized for being one of the most charitable companies in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Secker has also launched several financial software companies. They are SmartCharts, FX Capital and Capital Index. All of these programs launched by Greg Secker deal with Forex trading, futures trading and indices. These software services are known for their ease of use and intuitive nature. Greg Secker suggests using his trading software programs along with his investment strategy that is taught at his financial educational companies to maximize investment returns.

Ideamensch asked Greg Secker what is a trend that he finds to be very fascinating. Mr. Secker said that the shift away from big media companies and to the masses when it comes to believing what brands to trust, what information to believe and what lifestyles to pursue is one that is very exciting for him. Greg Secker believes that technology, especially the internet is helping to bring more power to the people. It is also taking power away from the so called established channels of information. Technology that can learn our behavior or patterns is another fascinating trend says Secker.