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Conan O’Brien Tests “Final Fantasy XV” In New Episode of “Clueless Gamer”

Conan O’Brien, the host of TBS’s nightly show Conan, has just released another edition of his popular series “Clueless Gamer.” In each of these “Clueless Gamer” episodes, O’Brien tests out a new video game with hysterical results.


In this latest edition of “Clueless Gamer,” O’Brien tries out the highly anticipated “Final Fantasy XV” before it has even been released. O’Brien was joined by the Hollywood actor Elijah Wood on this special episode.


O’Brien and Wood start off their adventure pushing a black car down the road. O’Brien shouted, “we just were sent on a magical journey, and now we’re pushing a car to Las Vegas?” Right from the start, O’Brien was not impressed with this game.


Later both O’Brien and Wood led a bunch of heroes into the desert. O’Brien started making jokes about the leather style of clothing all of these characters were in. O’Brien joked, “nothing like running in the desert wearing leather.”


O’Brien had some harsh words for this game. He even said the game should be re-named “wait for your death in real time.”


O’Brien got infuriated when he discovered it takes three whole days to destroy one of the worm-like monsters in the game. O’Brien wondered who on earth would actually play this game.


After learning that the entire crew that made “Final Fantasy XV” were listening in on O’Brien’s comments from an adjoining room, O’Brien got very nervous. However, when he opened the doors to confront these game developers, he let them know how much he despised their creation in the most humorous way possible.


O’Brien didn’t like this game nearly as much as he liked “Gears of War 4.” O’Brien actually filmed two episodes of playing “Gears of War 4” with rapper Wiz Khalifa.


In the end, O’Brien said that “Final Fantasy XV” is an “epic…waste of time.” This episode of “Clueless Gamer” already has over 500,000 views on YouTube.