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Fabletics: Changing the Clothing Industry

There are a lot of things to think about when you are looking at exercise clothing. You have probably seen all the companies that you have in your area that sell these kinds of clothing, but you may not know why you should be looking at Fabletics.


Subscription Service

The first thing you should probably know about Fabletics that makes them different is the way they sell their clothing online. They use a subscription service that allows them to get it to more people. They set you up with a style and then send you an outfit every month. This means you don’t have to leave the home. It comes straight to you. This is a huge thing for learning about Fabletics.



Fabletics did so well online that they started a couple of stores in areas that were more populated. The great thing about these stores is that you can try your clothing on before you buy it. This means you get to see it on you and you can see if the colors are something that you are going to really like.


Another great thing about the store is that you can get items that are not in your style if you like them. You don’t have to go online and change the style you are already getting and you can just pick up the one you want at the store. This can make things so much easier for you in the long run. You can see what something that isn’t in your typical style looks like on your body and make a choice before you change everything in your online profile.


There are so many things you can do with your Fabletics that you can get the one that you want and not worry about going to a store. This makes it a lot better than just going into the store and standing there deciding what you are going to get. The choice has already been make for you. All you do is wait for it or change your style. This means you are saving time and you are getting more done than you ever thought you would before.

Technology Interacts With Fashion

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who appreciates the way that technology and fashion come together in the world. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He guides this company with a vision of creativity, applying imagination and disrupting existing markets. He constantly aims to have a positive impact on the lives of consumers with the innovation he fosters.


Chris Burch has participated in advancing more than 50 companies over his career. He has a natural understanding of how markets and trends work. Those who know him appreciate his insights which come from a long track record of success. Chris is especially interested in the intersection of fashion and technology and writes about it.


Throughout the years, the fashion and technology industries have changed. Interestingly, these two industries have managed to evolve side by side. They influence each other. Fashion has technology integrated into it, and technology becomes more fashionable.


Technology and fashion are being synthesized together at a faster rate than ever before. Forward-thinking fashion designers see the possibilities that can be achieved by integrating technology into their designs. Being creative with technology brings new levels of functionality and innovation. There are some fashion designers who believe that technology is a playground of sorts. It allows the designer to experiment and dive deeply to receive great rewards. Technology truly opens the designer up to endless possibilities.


There have been several points in time where technology needed the help of fashion in order to become popular. Google Glass was having difficulty acquiring customers at first. For many, the design was awkward. Even worse, most of the target market did not need to wear glasses. At this point, Diane Von Furstenberg offered her help to the project. She had her models wear Google Glass on the runway. This brought massive amounts of awareness to the technology and made it something that was trendy for non-glasses wearing consumers to have as an accessory. This is a clear example of how fashion helps technology and contributes to its development. Technology teams can use this feedback to design products that consumers are more likely to use.