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Igor Cornelsen the Native Investment Expert in Brazil


Igor Cornelsen is an investment expert. Igor is currently working for Bainbridge Investments, Inc. Bainbridge is located in the Bahamas. Igor joined the company in the spring of 2011. Igor has the role of finding creative and exciting ways to invest in the stock market for the future success of Bainbridge. Igor loves investing, and he considers it his hobby. Igor lives in Southern Florida though he often flies back to Brazil, his home country. The investment expert spends half of his time in Brazil and the other half in Florida. Igor says on Facebook that he enjoys playing golf during his free time.


According to Igor’s Yolasite, his secret in the investment and business world is the Brazilian market. The Brazilian economy is the fifth largest in the world. However, for some reasons, people who should be benefiting from the economy tend to overlook it. Cornelsen understands the stock market more than most people. Based on his wisdom on the stock exchange matters, things he says should be carefully analyzed especially by newbies in the stock market.


Cornelsen has learned the best way to invest, and he has the tips. Therefore, people ought to consider his words and follow his guidelines to stand a better chance of succeeding in the stock market. Beginners in the stock market need to understand some things before they invest in stocks. Igor’s advice could be useful to such people. Igor advises people getting into stock market investment to take their time and observe the trends of the stocks before investing. He also recommends them to read a lot and seek guidance from successful investors. People should also get to know the requirements of the government in a particular area as well as the constraints.


Tripod depicts that Igor Cornelsen held various senior positions in several banks in Brazil before 2010 when he retired. After his retirement, Igor spends his time in Brazil where he focuses on investment as a hobby. Igor Cornelsen is an investor of his time and a man champion not only in business but also in life. Igor is a winning national and international reputation and a well-known banking consultant in Brazil. He has the expertise, having worked as a manager in some of the largest banks in Brazil.