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Executives of the OSI Group Discuss Expansion of Business Into Global Corporation

The executives of the OSI Group recently discussed the expansion of the food production company from a American based facility to a global corporation. The OSI Group was developed in 1909 in Chicago, Il, and has expanded to include facilities in countries across three continents. When asked to discuss the expansion of the OSI Group during a press conference in the early part of the year, Sheldon Lavin, the company’s chairman and CEO, stated that the company’s expansion was a result of extreme dedication on the part of the team at the OSI Group. Lavin also stated that the company expansion seems to have happened quickly in retrospect, but that the process actually seemed extremely difficult and lengthy. Towards the end of the discussion, the Chairman stated that the OSI group would continue to expand until the OSI brand was recognizable in most countries of the world.

Dedication on Behalf of OSI Team

The devotion of the team members who are employed by the OSI Group is often remarked upon by the company’s competitors. According to Sheldon Levin, this devotion and commitment to excellent standards in the workplace was a great factor in the expansion of the the OSI Group. Levin stated that the company officials would not have been able to successfully negotiate the expansion deals if the OSI staff had not possessed the ability to complete daily tasks independently. Levin described the OSI team as a carefully selected group who’s commitment to service continually presses the company toward excellent standards.

Lengthy Expansion Process

Lavin also discussed the expansion process of the OSI Group by describing the lengthy process. The OSI Group leaders began the company’s expansion soon after its 1909 development by opening several other stores in the Illinois area. The development of the initial Illinois companies was a grueling task for the small company leaders to complete. Although the process of developing OSI food factories throughout the state of Illinois took several years, it was initially completed and company leaders began the development of facilities across the Americas. Levin stated that the expansion of the company from the small facility in Chicago to the current global corporation that exists now took nearly 60 years.

Building Global Brand Awareness

Sheldon Lavin ended his discussion on OSI’s expansion by explaining the company’s vision for the coming years. Lavin stated that the mission of the OSI Group was to offer exceptional food processing services to customers all around the world. This mission will be carried forward through the development of OSI facilities in many locations. Lavin stated that the OSI Group is seeking to develop 60 additional facilities in various locations within the next decade. Because the company has become remarkably successful over time, leaders of the OSI Group are expecting to establish new facilities in a shorter time frame than usual because of the resources that are now available. After the new facilities are completed and ready for use, the OSI Group will become the most influential and well established food processing company in the world.