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A Friend To Grow Old With

I remember when I got my dog 11 years ago when my health was much better. Even though I am getting older I still keep my promise to look after my best friend. I had just lost my wife, and my kids lived across the country. I didn’t really have any friends that I wanted to see on a regular basis. One day I went up to the shelter to see what they had, and I found a puppy that had been brought in that very day. I instantly connected to this animal, and couldn’t resist taking her home.
The companionship that this animal brought me was something that I missed very much. I remember going everywhere with my favorite girl. She kept me active and healthy, and I made sure to do the same for her. I always fed her quality food starting at a young age by giving her Healthy Puppy as a young dog and switching to the original blend when she was a full adult. As she gets older I am finding that she enjoys wet food more, so I have switched to mainly giving her a diet of wet food like the Chopped Meals from Beneful.
We still go out and play, and I make sure to reward her with a Healthy Smile. I know that these Beneful treats make her happy while keeping her teeth healthy. We also go on daily walks which help keep me healthy. I made a promise to make sure that she would always be looked after since the day I got my good girl, but I feel that throughout the years she has done more looking after me. She has helped me emotionally, physically, and in many other ways to keep me healthy. It’s good to know that I have a great friend to grow old with.