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How Much Money Is Too Much Money?

The entertainment industry is a crazy train loaded with people who put a dollar amount on acting talent. I understand that everyone deserves to get paid for their time, but sometimes I think egos can go too far. Case in point, more attention is being given to the inequality of women versus men, especially in the entertainment industry since the large amount of indiscretions reported involving men. I think, like everything in America right now, we have a weird view of what constitutes reality. For example: In the latest news, there is an American actor that made $1.5 million dollars compared to the $80.00 a day his female costar made for the same amount of time, same reshoot schedule. They both have an equal part in an upcoming movie, the difference was the female actor never demanded more money, she stated that she was already paid for her original part. The male actor wouldn’t consent to reshoots without more money.

How is this an acceptable thing? The one thing that I have a hard time with is this: We have millions of people who work hard in this country and live paycheck to paycheck to keep their families afloat and at the same time America has this imbalance of priorities. Too much emphasis is put on idea of being a celebrity and obtaining wealth instead of strong core values such as hard work and integrity. I wonder what other countries think of that type of thinking, because I for one find these values disturbing.