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Stream Energy’s Business Model Values Philanthropy

Modern firms compete on different fronts, including corporate social responsibility. In fact, American businesses donated over $16 billion in 2016 to various philanthropic causes. Texas, however, is ranked among the least generous states in America. Stream Energy—a Dallas-based retail electricity firm—is out to change this narrative. The company’s philanthropic interests include assisting the less fortunate and helping victims of disasters. The company has lend a hand to the less fortunate, and it will continue doing so through the newly launched Stream Cares.

Stream’s recent philanthropic undertakings include contributing towards building and healing areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane ranked next to Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone, displaced over 30 thousand people. Among the displaced people were Stream Energy’s associates and clients. When a crowd-funding campaign was initiated to assist the affected associates, the firm matched the donations to the drive up to $25,000. And Stream Energy did not stop there: It helped American Red Cross by accepting contributions from well-wishers on behalf of the humanitarian organization. The Dallas-based firm then went ahead to assure its clients in the affected areas that they would not be penalized for paying their monthly dues later than usual.

Stream Energy understands that by working with like-minded organizations in its philanthropic endeavors, it stands to create a more significant impact. The company, therefore, has a cordial working relationship with Hope Supply Co. Salvation Army, and even its associates, when it comes to matters humanitarian. Stream Energy and its associates recently sponsored a thousand homeless children to be part of the annual Splash for Hope. The event enabled Stream to provide monetary support and supplies to North Texas homeless children.

Stream Energy

Started in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki in Texas, Stream has grown to be among the leading direct selling companies in America. The revenues–$8 billion—that Stream has earned so far speak to the firm’s innovative direct selling program. While some of Stream’s services are available in seven states, the majority are available across America. Thanks to the company’s associates that work round the clock to popularize the firm’s services, receiving salaries and commissions for their efforts.

Why Decide on Gooee LED Lighting

LED lighting can be a whole lot more advantageous for your company than you might think. A lot of business owners are realizing that one of the highest bills that they have every single month is the electric bill. If your electric bill is way too high and you are spending more money than you have when it comes to powering up your business, it is very important that you consider switching to LED lighting. Gooee LED Lighting is a great option for you when it comes to saving money and getting other options that enable you to run a more efficient business. Lots of individuals are finding that LED lighting is one of the best options for them and their business needs.


It is very important that if you are considering LED lighting for your company, you choose a business that offers this that is highly reputable. A lot of individuals are finding that by going with a good company for their LED lighting needs, they do not have to spend a small fortune just to have everything installed for them. Once everything has been installed by their experts, you will be able to see that it is going to save you a ton of money and get you exactly what you need in terms of options available to you and your clients. Saving money with good LED lighting is a lot easier than you might think and it is why it is a good idea for you to consider having it installed for your own benefit over time.