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Ed Sheeran Receives an Unexpected Response From New Zealand’s Prime Minister

While promoting his upcoming shows in New Zealand, Ed Sheeran recorded a short video for ZM radio station. Sheeran’s Divide tour will come in March 2018. Sheeran is so popular in the country that his five tour dates sold out within two hours of tickets going on sale. In the video, Sheeran greets Kiwis and says though he’s “not yet a citizen of New Zealand,” he’s “working on it.” Sheeran then makes a plea to New Zealand’s new prime minister to “hook” him up.

Sheeran is a known fan of New Zealand (just not the chocolate) and spent a portion of his year-long break from the music industry traveling the country. He’s also publicly spoken of his plans to be a tourist on the South Island, saying he wants to visit Lake Wakatipu.

Sheeran received an unexpected reply to his citizenship plea. Sheeran’s original video caught the eye of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and she, in return, recorded her own message via ZM radio station for Sheeran. In the video, Prime Minister Ardern responds to Sheeran by asking important questions, such as “Do you like Pineapple Lumps,” (an iconic Kiwi candy) and “Are you willing to wear jandals (flip flops) in semi-inappropriate situations?” Finally, she questions “Are you willing to make New Zealand your home?”

Sheeran has yet to reply to Prime Minister Ardern’s inquiries.