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Stream Energy’s Business Model Values Philanthropy

Modern firms compete on different fronts, including corporate social responsibility. In fact, American businesses donated over $16 billion in 2016 to various philanthropic causes. Texas, however, is ranked among the least generous states in America. Stream Energy—a Dallas-based retail electricity firm—is out to change this narrative. The company’s philanthropic interests include assisting the less fortunate and helping victims of disasters. The company has lend a hand to the less fortunate, and it will continue doing so through the newly launched Stream Cares.

Stream’s recent philanthropic undertakings include contributing towards building and healing areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane ranked next to Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone, displaced over 30 thousand people. Among the displaced people were Stream Energy’s associates and clients. When a crowd-funding campaign was initiated to assist the affected associates, the firm matched the donations to the drive up to $25,000. And Stream Energy did not stop there: It helped American Red Cross by accepting contributions from well-wishers on behalf of the humanitarian organization. The Dallas-based firm then went ahead to assure its clients in the affected areas that they would not be penalized for paying their monthly dues later than usual.

Stream Energy understands that by working with like-minded organizations in its philanthropic endeavors, it stands to create a more significant impact. The company, therefore, has a cordial working relationship with Hope Supply Co. Salvation Army, and even its associates, when it comes to matters humanitarian. Stream Energy and its associates recently sponsored a thousand homeless children to be part of the annual Splash for Hope. The event enabled Stream to provide monetary support and supplies to North Texas homeless children.

Stream Energy

Started in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki in Texas, Stream has grown to be among the leading direct selling companies in America. The revenues–$8 billion—that Stream has earned so far speak to the firm’s innovative direct selling program. While some of Stream’s services are available in seven states, the majority are available across America. Thanks to the company’s associates that work round the clock to popularize the firm’s services, receiving salaries and commissions for their efforts.

Capitalizing on the Real Estate Boom in Houston, Texas

Real estate investors have been profiting immensely from the housing boom in Houston, Texas. Currently, the city leads the nation in housing development projects with this trend set to only intensify in the coming years, even as prices continue to climb through the roof. In fact, Houston experienced more new-housing starts in the past year than all of California combined. The only two cities barely challenging Houston are Atlanta, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona. However, neither of these two cities feature a economy as strong as Houston’s.

New-home prices in the Texas city have reached historical levels, as the demand for new homes outpaces the current supply. This dynamic, analysts believe, will precipitate a growth in prices by approximately 5 percent per year. Savvy developers have capitalized on these market conditions by creating new suburban communities like Pomona, which was underwritten by Ross Perot Jr.’s firm Hillwood company.

Experts anticipate that Houston will experience at least a 13 percent increase year-over-year in new home development over the coming years with the peak reaching 50,000 starts by 2016. This rapid growth, though, has made in difficult for first-time home buyers to enter the market. Analysts believe that 30-year mortgage rates will rise over the next few years to approximately 6.3 percent. Young buyers typically are trying to pay off student debt, which has tripled by some estimates within the last 10 years. Nevertheless, as prices are expected to rise through 2017 while tapering off somewhat by 2018, the strength of the market promises handsome returns for investors, those seeking employment in the building industry as well as sellers.

One of the visionary investors who realized the potential of Houston real estate early was Haidar Barbouti. Since 1986, Barbouti has been a major player in the market, including residential and commercial development and acquisition projects. He has profited from successful real estate investments in office buildings, condominium conversion projects as well as shopping centers like Highland Village Shopping Center Houston,

Outside of his real estate investment exploits, Barbouti has established himself as a pillar of the Houston community. He has engaged in social work and charitable endeavors for children and animals. For example, he donated one of his real estate spaces for the development of the Highland Village Adoption center in Houston. These activities have helped to develop the city while also demonstrating his commitment to the Houston community.

Aspiring real estate investors seeking to capitalize on the current boom in Houston, Texas, should heed the example of Barbouti not only in terms of his vision and talent to seize opportunities inn business but also in making himself an integral part of the local community he has helped to develop and serve. The Houston real estate market provides a unique opportunity for the next generation of real estate visionaries seeking to build upon the legacy of figures like Barbouti.

New York Plans to Raise the Minimum Wage in Fast Food Businesses

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has made plans to raise the minimum wage in fast- food eateries. The owners of the restaurants are not happy with the new plan. The owners like Susan McGalla say they are taking under consideration filing a lawsuit against Governor Cuomo’s Plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. Their view on the matter is that it is highly not fair and potentially not legal to burden the fast food industry with an increase in labor costs. They argue it is unfair, because the money won’t go towards child care, landscaping, retail, and any other jobs that don’t typically make high wages.
The McDonalds franchises in New York and other New York businesses express that the Governor is targeting the fast food franchises, and not addressing the other minimum wage industries. This will only hurt the New York Workers that don’t work in fast- food along with harming the companies. While the minimum wage for New York fast food employees raises to $15 dollars an hour the other minimum wage jobs remain at $8.75 per hour. There is arguments on both sides of the case. Statements that the minimum wage raising will aid New York citizens financially, and also arguments from the other industries in which the minimum wage does not get raise that is highly unfair. Yet, as of yet nothing has officially been done about the case.

The Dorchester Collection: Portfolio of Luxurious Hotels

The Dorchester Collection of hotels is synonymous with palatial. Established in 2006, the hotels exude opulence as a formidable luxury brand. Since the purchase of the original hotel and collection namesake in 1986, The Dorchester has been used as the flagship and representation of the standard. Each of the ten hotels was handpicked charting a path of dominance in the industry for owners including founder Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei.

Expectations for additions are in the works according to CEO of The Dorchester Collection, Christopher Cowdray. With hotels in London including The Dorchester, Coworth Park and the property at 45 Park Lane, the collection solidified its presence in the United Kingdom. Each hotel is an example of the five stars rating of The Dorchester Collection moniker.

The Beverly Hills Hotel was the first property in the United States purchased in 1995, which continued the path of the posh brand. With the acquisition of the magnificent New York Palace Hotel, the collection strategically laid markers in America. However, with a change in vision to a more boutique theme, the New York Palace Hotel was recently sold. There is still the swanky Hotel Bel-Air located in Los Angeles making the presence of the collection palpable.

The growth of The Dorchester Collection led it to the countries of France, Italy and Switzerland. The Le Meurice and The Plaza Athenee both acquired in 1997 continued the trajectory of its planned dominance in hospitality as the upscale choice of royalty, celebrities and moguls. Both French properties go beyond the status of hotel when they secured a distinction as palaces. Again, The Dorchester Collection continues to raise the bar in the hospitality industry.

In 2003, Italy’s Hotel Principe di Savoia located in Milan was purchased extending the reach of the collection in Europe. This was followed by a move into Rome in 2013 with an investment in the Hotel Eden. The gain of these properties saw the benefits of restaurants such as Acanto at Hotel Principe di Savoia and La Terrazza at Hotel Eden.

The Dorchester Collection took possession of the Le Richemond in Geneva. This property is only being managed and not owned as the other nine hotels are, according to the official Twitter profile. However, the same rigors to the level of detail regarding the standards for a five-star hotel still apply.

In addition, there are upscale spas and restaurants in each property, which ensure a classy experience for every guest. The well-appointed rooms with extravagant amenities and sumptuous meals are in keeping with the image and reputation of The Dorchester Collection.

Igor Cornelsen: Long Term Investment King

Have you ever wondered what’s the secret to success in the investment world? Well, investment adviser and top Brazilian banker Igor Cornelsen has some advice. Igor Cornelsen has a long history of chaperoning investor’s portfolio choices as well as providing the advice necessary to consistently pick winners in the stock market. According to the investment expert, the key is to have an experience and understanding of the market during the volatile years.

Igor has an impressive history with Brazilian stocks as well as extensive knowledge of the Brazilian banking industry, which he relies upon to help investors interested in investing in the Brazilian stock market. His expertise includes knowledge of Brazil’s major bank players, currency value and trading partners, to which the guru adds “when you invest in a country, you should also pay attention to their trading partners. This will give you a greater understanding of your investments, which in turn, leads to more success and profits” (Cornelsen, 2015).

Mr. Cornelsen’s philosophy is that investments should be a long term goal and not just a “fly by night” scheme. To long term investors, the goal of investing is to create profits that lasts a life time. The focus of long term investing isn’t to earn a quick profit, but to invest wisely, so you enjoy legitimate returns. This means being prepared to invest in tools that lasts for years as well as making many small investments in various tools as opposed to making just one large investment. Diversifying your investments helps offset any losses. Long term investing entails investing in companies with a long history of returns as opposed to the hot new corporation on the market. If you are committed to investing for the long haul, it is not uncommon for investors to experience gains of at least 500% or more.

Igor Cornelsen has valuable experience working in the field of investments. He has extensive experience investing in any company or commodity, and is most notable for his work in guiding investors to making more successful long term investments, including stock opportunities that can be purchased for cheap and are practically guaranteed to make money in the long haul. He is currently the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv. Inc., a company that specializes in long term investing. He also held many senior positions in several of Brazil’s major banks, before retiring in 2010. Today, he spends time in South Florida, and enjoys investing as a hobby.

Top 3 Most Lethal Drugs In The U.S. Are Legal

As America debates legalizing marijuana and drug policy reforms, there’s still one key aspect regarding the war on drugs that continues to confuse the masses: the 3 most deadliest and dangerous drugs are legal in the U.S.

Hard to believe, isn’t it Lee G. Lovett? The most current data available according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reveals that alcohol, tobacco, and prescription opioid-based painkillers were the underlying cause for more deaths than any other type of drug throughout 2011.

1. Alcohol

In 2011, alcohol-based health issues, including liver disease, resulted in over 26,000 deaths. But that number doesn’t include all the deaths caused by alcohol alone; consider all the other alcohol-related deaths like drunk driving or other alcohol-induce deaths, and that number quickly rises to approximately 88,000 a year. Key issues surrounding alcohol-related erratic behavior and aggression often lead to subsequent injuries, crime, and family adversities.

2. Prescription Painkillers

Whether deaths from prescription painkillers reach an ‘epidemic’ level, as some federal, state, and local authorities claim, it’s more a matter of a semantic type of debate concerning certain circles of drug policies. Regardless of the label, the main point is that today’s prescription painkillers are directly connected to literally tens of thousands of deaths every year.

3. Tobacco

Want to talk about deadly? Nothing comes close to deadly tobacco and how many people it’s affected over the years. In fact, fewer people die from drug overdoses, homicides, and traffic accidents combined than tobacco-related health issues like heart disease and lung cancer.

BRL Trust Investment Company

BRL Trust is a financial services company based in Brazil that specializes in investment management. The company was founded in 2005 and first began by providing services through private loans. As the demand for this service rose, the company then expanded its services to include fund management and administration, merger and acquisitions and capital markets. BRL Trust has a number of experienced professionals who help make up the largest investment manager in Brazil. The company offers a wide range of services along with affordable fees to help ensure that investors get the help they need at a reasonable cost. With BRL Trust, investors will be sure to have one of the most trustworthy and dependable investment managers in the country.


The mission of BRL Trust is to meet the expectations of their clients in a way that is safe, efficient and transparent. It also strives to provide the best service to clients with its highly skilled and experienced team of advisors. This is part of what makes BRL Trust a leading provider of investment management in Brazil. When it comes to values, BRL Trust emphasizes ethics in every possible scenario. The company always respects the legal system and looks out of the client’s best interest as well. With determination and discipline, BRL Trust uses these two characteristics when it conducts business. BRL Trust emphasizes transparency when working with clients and always looks to serve its customers with trust and integrity at all times.


Like a number of other financial service companies that specialize in fund management, BRL Trust has a number of policies that it uses to conduct business. This is used in order to best serve clients as well as comply with all legal regulations. The first policy that BRL Trust has is preventing money laundering. In the financial services sector, there may be times when individuals or entities are looking to launder money which is a crime. BRL Trust will not participate in such activity and therefore investors can be sure that BRL Trust is not a company to participate in any illegal activity. Another key policy of BRL Trust is its code of ethics and professional conduct. As stated earlier, BRL Trust emphasizes trustworthiness and integrity. Therefore this company will work with clients with honesty and look out for the clients’ best interest. As a result, clients will be sure to have a company that they can depend on to help them reach their investment goals without worrying about being taken advantage of.


Another one of the things that make up BRL Trust is the services it provides. This company offers a number of quality services that help investors get the most out of their investment objectives. Among the services offered are fund administration, control and custody of funds, asset management, and asset underwriting. These services all work to help clients maximize returns as well as establish financial security. The highly skilled and experience professionals will work to help investors get the most out of their investment portfolios and therefore ensure that their investment endeavors are successful. With the wide range of services available, BRL Trust offers investors a number of ways to improve on their asset portfolios on a regular basis. That is detailed on for people to look over. By using BRL Trust, investors will have one of the top companies in Brazil to enable them to get the most out of investing.