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Food Shortage Inspires Citizens to Grow Vegetable Gardens

In February, the opposition to Venezuelan law makers declared a food shortage. There’s a widespread shortage of such staples as bread, milk, meat, and more. It’s even getting hard to buy powdered milk. At least one for every 10 people eats at least two meals per day. President Nicolás Maduro is encouraging citizens to take care of some of their food needs by growing Urban gardens. Josefina Requena began growing cucumbers, green peppers, passion fruit, salad greens, and more in the front yard of her slum neighborhood in Caracas. Ms. Requena has also started raising chickens for eggs. Requena and one of her neighbors named Danilo Diaz Granados recently went on a hike into the mountain area, looking for soil for their balcony and rooftop gardens.
Last month as posted on facebook, some foreign missionaries from 12 South America nations had told Caracas citizens they wanted to help Venezuelan citizens with the food and medical shortages. It’s helpful for Venezuelan citizens to grow vegetable gardens and raise chickens, but they cannot provide for the staples.

Chefs in Venezualan restaurants are trying to handle the food shortage problem. A chef in a local sushi bar is attempting to make tempura with cornstarch and ground oats to make up for the wheat flour shortage. Some dishes such as grilled corn pancakes have decreased a little bit in size to stretch out the supplies. People who want to eat fish and have cocktails are out of luck.