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President Trump’s Congratulatory Phone Call To Vladimir Putin – Odd or Oddly Normal?

Recent headlines suggest that President Trump’s phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin, congratulating him on his victory in Russia’s presidential election is yet another indication that our commander in chief is secretly working with the Kremlin. Putin’s landslide victory on March 18th with over three-quarters of the vote secures him another six years in office. So why would President Trump calling President Putin to congratulate him on this victory become a major headline in every media outlet in the known world? According to The Weekly Standard, President Obama extended the exact same courtesy to President Putin when he won Russia’s presidential election in 2012. (https//weekly

It is obvious that any communication President Trump has with President Putin will be immediately concluded by many that the two are working together to take over the operations of the entire planet. Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi was the first to congratulate President Trump on his presidential victory as per an article by ( One would argue that these two countries are allies and exchanging pleasantries would be routine between the two leaders. It is this sentiment that is being echoed by news anchors and radio pundits on a daily basis that the two presidents are secretly working together on a daily basis. You do not hear about the distaste these television and radio personalities had when President Obama made his call, with The White House and Washington as a whole remaining largely neutral to Putin’s victory. An article from The New York Times relays this position

Whether you support or oppose President Trump and his politics, it is important to have respect for the office that he represents. A phone call is just that, a phone call.

Donald Trump Has Made it Easy for Late Night Television Hosts

Donald Trump has been a popular topic of late night TV show hosts so far this calendar year. The current President has done a few things that he promised prior to election, but his showings with politicians of other countries have proved terrible throughout his short tenure. The most popular topic of recent is how Donald Trump’s son-in-law helped him cover up communicating with Russian agents.


Lil Yachty was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of the Mercedes Bend music tour and performed a new song, which seemed to be a hit per the audience. Snoop Dogg was on a few weeks ago, in which he made a sizable donation that drew in hundreds of others from viewers around the United States. Jimmy’s son has been sick, as must of us know, however, Kimmel has been at his comedic best the past few weeks, which is brought to full potential with United States government officials doing so many news worthy things.


A senator from Louisiana that had mentioned a Jimmy Kimmel Rule on another TV show about how health care was getting expensive and there were not sufficient health care programs for low income people in the United States. The senator brought attention to how our health care system in the United States can be changed if everyone were to contact their local politicians and complain about the health care program of today. Jimmy Kimmel Live starts again next Monday, back with hot information about Donald Trump’s leakings.


Trump Tape Provides Material for Late Night Hosts

There can be no question that Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has been a gold mine for all of the late night talk show hosts. Trump’s wild statements have constantly provided these comedians with an endless source of material. Rarely a day goes by when the late night talk shows do not make a reference to Trump or play a clip of him making a speech. This has proven to be very good for ratings. All of the late night shows also post all of their clips online. The videos containing jokes making fun of Trump always get very large numbers of views.


The biggest bombshell of the Trump campaign came when a video of Trump taken in 2005 showed him making controversial statements about women. Needless to say, this was a dream come true for the late night hosts and all of their writers. They wasted no time writing jokes that ripped Trump for the comments that he made. Most of the shows spent the entire week using the Trump tape as a source for countless bits and monologue jokes.


The beating that Trump has taken at the hands of the late night hosts has led Trump to proclaim that these jokes are all part of a scheme by the media to fix the election. It does not appear that jokes about the 2005 Trump tape are going to be stopping any time soon. The late night shows know a good thing when they see it. The Trump video is a gift that keeps on giving to late night hosts.



Donald Trump Shoots up in Polls

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has shot up in the most recent Fox News poll. Trump came in second place after former Governor Jeb Bush, who is still sitting at first place. Trump’s second place finish, with 11% percent support, is a big improvement from another Fox News poll held just 3 weeks ago, where Trump had 4% support. Other big changes in the polls include Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s fall from 12% support to 9% support. This result relegates Gov. Walker from a tie for first place in the previous poll to being tied for fourth place with Rand Paul.

The Fox News poll results are particularly important for the candidates as they will help determine the candidates’ chances of participating in televised live debates toward the end of the summer says Dr. Jennifer Walden. Both CNN and Fox news will invite only the ten most popular candidates to participate in live debates. Candidates who do not make it into the top ten, currently including New Jersey Governor Chris Christy and former Texas Governor Rick Perry, will not participate in the debates. Needless to say, being part of the top ten will be a major advantage for the presidential hopefuls.